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  1. Looking at the guide, it seems to me that there is only one Perfect Crystal in the game... but there are two quests that need a perfect crystal... which recipe is better? Or are there more perfect crystals somewhere? Thanks!
  2. Heya, I have an agent, and I was wondering about what level of skill I need to have to be able to hit and damage those icy spectres and the drayk? Also, what skills and items help me resist the attacks that lower my movement points, so I cant run or hit back? Thanks!
  3. Well, it's also roleplaying the different personalities with each type of character... to do the sorts of things each sort of character (someone who shapes a lot vs someone who doesnt much at all and such) might do... so thats why I asked... ...What is the most likely path or most beneficial path for an Agent? ...What is the most likely or most beneficial path for a Guardian? ...What is the most likely or most beneficial path for a Shaper?
  4. I was trying to figure out, what are the best paths for each character? Like if you are a Guardian concentrating on physical attributes, which path will give you the best bonuses inasmuch as what is useful to you are?
  5. Well, that still doesnt answer questions like "Does anatomy or Assassination work with thrown and bow weapons?"
  6. Sorry for a possible double post, but could anyone help me with my question? And also, could someone explain how _all_ the special skills work, and what they do? Thanks!
  7. A question.. does Assassination help archery or missile shots? What about Anatomy? Just wondering!
  8. Nah, just Haste and Light and Slow, really. She's gonna be more of a priest.. And is there *any* way to have, standard, enough movement points for three attacks? How much Dex and Quick Strike would one need for that? At what point is it that more Dex wouldn't matter? I'm trying to figure out the balance of "most benefit at any given time" here...
  9. you sure? 100% sure on that? Hmmm... *ponders* maybe I shoulda given her "Natural Mage" instead, so she could get Haste eventually, and still wear armor... I'm trying to figure out what she would get, if it would be possible to have her only wear light armor as part of her character... that might be neat... is the mage wearing armor thing just a percentage to fail? Or when they are encumbered (in the number-way) period? How does that work?
  10. Hey! what's wrong with thrown missiles? This way you get infinite ammo, and you can get high damaging stuff too (waveblades for the next scenarios are what I plan on doing...) And I want to be able to fire 3 times. what's the sure-fire way to do that, every single turn? How much (insert something here) do I need?
  11. Oh, one more question -- What is the point where I should stop putting points into thrown missiles and put it into only sharpshooter? How high does dexterity have to be to get extra movement bonuses? Quick strike? And what skills add movement bonuses other than dexterity? Basically, what should I be going for? Does assassinate help missile damage? Anatomy?
  12. I just started VoDT with an... interesting singleton. A Divinely Touched, Fast on Feet Nephil with 3 points in strength, 8 in Dexterity, 8 in thrown missiles, 3 in Int, 3 in Endurance, 6 points in Tool Use, 1 in Arcane Lore... and 3 in Sharpshooter. As a level 1 character. The first thing I did was go and run to the archery shop, and get a leather sling. Then, I went back to fort Talrus and killed the rats -- at 50 damage each throw! Sure, she has 16 health, and is gonna be hell to balance out, but WHO CARES? infinite shot, 50 damage, and I can always keep some nice javalins for big bosses... Oh, this is gonna be a fun fur to play!
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