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  1. I've only play the demo, but the war spells seem to be powerful : when I cast "quicqsilver feet" on my warriors, they begin to be amazing ! And the next spell is simply powerful ! But, of course, health is important to. PS : Apple will rule the world !
  2. Isn't it possible to buy it for 15 $ if I ALLREADY bought Av3 ?
  3. Don't you think that a "Nethergat 2", with improved interface and graphics, would be fun ? I only played the demo, but having 2 storylines, and 2 different sort of people seems to be a very good idea. I think i won't buy Nethergate (25 $ is 25 $, and for quite an old game ; I bought Av3, and maybe I will buy Geneforge). But when there will be a nethergate 2 (in the year 2027), I'll buy it !!! PS : why not creating a different sort of magery for the Romans ? (in the year 2027 too)
  4. I play either on a G4 mac and on an old PPC601/100MHz mac. On the first one, of course, all these games work fine ! But on the second, it's quite slow, from Nethergate to Av3. Still playable, but quite slow. I tried disabling sound and special effects in the preferences panel, but I don't see any differences. Is there any solution to speed up the game ? Maybe by disabling ALL the spec effects ? PS : I hope my english is not to bad : I'm french...
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