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  1. Thanks for the advice. I finally found a shop in Squiggus that sells stoneshatter crystals ... really annoying that such an important quest virtually hinges on having a priest in the party.
  2. OK, so it turns out I can leave the castle underground and then the castle itself via the secret exit but return later via the main entrance ... so it looks like it is possible to leave, find some means of getting through the wall, and then returning to complete the quest. Next problem: where do I find stoneshatter crystals? I went to Elspeth (Isle of Bigail lighthouse) but she doesn't stock any. Then I tried Vavnor (also Isle of Bigail) and Nell (Farport) in the hope that they would have a scroll of move mountains, but neither of them do. This is really starting to annoy me ...
  3. I'm underneath the Trogolodyte Castle having accepted the king's mission to kill Ellhioc. I know how to use Ellhioc's machine to manipulate the runes so that I can cross the room with a crack in the wall. From what I understand, I need to use Move Mountains or a Stoneshatter Crystal to get through the crack. What if I have neither? Does that make it impossible to complete this quest? I've tried clearing out the castle underground in search of a Stoneshatter Crystal (or some other means of getting to Ellhioc), but no luck so far ...
  4. Thanks for clarifying! How does Willpower fit into this multiplication? According to the game, each level of Willpower provides 5% resistance for mental effects. Does this mean that 20 Willpower provides 100% resistance and, therefore, effective immunity regardless of the presence of any mental resistance items?
  5. I'm less concerned about petrification since there are items (like the crystal charm) that provide immunity to that.
  6. I'm attempting a singleton challenge with a simple twist to keep it interesting: character death is permanent (i.e. if my character dies, I have to start from the beginning). My biggest challenge (per the topic title) is paralysis. After finishing the first two plagues and the Orb of Thralni quest, I have the Pilgrim's Cloak, Firewalker Band, and Freedom Charm equipped. Collectively, these provide 110% mental resistance. I assumed that 100% resistance would yield immunity, but it turns out that my interpretation of "100%" differs from that of Jeff Vogel since I'm still getting paralysed (and, subsequently, killed). So, some questions: 1. What, exactly, do the resistance values mean? ("100%" clearly does not actually mean "100%") 2. What, if any, is the relationship between willpower and mental resistance? (e.g. Are they checked separately when testing for resistance to paralysis? Are they equally effective or is one better than the other?) 3. Is there any way to achieve paralysis immunity short of gobbling immunity potions whenever I encounter paralysing monsters? (I have the Strong Will character trait, which presumably helps but not enough).
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