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  1. ?????? I am certainly not incorrect the tweet is still there for everyone to see. There may have been some separate incident involving the original, but jeffs tweet is clearly in response to resurrection.
  2. Didn't Jeff say that in response to someone offering Nethergate Resurrection and not the original Nethergate? Apparently it all started when someone tweeted him something like "I just bought nethergate resurrection and its already abandonware", so it's hard to say if Jeff is willing to release the original version of it unless someone asks him about the right version.
  3. Jeff should have expanded on it further I think. If you keep it for too long your hair starts falling out and you get a -30% stats disease, and then later on you get a -50% stats disease that can only be cured by completing a quest to find a hermit who can give you chemotherapy.
  4. I've just relocated for a new job so I can't right now. The last one looked really good though. The weakest part of Jeffs games is usually the balancing so it's great to see that improved upon. Did making a remix for Avernum 2 make you reconsider anything you did the for Avernum 1 remix?
  5. I do miss death, but I don't miss items dropping all over the floor. I'd like it if in modes above normal, when you die you need to use a scroll or healer to resurrect the guy - but when he dies his items stay on his person.
  6. Would it be possible for you to port any balance changes you felt improved Avernum 2 over to Avernum 1 when you release Avernum 2, as a balance patch?
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