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  1. Don't get me wrong on my previous message : i truly thank you all for your help. I only abandonned the idea and i'll re-try a full-run in a few months, i guess. The wisest way is to calm my frustration and play another game while then. See you around, Avernites !
  2. Goodness, i did not expect such a quick reply ! Thank you. Sadly i think this is hopeless. The only dialog left for me is the one when entering the portal. I can't find anywhere in the t74TheRoyalSpiredlg.txt where it is "called". I see the lines referring to it in t74TheRoyalSpiretxt.txt ; but so far i understand, this last one is only about text, and putting your code in it does no good. Is the "txt" kind of ressource for "dlg" file ? I have browsed a few scripts but i can't figure out where is the "request" for the dialogs of that special encounter box. For your information,
  3. Hello there, and sorry for the upcoming annoyance. I have been re-playing a speed-playthrough of Avernum : Escape from the pit. I have played this games a few times in the past. This time i set difficulty on torment. I managed to kill Hawthorne. But with FOUR brooches because i 'am dumb and i did not remember the 5-brooches trick. I played six hours today with only autosaving, so my only last usable save is six tedious hours ago. I escaped from underworld during that and did a bunch of sidequests. I don't want to do that again. So, please, i would be ever so grateful for some help
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