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  1. I was rather concerned about losing possible dialogues. Some NPCs just seem to be killed completely when I drag too much, right? Hm, I'm gonna choose a party capable of casting every spells this time to see if the different damage formula brought some change into the spells.
  2. So I've finished AV2 a while ago; it was a bit disappointing to me since it was way too similar to AV1. I would have even believed if somebody said it is a mod of AV1. Not to mention the first 1/3 was downright linear; understand the intention but man, I felt playing JRPG or something. I gave AV3 a shot and now it seems to bring some new changes, however slight they might be! I recovered my taste for the series and thinking of playing AV3 now. 1. Anything I should know before playing AV3? I do have read the header post about some towns being devastaed as time passes by, and I'm thinkin
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