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  1. Thanks ! Can only rely on random encounters I guess as I killed the serpent west of Kriszan since a while.
  2. Hello, I got that mission from the job board : I tried to bring him a limb, some fine leather, meat, a serpentskin helmet... But the answer is always I'm near the end of the game and killed most of the monsters that could be found in the game, even the dragons & drakes (bad, bad Roberto) so I really have no idea what I'm supposed to bring to that goddamn Arbuckle mayor (is he related to Garfield ?) Any help would be welcomed !
  3. Hello, I'm stuck on the second floor of the Golem factory since a while. How am I supposed to dispeal the barriers in the south ? Ok there's a mirror, I guess I must do something with it but for now I don't know what. I tried several combinaisons on the control panel of the lower level (most switches on off) but if it made a difference I can't see it. And I already cleared the 4 Golem spires. I'd be glad if you could help me
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