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  1. I just found this CD/DVD in my library and I really don't remember much about it. It says Spiderweb Software, so I think this may have been Jeff just helping out another shareware author by printing up some copies on his site. Anyone ever play it or are there any reviews about the game that anyone can point me too?
  2. Cool! I'm going at least 3/1 Int to End then. Maybe 4/1. Thanks, folks.
  3. eaintree, the END isn't for hit points/health. It's so I can spam spells all day long The higher the END, the higher the Vitality. I haven't found Vitality potions to be all that common, though they're not super rare either. This is my one, and likely only, playthrough of the game though. Jeff's games make my eyes bleed, so I'm only good for one shot at them. Fortunately, he makes so many games that playing them once apiece still keeps me playing them fairly often
  4. I like mages So if I go 2/1 Int/End that would work or should I go more like 3 levels Int/1 End? Thanks for the input, folks.
  5. Okay, I'm just playing on normal, but how do I maximize my sorcerer build? I love using all the spells and want to specialize on the left branch, but maybe that's a terrible idea. I know Randomizer and Lilith and others have mastered Jeff's games, so I want to know how to build an awesome spell flinger. I'll probably take the other sorcerer too, so suggestions on party disposition are fine too, if you think that's a terrible idea. I generally put up with combat so that I can watch the story unfold. Curious about the forums too. I've been playing Vogel games since Exile 1, but show a join date of 2002. Exile came out before that, didn't it?
  6. Originally Posted By: FnordCola I think Jeff makes a good point in his blog about "addiction-based design." When I acquire shinier loot, new skills, and so on, it makes me feel like I've accomplished something. This is the allure for me. There is a downside to having lots of random loot though and that is save/reload. I can waste hours in some games just trying to get good loot rolls out of a dungeon. I kinda like the idea of a hybrid system but I think that there needs to be more random loot than what we saw in Avernum. I like the idea of the loot being rolled on your first entrance to a new area. That way, reloading wouldn't work on individual containers, but only by reloading and replaying a whole cell.
  7. @Erasmus A couple reasons at to why I buy: First reason, Jeff is at least trying to make the games I love. He also allows a great big demo, which I like to reward. I have a decent job, so I can afford to buy all crpgs, even if I never play them. I do it to support the genre. I'm a critic, so I come across pretty heavy-handed, but I generally get my money's worth out of a Spiderweb title. I gripe because I believe with a little courage, Jeff's games could be so much better. On story being an important part of crpgs: I'm an avid reader. The stories in any crpg always fail in comparison to a book. If I want a story, I read. I want exploration, loot, spells and stat-building in my games. Story comes in a distant 5th for me. I do enjoy riddles and mazes in my games.
  8. I was thinking along the lines of monster drops per se, but all the containers. Avernum has a very limited set of items and I'm hoping that this will be addressed in his "all new" game. The few released screenshots though are showing the same tired old crap that was in the Avernums. The color palette is different but we haven't seen much else that looks totally new. We have 4 classes but they seem to have a mixture of the same skills from the last 10 games. There are two new icons of a spider looking ring/amulet so I have at least a little hope that there will be more variety. Surely even Jeff is bored of the same exact skills and items being in everything he releases. I hope so!
  9. Too bad. It'd be nice to see a MUCH greater variety of items. Jeff's games have always taken a minimalist view and it'd be nice if he would grow at least in some aspect as a developer. It'd be nice to say that Avadon is completely different than either Avernum or Geneforge outside of the story, which is the least important element of a crpg; in my opinion. We've already seen lots of rehash in Avadon though, so I guess it was too much to be expected. Since he saves so much time and effort by reusing everything, I was really hoping to see items get a massive overhaul. There are millions of tiles for weapons in the public domain, so there's no real excuse not to have the variety. Oh well.
  10. One thing that kinda stops me from enjoying a replay of an Avernum title is that almost all treasure is static. Every replay of the game will give you the exact same stuff 95%+ of the time. Does Avadon create item tables or is everything hand placed again?
  11. Yep, I'm loving my javelins. I went ahead and bought some skill from the priestess lady in Dharmon. I had about 8,000 gold so I bought a level of melee and a level of thrown. I think I had bought a level of spellcraft earlier, not sure. 3000 seems a lot to pay for 4 points of spellcraft.
  12. In previous games it wasn't worth getting up your mage and priest spells real fast. You basically don't find the higher tier spells till much later in the game. Is this the case in A6 too? I've got my mage and priest at level 9 and will soon be heading to the Great Portal, after I finish up some sidequests near Fort Remote Control.
  13. Geeze, I should have searched better. This has only been answered a couple thousand times
  14. It looks like that folks don't recommend buying spell training. Why? Does it just not make enough difference in effect? I'm curious because Mass Healing made a huge difference when I moved it from 1 to 4. Should ANY spell be bought up?
  15. Thanks folks and this particular nut is male for those keeping score at home Let me ask you this then: Should I worry about getting dual-wield from the beginning? It seems like it's a good strategy, but you have to put a LOT of points into melee and a few into dex to get there. Would I be better off going blade and board until level 6 or so? I was going with even my warriors being glass cannons at the beginning but maybe this is a bad strategy. I've played up to the Great Portal area with nobody having a endurance above 4. I'm restarting though, and thought I'd get some input from those who've played through 6 a few times.
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