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    What have you been watching recently?

    Last thing I've watched, is a short cartoon series called Over the garden wall. I can highly recommend it, as it does pretty much everything just right.
  2. Just saw that Steam has a new game called Antharion, which looks like it fits the bill here too. Anyone tried that game yet?
  3. Raf

    Spiderweb Forums Recipe Hub

    Oatmeal: Grab some oats. Toss them in a bowl til like 1/4th is full. Pour milk on it til the oats are covered. Put it in the microwave for a couple of minutes. Party!
  4. I played Arcanum 12 years ago, and didn't like it. It used the same story-telling device over and over, which got old really quickly. Like you'd get a quest to recover a stolen ring, and it would turn out that the quest-giver would be the one trying to get a ring stolen. That sorta thing, each and every time. You'd know for sure when you get a quest, that the quest-giver is the culprit. If it's once or twice, ok. Nice plot twist. If it's for every damn quest, it gets tiresome and ridiculous. In the same style, but without that sort of nonsense, is NOX.
  5. That post, followed by "Eamon will last forever." Yeah, right, not when lacking brooches
  6. Raf

    What have you been reading recently?

    Same here. I used to read ALOT when I was younger. But the past few years... No time. Got a very demanding job (until recently, when they decided to fire me, leaving me twiddling my thumbs and spamming this place until I can go home and can look for a new job), sports classes several days a week, a construction project and various odds and ends. It's been years that just having a day where you wake up and have nothing to do all day, is a luxury. I prefer spending them playing games instead of relaxing nowadays. I just find it more relaxing, even though I got a huge backlog of books to read. That backlog... there're non-fiction books (mainly A Pattern Language and A Book of Five Rings), and fiction books (my brother gave me his collections of Asimov, Lovecraft, Conan the Barbarian, and so on, and so on) and still got some classics to read, like the Ramakien and Classic of Mountain and Seas (I really love mythology stories). Someday, once I got a nice, calm job that doesn't seem to think 8 hour days are an exception, and that construction project is done... One day, when everything calms down, I'll get started on all of those. Until then, I'm happy to play games in the sparce spare time I got.
  7. Maybe I'm late to the party, but the Shadowrun games are pretty similar to Avernum. 1. You create your own character (usually one, and then you hire "runners" to come along with you). You can customize it as much as you want (race, sex, and a whole lot of skills / strengths) 2. It's heavily story-driven. And I do mean heavy! It's at the same level as Avernum on this point 3. Combat is turn-based, pretty much the same as in Avernum, with a crapload of weapons, magic, and skills to use 4. There are many ways of going through a game. You could be a fast-talking charismatic elf who knows how to deal with all social situations (each sort of situation is a skill you can get, btw, like talking to security personel, or corporate talk, etc) and get through front doors that way. You could hack your way in as a decker, by haywiring security. You could play as a tinkerer who sends in a little robot to turn off security. You could just shoot and punch your way in. Loads of different solutions to the same problem. The current games are different from the old NES and Genesis ones, but in my opinion that's not a bad thing. They're closer to Avernum's style now than back in the days.
  8. Sometimes, while playing, you think: "Oops! I shouldn't have done that!" or "Oops! I should have prepared better!" What're your biggest moments of "Oops!"? Mine happened earlier today, in the Battle Pit. Was fighting my way out and wanted to summon a mighty creature to fight by my side. I cast Simulacrum and... only creature in there is a gremlin. Oops!
  9. Mine is taking anything I can sell that isn't marked as "steal" from inside a shop, and selling it to that very same merchant. "Hey dude, you see those bags of coal you got in that corner? Yeah, I want to sell them to you." And damnit for that spoiler! I've been doing that stuff too, and already got a hard time finding one item for the laboratory quest!
  10. Raf

