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    Wishlist for Avadon 3 - interface/gameplay suggestions

    I just played Avadon 2 anaother time and I would like to a suggestion : I love the way we can buy houses. It'll be even better if we could do more improvements to it : with mini-quests, we could clean it, add containers or whatever, instead of just buying 3 things to the local shop.
  2. Crystal Chaos

    A2CS - Drake teeth?

    I confirm. Three fangs
  3. Crystal Chaos

    A2: CS - trouble in Avit

    Thank you Jeff for your answer, I am a Win 7 user and bought the game on spiderweb website last Thursday. I downloaded it with the link in P2P I installed the demo first then the full game (I chose the wrong download and thought I could upgrade with the code like before), and the uninstall went wrong (had to do it with Ccleaner). might be the issue? With a load of a previous game, I couldn't make the fire reappear. Thanks again.
  4. Hello everyone, just started the new A2, and I love it for now. I have an issue in Avit, the vanatai town. After a while, a huge progressing fire started to burn everyone in the town, which gave me no choice than running from it. Did I do something wrong? Is it a bug? It started after a try to talk to a character, and a message like "char with abi not available" or something. I tried to load a previous game, and it didn't occur. I left the town and went back, the fire disappeared. Do you have any intel about it? It started here and after a while it looks like it Thanks for your answer!