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  1. Necris Omega

    RPGs - Best World Tech?

    I was being generic to the notion, not explicit towards that exact story. It destroys the path forward for a setting - it generally, irreparably damages the world in which it takes place. If the author/writer/designer has done their job, that's going to matter. I'm going to care and be invested in this setting, and now? That setting's lost a piece of its soul. It's an awful, awful thing to happen to a world you love, even if your favorite characters all live happily, even ecstatically ever after otherwise. As to LotR, really, there, the fact that magic was fading didn't really have much to do with the story as it unfolded. Yes, it did provide motivation for the rings in the very first place, but "magic is dying" is otherwise tangential to the main story. Yes, magic was fading, but it had been fading for a very long time. The fact that mini-Satan was on the verge of reclaiming the key to his power and dominating all creation was the driving force of the story. At it's core, LotR isn't a quest to save magic, but to stop evil. And that's fine. But ultimately... I disagree with the notion. "As everything eventually must," is defeatist. It's one thing to accept the passage of time, or the onset of age, but the concepts of magic and wonder belong to no man, life, civilization, or age. Minus the whole "deal with mini-Satan who we didn't know was mini-Satan" thing, the Elves had the right idea. Trying to save what makes your world special is something worth fighting for. They got screwed and nearly destroyed everything in the process, but... again. Mini-Satan. Their initial motivations weren't entirely wrong.
  2. Necris Omega

    RPGs - Best World Tech?

    Another thing about LotR is that it's said that Magic is explicitly in decline there, which... Honestly, that's always been my least favorite setting. Worst of all is when that's how everything ends. - "And then things were mundane and boring forever." Sure, the heroes survived, but then they lived out their lives as unremarkable turnip farmers. And maybe that's what they as characters want, but as the audience... no. A Normacalypse is a not fulfilling or gratifying or happy ending to me. If the magic and wonder of a setting is doomed to rot away, because of or, worse, in spite of the heroes winning than everything just feels hallow and depressed.
  3. Necris Omega

    RPGs - Best World Tech?

    While I actually like a lot of high-magic, magic-as-technology worlds, it's like shooting for the moon - most games miss and end up suffocating in the cold empty void of space.
  4. Necris Omega

    RPGs - Best World Tech?

    Yeah, it's not hard to balance the gameplay around the idea of guns - if my HP is so high I can shrug off a screaming halberd to the face, then why's a tiny supersonic bit of metal anything to be worried about? If you judge "damage" by resulting viscera, a gun would potentially do far less damage than a bow and arrow. I do, however, think that it does start to beggar the question "why are there still swords when we have reliable firearms"? Granted, thinking too hard about trying to stack up historical/real world effectiveness vs. RPG balance is always going to be a slippery slope, but I think limiting the technology to a point where the concepts generally "played" well together helps diffuse that brain itch. And really, for me personally, that's why swords and guns have difficulty really playing nicely together in the same setting. While it can be done in a narrative sense, more often than not, when things take a plot turn, and RPG mechanics are set aside, the guy bringing the sword to a gunfight ends up looking kind of silly to me.
  5. Necris Omega

    RPGs - Best World Tech?

    I think once you add the "simple", mundane (because it's not hard to make a "what about magic wands?" argument against this point) point-click death interface that is gunpowder, the whole dynamic changes, and... well, the romance is dead. For me, I just take one look at the Three Musketeers for that argument. Their name literally refers to firearms, and yet how are they almost exclusively portrayed? As swordsmen. And that's not to say that "higher" technology can't make for a good RPG - steampunk and the like, but I think there are very deeply rooted reasons why so many RPGs don't put anything more complicated than a bow on a shelf in the hands of the general populace/heroes. At a certain point, once you make it about technology and less about the character's individual skill, the heroism gets diluted. And yeah, I know you could make the argument "do you have any idea how absurdly hard it was to use ancient firearms!?" but I think the point remains. Most associations with guns are going to be to the modern, while swords n' such aren't so time-period sensitive in concept.
  6. Necris Omega

    RPGs - Best World Tech?

    What is the best (your "favorite") level of technology for an RPG world to feature? Granted, a lot of the time there's going to be some "ancient, lost civilization" with "magic" that could often go blow for blow with anything in Sci-fi, but generally there's a baseline for the broader, "common" world the heroes/villains are trying to save/conquer/destroy. That and magic always plays an interesting role - "I made an unstable exploding powder we could eventually weaponize with decades of development and violent innovation" seems a little less likely to result in a civilization with minigun mounted helicopters when "I waggle my fingers and everything explodes" is a fact of life. Spiderweb's always stuck to a pre-Guns sort of situation, with the big exception being Geneforge, but Geneforge is a setting unto itself. Outside of this, this highest non-magical technology I think the games have shown would be... Exile 3 when Crossbows were a thing.
  7. Necris Omega

    Queen's Wish - SW Blog Post

    Professional sound? Awww... And here I was hoping we'd go back to the ultra-retro days of Exile. ♫ Row, row, row, your boat! Gently down the waterfall... ♪ *Canned water sound, toilet flushing, blood curdling scream* ... Okay, no, not really.
  8. *Hundred Yard Stare* ... I've been pronouncing Avernum wrong the entire time.
  9. Necris Omega

    Pooping Bricks

    ... Assuming it doesn't need to be in an inventory to function, the Xian Rock could, overtime be the single deadliest object in all Avernum. Throw it into the middle of the ocean and eventually the added rocks would raise sea levels high enough to flood the planet. It's not useless junk - it's a long-form doomsday device.
  10. I can actually get away with doing that, but that's because the original Exile/Avernum trained me thoroughly to save before using the Orb of Thralni in the event of an emergency landing...
  11. Necris Omega

    A3:RW cheat list?

    Eh, I'm already done with the game by this point, but looking back, this isn't a unique "NEW for AVERNUM 3:RUINED WORLD!" issue. Apparently he's just fated to die, and if you have a delivery for him, well... too bad.
  12. Necris Omega

    A3:RW cheat list?

    Turns out, no it doesn't. Problem wasn't the aforementioned rabid hellhound delivery (I found one of those on time), but rather a delivery to Father Oraithion. Who was dead when I got opened the door to his shrine. . Really kinda sucks, to be honest.
  13. Necris Omega

    Avernum/Exile Fan Art - Demonslayer Redux

    Yes, I've done this one before (a number of times) but it'll always be one of my favorites. In terms of release timing, honestly, it's probably the one of the least relevant things I could do given its "role" in Avernum 3, but it'll always be the series defining weapon in my eyes. https://ahakarin.deviantart.com/art/Avernum-Demonslayer-729762965
  14. Necris Omega

    Uranium Bar

    Unless you shove it in your amazing Bag of Not-Quite-but-Close-Enough-to-Infinite Storage - then it doesn't do that. Trivializes the effect, but hey - if Radiation can't get through lead, why would it be able to cross through space-bending Tardis Sack?
  15. Eh, unlike a lot of the substitutions in the Avernum Remakes, this one doesn't bug me all that much. I guess that's because I always kinda liked the Deep Stalkers (or whatever they were originally called if not that, BoE was a looong time ago) from the Za-Khazi Run. I like the design, and the concept is pretty cool. That said, part of me does still miss the original colossal writhing horrors with Death Star laser breath.