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  1. Misc Staple

    A5 - Morbo

    Okay, I've beaten Morbo and the game. Is there someplace I can read or watch the ending for when you join Dorikas? Thanks!
  2. Misc Staple

    A5 - Morbo

    If it's physical, that's unfortunate, because Morbo charms you once you've hit him with a physical attack. So my priest has to cast unshackle mind + control foe + heal possible injuries. And she only has two turns with haste.
  3. Misc Staple

    A5 - Morbo

    I've been having trouble in Avernum 5 defeating Morbo under Muck. He seems to be impervious to everything. Using my fighters will just charm them and my mage and priest spells only make small dents. Someone suggested using control foe on Morbo's summons, but they don't seem to do any extra damage and often fight his other summons.
  4. Misc Staple


    Welcome back!
  5. Misc Staple

    Another GUI enlargement attempt

    Copy the URL of the image and paste it in your address bar.
  6. Misc Staple

    Geneforge Team Info?

    Andrew Hunter and Brian Snoddy are credited for art in Geneforge 1.
  7. Misc Staple

    Complete Exile 2 outdoor map (massive spoilers)

    IIRC, Exile didn't run in DOS, but ran under Windows 3.1 to XP.
  8. Misc Staple

    Any news on Avernum 3 remake?

    John, Ariel, Nathan, Samantha, Allison and Erik.
  9. Misc Staple

    Complete Exile 2 outdoor map (massive spoilers)

    Did you try PMing him? Although you did seem pretty lucky in that your first post got a response from him in a day, when he hadn't posted in over four years on the boards.
  10. Misc Staple

    The Grand Spiderweb Poll, 2017 Edition: Demographics & Favorites

    I thought TM was banned?
  11. Misc Staple

    Pixel Art Identification Survey

    I generally agree with your points, but I'd say it qualifies as art, since Duchamp's Fountain killed that sort of argument. But yeah, it's not art that's necessarily going to sell.
  12. Misc Staple

    I just realized I passed my 10 year mark here

    Um, about sixteen years for us.
  13. Misc Staple

    Map Completionist, yea or nay?

    Yes, unless it's too tedious or difficult.
  14. Certain low-level spells are disabled when you start a new party in E3, so that you can earn them as rewards. Fresh BoE parties have access to all low-level spells. Is there a way to change that, or is it too hard coded?
  15. Pretty sure people have already tried remaking E3 in BoE. There's a puzzle with numbers that doesn't work in the BoE engine, and I'm sure there's other quirks. Who knows, though?