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  1. My bad. I just thought you had found the solution and was being obscure so as to not give it away immediately
  2. Oh, I don't know. You should probably ask the poster if he was serious.
  3. https://classicreload.com/ Has tons of old games. Crime Fighter is there https://classicreload.com/crime-fighter.html but not your second one (that I could find)
  4. Thanks everyone! I think I have a better idea of what Avadon and Geneforge are about thanks to everyone's input. Obviously yes, playing the demo is the best way to find out but I don't have a lot of time (as a sidenote, I actually am in the middle of Avernum 6, have Crystal Souls on hold, and switched to Icewind Dale 2 and finished the first chapter) so I just wanted to get a feel of what I should try/buy first
  5. I didn't mean the Spiderweb games are like Baldur's Gate/Icewind Dale; I was just using them as an example of a totally separate game series but although both are rooted in D&D, the type of party is one of the main differences of the game. I'm interested in this statement. This sounds to me like BG and IWD, where if you don't press the Pause button, time flows (outside of combat) so day turns to night turns to day if you just leave it running. Is that what you mean here for Avadon and Geneforge? Thanks for everyone's answers!
  6. I've only played the Avernum series but GOG is having a sale so am wondering if there's any difference between the game series? Aside from setting? I mean, the only thing I can really think of something like Baldur's Gate was single hero and you found companions while in Icewind Dale you get to create the whole party, but I get the impression that Avadon and Genefore are all still party games? So are there any differences at all?
  7. Dorgath

    GOG Sale

    Just saw that Avernum: The Complete Saga, Avernum: Escape From the Pit, and Avernum 2: Crystal Souls is on sale at www.gog.com
  8. I cannot, but the ones being listed should be accurate. Obviously it's up to the OP to try them out him/herself and make their own decision, but if people have experience with the suggestions that may differ, they should speak up.
  9. Warlords 2? From SSG/I2 (Steve Fawkner)? That doesn't sound like what the OP is looking for at all; there's no training of heros.
  10. Mmm... I don't know about exact opposite - in Majesty, you don't pick up heros and drop them to where they need to be. You also don't assign your heros or peasants "tasks"; you either set a reward/explore flag and hope the heroes will go to it, or place a building to be built and your peasants go to it automatically. Now, I haven't played Dungeon Keeper, but I have extensively played Majesty and judging from DK's wiki entry, they really don't sound alike at all.
  11. Ah, I get it. I misunderstood what DOSBox was able to do; I thought the earlier Windows support was already built into it. Sorry.
  12. You shouldn't need to install Windows 3.1/95; dosbox should be able to run with Windows 10.
  13. I think there's one or two in the above ground buildings also?
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