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  1. Hello, I'm interested in trying out some player made campaigns and am wondering what your favourite scenarios are that you've played. If you could include the estimated length and difficulty with the name of your choices that would be great. Thanks!
  2. I understand not replying to every email he receives. For anyone who consider themselves hardcore crpg fans, this is the channel Jeff was requested to appear on. https://www.youtube.com/user/blacklily8 I would take any free publicity I could get to sell my games personally. To each their own.
  3. Okay, thanks for the reply. Woohoo!! Avadon 3! I'm playing part 1 right now and loving it. Can't wait! Edit: the book is called Dungeons and Desktops. Had a mind lapse.
  4. Alright, maybe Jeff isn't interested in then. I could see not answering 1 email but 2 or 3 is a pattern. Thanks.
  5. Hello I am a fan of Matt Barton, the author of Desktops and Dungeons and also the creator and host of MattChat on Youtube. It's a chanel dedicated to CRPGs as well as interviews with developers and designers of these classic games. It's a well known channel that receives many views. I suggested Matt feature Avernum or Geneforge on the show to which he replied that he would like to but Jeff has never replied to any of his messages. Myself, I would call customer service since I'm very forward in my dealings lol. Anyways, would love to see Jeff do an interview and have Matt showcase his works. It likely wouldn't hurt sales either. It's also very hard to find ANY video interviews of Jeff online. Any suggestions?
  6. I've only ever put significant time into Avernum and Avadon: Black Fortress so I can't really speak on Avernum 2-6, Avadon 2 and the Geneforge saga but the way I play is based on what I would do in real life. I am very much a role player. I always play the good guy as that's just my personality. I am a chaotic lawful person. Anyways, I tend do to as many side quests as I can because it's fun and it gives me the full experience of the game. Plus that's how I train my party and get better gear, more items and more money. I like to explore the world and talk to people. Another thing is that in some games, the side quests are more fun than the main quest. An example for me would be Fallout: New Vegas.
  7. Ah, that would explain why I've seen Hunter Salom and his men move around the map. Haha! Thanks! I should have paid closer attention to the NPCs.
  8. Hello So its my first trip to Khemeria to hunt down the shadow beast. I've talked to Unni and accepted the quest from her to clean the corrupt circle of stones. After searching everywhere I consulted a map and discovered that the area is in another zone. My problem is there are no icons on the world map to go to the woods. It hasn't triggered. I've also talked to the wizard, can't enter the fortress yet. Now I made the mistake of letting these people know my true reason for being here as I forgot to keep quiet about it. Because of that mistake I see that I've missed a few small opportunities. It just seems my game has come to a stand still. I've talked to everyone I can, killed all monsters, mapped the whole area but I'm not able to advance any further. Any ideas? Thanks!
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