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  1. too late; I planted them in my garden. Maybe they'll sprout into an army of pet spiders
  2. I didn't mean the quest items, I meant mundane items as a make up pot, bellows or the aforementioned cloak and sugar. I knew that some merchants sell these things, but had to search to find them again. I just thought that a list of upcoming job board items would be helpful. Then we could collect them for later when we stumble over them. By the way, is there anybody in this game who needs my collection of Aranea fangs? edit: found it; nobody wants the fangs ;_; Maybe I'll use them to decorate my mansion's garden
  3. Thank you for this topic, APV, much appreciated - I indeed found my revenant in the Spiral Crypt Now I just ran around for ages to find a Beautiful Cloak and a Bag of Sugar (cause I sold them all). Is there somewhere a list of Items to Keep for Job Board Quests?
  4. I cannot deliver my message to Mother Loomis anymore since I accidently killed Spurn when he jumped at me - and now whole Bavner is mad at me. Another feature
  5. Thanks, it looks as if I neglected to gather the map
  6. Wow, you're faster than my archer I tried to talk with Zamora about that map, but the dialogue doesn't come up. Could be that I bought it already ... edit: the maps which we buy are not in the Special Items list, no? Maybe I haven't found the lumps from Arion yet ... will check out tomorrow.
  7. Does anybody know how many lumps of metal are in the game? I already wasted two (one each for Arion and Carmine) and cannot give metal to the dragons now for the alien beast blade. I got one from Athron, the other from outdoors near the Inn of Blades. Is there a third one?
  8. Has anyone any idea why it's always night time in on the surface? Inside towns, on battle fields and in the part with the bandit lair and Erika's tower it's normal light, but the whole surface section is eternally gloomy. Not much fun to stumble around in this depressing darkness. Could it be a bug? edit: sorry, this is in the wrong topic. I didn't see the others before, probably since I was not logged in. Will post this question somewhere else - and please delete this post (couldn't find a way to delet it myself)
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