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  1. is blades of exile build_05.02.2011 version 1.20a?
  2. For years ive just been casually playing the Exile Trilogy and never actually tried or even purchased any newer titles from this company to play. The only reason I actually am even here is because I fond Exile 3 Ruined World on a shareware disc when I was 10 years old and played the demo until I had to email spiderweb for the unlock key (which was actually free too) lol. I might look into buying one of the newer games I guess, I just haven't liked that you don't get 6 party members.
  3. What would be better for me to use. Crossbows or Bows. I'd choose crossbows but im wondering if Bolts can be poisoned or not. or is it only arrows that can be poisoned. or is this not even possible because only the item "poison arrows" are poisoned arrows
  4. I do apologize about this ive been busy with work and having to work alot of hours. If and whenever I am even here I only have a few minutes. I looked and there are no more descriptions for the scenarios on the wayback machine. Most were lost
  5. I'm gonna start a private message with you and paste the descriptions of the scenarios I could find had them on the Truesite Snapshots.
  6. Too late I already clicked 343 times and downloaded everything individually lol
  7. Why yes i can certainly do that. I'll get right to it after tonight
  8. Would you like any help with that Celtic? Would just be copy paste over and over from the snapshots
  9. I guess theres no way to ever get anymore scenarios?
  10. Truesite exists in the wayback machine. But the downloads were never archived n the machine unfortunately
  11. Let me try Wayback Machining Truesite I'll see what i can find
  12. None of the calref links work or anything. What happened to everything? Did it all get moved or something? I remember BoE worked on any operating system i used for with Compatibility options with the CBoE Installer linked above these threads
  13. I had a build that Minstrel gave me years ago it was in a 7z. Can't seem to find it anylonger. It ran perfectly on any operating system. Text and everything showed
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