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  1. *Hundred Yard Stare* ... I've been pronouncing Avernum wrong the entire time.
  2. Necris Omega

    Pooping Bricks

    ... Assuming it doesn't need to be in an inventory to function, the Xian Rock could, overtime be the single deadliest object in all Avernum. Throw it into the middle of the ocean and eventually the added rocks would raise sea levels high enough to flood the planet. It's not useless junk - it's a long-form doomsday device.
  3. I can actually get away with doing that, but that's because the original Exile/Avernum trained me thoroughly to save before using the Orb of Thralni in the event of an emergency landing...
  4. Necris Omega

    A3:RW cheat list?

    Eh, I'm already done with the game by this point, but looking back, this isn't a unique "NEW for AVERNUM 3:RUINED WORLD!" issue. Apparently he's just fated to die, and if you have a delivery for him, well... too bad.
  5. Necris Omega

    A3:RW cheat list?

    Turns out, no it doesn't. Problem wasn't the aforementioned rabid hellhound delivery (I found one of those on time), but rather a delivery to Father Oraithion. Who was dead when I got opened the door to his shrine. . Really kinda sucks, to be honest.
  6. Necris Omega

    Avernum/Exile Fan Art - Demonslayer Redux

    Yes, I've done this one before (a number of times) but it'll always be one of my favorites. In terms of release timing, honestly, it's probably the one of the least relevant things I could do given its "role" in Avernum 3, but it'll always be the series defining weapon in my eyes. https://ahakarin.deviantart.com/art/Avernum-Demonslayer-729762965
  7. Necris Omega

    Uranium Bar

    Unless you shove it in your amazing Bag of Not-Quite-but-Close-Enough-to-Infinite Storage - then it doesn't do that. Trivializes the effect, but hey - if Radiation can't get through lead, why would it be able to cross through space-bending Tardis Sack?
  8. Eh, unlike a lot of the substitutions in the Avernum Remakes, this one doesn't bug me all that much. I guess that's because I always kinda liked the Deep Stalkers (or whatever they were originally called if not that, BoE was a looong time ago) from the Za-Khazi Run. I like the design, and the concept is pretty cool. That said, part of me does still miss the original colossal writhing horrors with Death Star laser breath.
  9. Honestly, I never did find much use for "mental" attacks in really any of the Avernum games. A mental attack is an all or nothing distraction/disable that comes with failure rates that are just eclipsed by the more powerful damage abilities. Early on, sure, daze is a life saver and slow is something else, but as soon as direct AoE damage becomes a reliable thing? I can either try to charm one of them... and that might possibly serve as a distraction for a turn or two... or I can blow them all half way to kingdom come. Maybe it's just that I'm content to stick to normal difficulty, but the allure of the more manipulative spells just isn't there for me by comparison. Maybe this would be reduced if they were (much) more effective, but I'm 30 levels in, and Howl of Terror isn't something I see myself investing in. Sure, it's entertaining when I can temporarily brainwash my enemies, but in terms of raw effectiveness, dumb brute fiery force just seems much more effective. Especially what with the Golems I've yet to tackle.
  10. #1 - Ultimately... No. Keep in mind, Rentar and one of the Crystal Souls were a key factor in assassinating Garzahd. As long as he was in charge, the Empire would never have given up. As the surface has effectively infinite resources while Avernum has so few even the mightiest of natives rely on a hibernation cycle, there was really only one way that could have ended. #2 - Ultimately... again, no. The Empire has limitless resources and numbers, and while the Vahnatai are both extremely clever and powerful, they absolutely don't. The Vahnatai did have some measure of success against the Empire on the surface, but only against its weakest point with the element of surprise on their hands and several years of infiltration, preparation, and production. Talking total, to the death, no backsies war? If the Empire decided that the Vahnatai absolutely, 100% needed the same treatment they gave to the Dragons, then the Vahnatai live exactly as long as it takes the Empire to figure out how to effectively and reliably bridge the gap between the surface and deeper Avernum, and they were close to that already. The Empire lost the Avernum War not because they were beaten in terms of casualties or resources, but because without Garzahd, they lost motivation. Now, perhaps the Vahnatai could persist long enough to win via that route again, but that all depends on the context. Having proven themselves to be not misunderstood misfits who'll live in peace if you let them, but superpowered magical terrorists who'll stop at nothing to obliterate the whole of the surface, that's not as clear as it was for Avernum. The motivation for such a war wouldn't come from "oh, they killed that ultra cruel emperor everyone hated", but their innumerable crimes against humanity and oath to continue them. An entire continent's worth of victims is harder to pave over than a single ruler, so it's a far different kind of war in this situation.
  11. Necris Omega

    A3:RW cheat list?

    Out of curiosity, letsbefriends doesn't include un-enraging job dispatchers, does it? I eagerly took a high paying bounty to deliver a Rabid Hellhound to the High Priest of the Anama, knowing they sometimes travel alongside trogs. Only to find when I tried to engage said group, I got a "lol, nope!" dialog message, and the encounter never happened... ... In retrospect... no, I don't know what the anti-magic pope wanted with the body of a nether-borne canine inflicted with the deadliest (once symptoms manifest) disease known to the natural world, but I'm more worried about my employment prospects.
  12. Necris Omega

    Any news on Avernum 3 remake?

    Dunno how much overlap there'd be between fans of both franchises, but the gaming market is nothing if not surprising.
  13. Necris Omega

    Luminous plant's engineered by real wizards!(at MIT)

    " The particles used to get the plants to glow are the same particles used in most medicines, so they’re FDA-approved and safe for humans, although Strano emphasized the fact that he and his team do no intend for the plant-lights to be consumed." ... Still, if this technology ever fully crystallizes, I 100% expect to see glowing salads. Too much marketing potential for "Luminous Diets".
  14. Necris Omega

    Avernum/Exile Fan Art - Alien Blade Redux

    I reworked my original rendition of the Alien Blade from everyone's favorite* series. Take a look and let me know which design works better. *Unless you prefer Geneforge, to which I say that I do not share but respect your opinion
  15. Necris Omega

    Grand Poll 2017: Results Part 2

    It's an unfortunate trend in the Avernum series. I know graphics can be expensive, particularly as the generations compound and they become exponentially more complex, but by the end of series, I had more than my fill of [Random Super Modifier!] [Trash Monster Type you Fought at Level 3].