    The constant remaking

    I played the original back as a teen, when I was 14 - 15 years. I don't remember much details of it (it's been 15 - 16 years), but I was excited to see these games reappearing in a new form. Got them all, the whole shebang: Avernum, Geneforge, Avadon, Nethergate, ... . I'm quite fan of playing this sort of games in windowed mode, not full screen, and was kinda disappointed that most didn't allow that. Thank god (or Jeff, as he coded it in) Avernum 2: Crystal Souls does allow it! I ended up trying the first Exile remake, and it kinda just didn't feel right. It kinda rubbed me the wrong way, for some reason. Still can't put my finger on it why. I then tried Geneforge, and it indeed felt like a dumbed-down version of the Exile games I played and loved as a kid. Then later on, Avernum 1 got remade, and I got that game. Played it... and played it til I finished all quests, got all endings, and all. I just loved it, just as much as dumb little me loved the originals! The moment I walked out of town, vague memories came back, like: "Oh yeah, there's a cave there. And that town, I remember that!" I didn't care about mechanics not being like the original or whatever. I just enjoyed the game, and was surprised about the amount of depth that went into the world. Now, a year later, I'm playing Avernum 2: Crystal Souls. I'm loving it even more than I loved Avernum 1: Escape from the Pit. No idea why (well, maybe partially due to the windowed mode ), but it just rubs me the right way, even moreso than Avernum 1: EftP. Again, I don't care if it's a front-to-back copy of the original or not. I just enjoy the world, and the depth that is in the game. I'm enjoying exploring, finding new, random stuff, walking into traps then fighting my way out, planning my quests ("So I need to go there. Let's see what quests are there, and what quests from here that require something from there"), and figuring out how the hell I can get back to the Waterfall Warrens (any tips are more than welcome! :grin: ). In the end, that's what these games are about. They're not about how close they are to the original. They're worlds, where nearly every character and place has their history, where places have a history of interactions between them, and where enough [censored] is hitting the fan to keep you busy. In other words: they're not just games, but entire worlds to mess around in!
  11. That Adze-Haakai... I remember that fight too. Tough as nails, he was! But nails are meant to be hit, so I hit him til he was in the ground. Indeed, thank god I had Demonslayer by then... I don't think it's that I got more experience in Spiderweb games. I mean, I played the original Exile series, back in the days (got stuck at the Shareware Barrier, and had no idea what that meant. I was a stupid kid back then ) My parties are the same in both Avernum 1: EftP and Avernum 2: CS, and so is their growth path. That's why I'm thinking they're weaker in CS. Those Rakshasas were strange, yep. I came across some, wiped them out without even breaking a sweat, then came across some commander who claims his troops are having the worst of time fighting them. I got a harder time fighting Shamblers and Basilisks (damn their cone stun attack!) than fighting Rakshasas. I blame it on those soldiers being lazy or scared bums making up stories to justify themselves to their superiors, who don't know any better than to believe them. That room with the orb, though... Man oh man... Triggered the first trap, used that battle skill that gives you 20 action points, ran for the chest, grabbed the orb, then ran everybody back into the corridor, a couple of twists down, and faced the horde of ridiculously tough enemies in there, fighting them off one by one. It's certain death otherwise! Tonight, I'll be off to get the Blessed Athame. I'm curious how hard it'll be to get that one.
  12. I just triggered a magic trap in Avernum 2: Crystal Souls, which summoned a Haakai. I remembered those from Avernum 1, and thought: "Oh [censored], a Haakai..." I ended up disposing of him with 2 out my 4 characters within the first round. I don't remember them being this easy back in Avernum 1. Then again, that was a year ago, so I may remember it wrong. So now I'm wondering, are they actually easier in CS, or must it have been something like me remembering something from when I was a group of weaklings in EftP while I'm superbuff megawarriors now?
  13. Raf

    Spidweb in VR!

    I prefer that over tornlimb.bmp
  14. Does this limit count a stack of, say, 10 healing herbs as 10 items, or as 1?
  15. Hmmm, ok. I'll check if there are guest quarters in the Castle or Tower of Magi with an empty chest. Those two have become hubs by now, so I'm passing there frequently enough to drop stuff off there.