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  1. GOG Sale

    Just saw that Avernum: The Complete Saga, Avernum: Escape From the Pit, and Avernum 2: Crystal Souls is on sale at www.gog.com
  2. I just realized something about my RPG habits

    I cannot, but the ones being listed should be accurate. Obviously it's up to the OP to try them out him/herself and make their own decision, but if people have experience with the suggestions that may differ, they should speak up.
  3. I just realized something about my RPG habits

    Warlords 2? From SSG/I2 (Steve Fawkner)? That doesn't sound like what the OP is looking for at all; there's no training of heros.
  4. I just realized something about my RPG habits

    Mmm... I don't know about exact opposite - in Majesty, you don't pick up heros and drop them to where they need to be. You also don't assign your heros or peasants "tasks"; you either set a reward/explore flag and hope the heroes will go to it, or place a building to be built and your peasants go to it automatically. Now, I haven't played Dungeon Keeper, but I have extensively played Majesty and judging from DK's wiki entry, they really don't sound alike at all.
  5. Exile Series Windows 10

    Ah, I get it. I misunderstood what DOSBox was able to do; I thought the earlier Windows support was already built into it. Sorry.
  6. Exile Series Windows 10

    You shouldn't need to install Windows 3.1/95; dosbox should be able to run with Windows 10.
  7. A5 Smashie, Smashie

    I think there's one or two in the above ground buildings also?