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  1. Thanks guys. I did eventually figure out that I had to go stand next to a nondescript pillar with a secret button.
  2. Is there any sort of maps, annotated or otherwise, out there in the ether that I can't find? Because right now I would give a whole lot for a map of Galag-trav.
  3. Thanks! The hidden switch image is often so obvious I guess I wasn't looking close enough, because wow, that is one hidden switch. I stood in that corner and cast Move Mountains like three times. And I was expecting the painting to be one of those walk-up-to-it-and-you-trigger-it things like how almost everything else is. I did not know about the u shortcut, I'll remember that in the future.
  4. Has anyone else been unable to trigger the painting in Fort Remote? I've talked to Fraitus twice, left, come back much later in the game, worn tread marks into the floor in the guest room, all to no avail. I've also been unable to get into the Rakshasa lair. Is there something I'm supposed to trigger elsewhere?
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