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  1. I have one shadow key, I know there are 3 and I do have the answer book. Therre is supposed to be a key on a body in the battlefield, (area according to the book, but when I search the body I find nill, NOTHING!!! Dont I have to have all three keys?
  2. We are insinde you, but with luck you will never see us. In the end we are visable to all, what are we?? that is the riddle I was refering to, It is still in the valley.
  3. I am playing as a Roman, {SORRY, as I see most of you prefer the celts} But annwn has been a difficult quest. First I ran into a riddle, that I couldnt figure out now i am into the area where im to find the keys, but i keep dying. Cant seem to get any further. Dont know what to do here. cant find the crown.
  4. Im in a room in the Burial Glen, inside a box there was a scroll that reads crate, crate, barrel. I tried lining them up, i tried pushing them through the portal, neither worked. What am I supposed to do??? And does it have anything to do with burning the spirit?? Which was asked of me when I entered burial Glen. Cant seem to find that either.
  5. Thanks for the info on the spells, I just recently started playing these games and have already completed Avernum 3, and now Nethergate. I have also played all the demos in exile and avernum as far as I could go, of course I have yet to finish a game without the help of The "EDITOR" but I really enjoy themm and I so glad there are people out there that like them as much as I. I'm sur I/ll be back soon. Geneforge has been an unusual game and I really hhavent figured out that one, cant seem to get to far on that demo, but once I finish this one I'm sure I'll try to tackle that one again. Thanks Again!!!
  6. I thought that was how to accomplish that, I did understand that I couldn't train in those circles, but do you know which missions I need to complete to gain this skill??
  7. I havent been able to use any of my craft, spirit, or beast spells that i have learned early on in the game. I'm playing Roman and I'm already in the anwynn part of the game but never have gained the ability to cast those spells. did I miss something??
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