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  1. Luminous plant's engineered by real wizards!(at MIT)

    " The particles used to get the plants to glow are the same particles used in most medicines, so they’re FDA-approved and safe for humans, although Strano emphasized the fact that he and his team do no intend for the plant-lights to be consumed." ... Still, if this technology ever fully crystallizes, I 100% expect to see glowing salads. Too much marketing potential for "Luminous Diets".
  2. Avernum/Exile Fan Art - Alien Blade Redux

    I reworked my original rendition of the Alien Blade from everyone's favorite* series. Take a look and let me know which design works better. *Unless you prefer Geneforge, to which I say that I do not share but respect your opinion
  3. Grand Poll 2017: Results Part 2

    It's an unfortunate trend in the Avernum series. I know graphics can be expensive, particularly as the generations compound and they become exponentially more complex, but by the end of series, I had more than my fill of [Random Super Modifier!] [Trash Monster Type you Fought at Level 3].
  4. Avernum/Exile 3 Fan Art - Black Halberd

    Oh, I realize. The main website hasn't even been updated, and I'd expect that before it went into first round mac testing. Maybe I'm wrong.
  5. Avernum/Exile 3 Fan Art - Black Halberd

    I hope it's not too early to start getting excited for Avernum 3: Ruined World. If so, please forgive me. I know it hasn't even been given a product page yet, but Jeff does say he's busy editing it down, so... Fingers crossed we see something soon. In the meantime, I've been playing through the original ("original"?) A3 and was inspired to redo my rendition of the Black Halberd. I don't know if I'll revisit anything else from the game at this point, but either way, here's looking forward to the next incarnation.
  6. Is this observation about Avernum/Exile true?

    Maybe it's a matter of distance? In Exile vs. Avernum, the differences are massive and, where deficient (again, this is in the eyes of old timey nostalgia biased weirdos like me) glaring. A gutted item, spell, and skill base, graphics lacking detail even if the system is more "advanced" - Avernum and Exile are games that are whole worlds apart. But Avernum vs Avernum+? ... Minus a few niggling little details, I can't see how the Avernum Remakes are anything but a massive improvement. Those games are a lot closer in style and form, and all the systematic improvements really click. The art and graphics are beautiful, there's more depth to the systems, and while it still is a massive overhaul, there doesn't feel like as massive a gulf between these remakes and the first. And lastly... again, nostalgia. You never forget your first love. If you played Exile, if that's the series that introduced you to Spiderweb, then that's probably going to have a level of personal connection the original Avernum just can't hope to match. Tinkering with that is going to be a touchier subject that tinkering with what's already a post-tinker product. Distance. And so, while Avernum was a glaring turn from the beloved, Avernum: Subtitle! is just many years of maturity, polish, and refinement applied to a comparably flawed product. That is so much easier to swallow, even if that's only a skewed, personal perception.
  7. Geneforge and Avadon - Signature Weapons?

    In honor of Avadon 3. Yay, it's out now!
  8. Spiderweb Games: Now Officially Studied by Academia

    The Avernum/Exile games provide the perfect "core sample" of its genre - essentially the same game made again and again with the same developer as time and the industry evolves. It's not just an approachable scale of game, it's a pertinent and interesting sample of gaming history with minimized variables. A good entry point, both technically and academically.
  9. Geneforge and Avadon - Signature Weapons?

    The skull was kinda a last-minute addition. I felt I needed something that said "reaper" in a more general sense.
  10. Geneforge and Avadon - Signature Weapons?

    Reaper Baton
  11. Finished Spiderweb games - recommendations for similar RPGs?

    Give Divinity: Original Sin a try. It's kinda like if Avadon had a bigger effects budget, but less balance.
  12. Geneforge and Avadon - Signature Weapons?

    Meantime over! Living tool
  13. Geneforge and Avadon - Signature Weapons?

    It would be. In the meantime, here is my rendition of the Guardian Claymore.
  14. Geneforge and Avadon - Signature Weapons?

    The scarab is actually a good idea come to think of it. I just did a Katana, though so the Shadowwalker's gear wouldn't be my first choice.
  15. Geneforge and Avadon - Signature Weapons?

    So, as some of you know, I like to art weapons. Now, I've done a ton of work from Avernum/Exile, from the signature Demonslayer to the obscure Justice Lance, but... no Geneforge or Avadon. Maybe it's just that they're not as descriptive as the old Exile versions, but...that hasn't stopped me before. Question is... what makes a signature Geneforge or Avadon Weapon? I was thinking for Geneforge I'd go with the Guardian's Claymore and maybe a Reaper Baton, but I'm really waffling on subjects for Avadon. ... Thoughts?