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  1. I want to file a formal complaint about your heartless release of this game when I have a major manuscript draft due on October 1st. I thought I had all my distractions safely stowed away and you come out with this. Curse you, Jeff! 😁
  2. Got it! Thanks, both of you. Now my OCD-like tendency to Find Every Spell can rest easy.
  3. So I've scavenged, literally, every bit of the Filth Factory and still can't find Blink Level 3. Someone please spoil this for me. Thanks.
  4. I can't catch them either, and I edited my Nature Lore up to 16. Do you have to be Level 30 or something? I'm at 29.
  5. My four-person party entered the Concealed Tunnel on the quest to lower the barrier between the troglos and Giants. Had difficulty getting the mirrors coordinated and everyone got zapped by the lasers. All, that is, except my stouthearted lead, Diego, who despite having lost all his hit points, remains active and immortal. He even got through the portal and all the way to the Doomguards (who hit him repeatedly with no result). Wahoo! I can finish the game with no damage! I have a screenshot if Jeff would like it; don't know where to send it or how to post it here.
  6. Thank you for this. I was hoping you would post party build suggestions before I started this massive game. Now if I have to start over halfway through it's my own damn fault.
  7. Steam is offering two versions of Avernum 3; one "Regular" and one "with hints and bonuses." What do they mean by bonuses? I've already played Exile 3 and Avernum 3, the old build, so I don't need hints. Thanks.
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