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  1. I feel like I am going around in circles - I have been looking for key #2 for over an hour and have not found it -- I saw the note about it being in a secret room with lumber - I have actually found a number of other areas - but so far no #2 Key -- any help would be greatly welcomed.
  2. Why does Avernum 2: Crystal Souls not get it's own Board?
  3. I have Windows XP Pro -- will I be able to play Avernum 2: Crystal Souls?
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    Newbie questions

    Thanks for the info - it was just what I needed. It did cros my mind that part of my confusion was I was mixing up info from 2 different versions of the same game and that some things had simply changed with the updated game. Thanks again.
  5. Just got this for Christmas and have been looking over the forum - have 3 questions- 1- I had no problem putting armor on my Celt Warrior - is this a problem? 2- I have seen a couple of references to Nimble Fingers - this is not listed under Charater Traits 3- I have gone thru the Dragon's Cave gave him the tablet - but I have not found the scale - what have I missed Thanks in advance for any help.