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  1. Bit of a long discussion, but it can be found here.
  2. Just remember, it was designed to allow a join NPC to use a script other than basicnpc so be sure to create a script tailored to the NPC.
  3. Originally Posted By: Handyman Hello all, I'm new to designing scenarios. I was wondering what parts of a scenario should be planned out first. Is there a set priority? Like, will I have to code things before I paint things in the editor, or is BoA relatively unrestricted like that? Thanks! Handyman. Grab a composition notebook and write out the events you want to have happen. Ending doesn't need to be there right away, nor does the beginning but try to maintain a rough order. Then, feel free to jump into the editor. Build the towns. This should give you a solid base from which to flesh out the rest of the game. As you build your initial towns think about the beginning & end if you've left it out.
  4. There is one other possibility. You are chosen because you are competent enough to complete the mission, but not politically powerful enough to threaten the current powers when you succeed or realize that you have been setup as a fall-guy. Either method allows for someone to get something done in a suitably heroic fashion without becoming a serious challenge to the PTB. You are either dead, banished, on the run, or still dominated by the more powerful political figures. Given the tone of Avadon so far I am leaning towards either being the fall-guy on the run after the game completed. I mean, you've just ticked off a lot of very powerful people. Originally Posted By: Toby-Linn Originally Posted By: CRISIS on INFINITE SLARTIES Originally Posted By: Spidweb Redbeard wants to see you. He needs a pair of fresh eyes, and it is a bad idea to disappoint him. This is terribly disappointing. It is the same flimsy justification for having important, powerful people throw fate-of-the-world type quests at nobody adventurers that we have seen from Exile 3 all the way through Geneforge 5 and Avernum 6. Sounds like the plot of every rpg I've ever played, like Neverwinter Nights, Dungeon Siege, Baldur's Gate Dark Alliance, Sacred and yes, the Spiderweb series as well....seriously, you're either a promising student that gets thrown into battles between good and evil or your a lowly adventurer that gets thrown into battles between good and evil. My point is every rpg does this, not just Spiderweb, lol.
  5. Nikki, Did you miss any of the following? 1. Cover what was happening before the scenario began? 2. The events that launched the party into action? 3. Set the combat / surprises to be reasonable given the party's actions? 4. Place a tough choice in the party's path? 5. Big, bad boss throwdown? 6. Change in party's status/standing/way of life after fight with big bad? 7. Epilogue / conclusion makes sense? 8. Covered the party's motivation? 9. All sub-quests / sub-plots resolved?
  6. Oh yes, that bug is licked. A question, is there a reason Jeff originally had 6 boxes? It is absolutely needed or can we have 1 window to type in and a running count of characters towards the max? Also, as a future enhancement can we use the built-in Mac OS X spell-check functionality for intro screens?
  7. Nope, didn't work. Generally I select all, cut and paste before I edit.
  8. I'll help with the OS X testing for this. Also, any word on existing bugs for the OS X version of the editor? 1. I don't know if this was ever changed, but you cannot copy text from outside the editor and paste it into the text boxes of the editor for the 3 introduction screens. 2. The cursor for the displayed text does not line up exactly with the actual position of the text. Example: I have 255 characters, I place the cursor after the 20th character. However, if I add or delete a character the characters resize themselves on the screen and I find I've actually edited the 30th or so character...
  9. Is there any way to get the party to fly or to fake the status while they are indoors?
  10. Don't feel bad about taking a while. I spent 9 months just to redo the 18 human images. Feel free to take all the time you need to get them right. Favorites are mostly Slith & Nephil. When I have a human I use Rosalia aka Teresa aka Cordelia (mage in green dress). Otherwise I use the Philip aka Bryan aka Aldous (red shirt warrior).
  11. Not sure I understood everything tht you are looking for, but char_has_trait() will allow you to check to see if the character already has ability.
  12. Originally Posted By: Thuryl Originally Posted By: Dahak Wait... Success (more employees & an implied higher net revenue) = Failure? i don't think you get how jokes work Probably not. I've never really been very good with anything except well executed humor.
  13. Originally Posted By: Fires Upon the Mind and Time These games were good when they were indie, but now that Jeff has sold out and his company has three employees they're just churning out mass-produced generic games. —Alorael, who can see how the first games of series seem different. The concepts are still fresh to Jeff as well. E/A2 just gets a special pass for being beloved. Wait... Success (more employees & an implied higher net revenue) = Failure? Jeff's games are admittedly not as varied as the older games (or so my fading memory tells me) & the Exile/Avernum game's play time feels much shorter, but generic?
  14. Yes, but if you do Gladwell's killing of Spire mayor, Melachion's killing of Farrar, and then kill Melachion then the giants retake the Abyss. I didn't try killing just 1 Abyss ruler and Melachion.
  15. So, I finally have all the ending text now. The main divergences are Melachion (# of enemies killed) & helping Gladwell. Destroying Melachion and not helping Gladwell basically sets Avernum back to the way it was, but reduced in power. Destroying Melachion and helping Gladwell has Gladwell ruling over Avernum. Not destroying Melachion but helping to defeat all his foes and not helping Gladwell is the worst ending with Meachion ruling over all. Not destroying Melachion but helping to defeat all his foes and helping Gladwell has Gladwell keeping Avernum free and on par with Melachion. Not destroying Melachion but helping to defeat the minimum # of his foes and not helping Gladwell is the basic ending with Avernum on par with Melachion. Not destroying Melachion but helping to defeat the minimum # of his foes and helping Gladwell has Gladwell ruling over Avernum and the land is chaos as it was way back in A1. Minor variations include the Abyss v. Giants, Abyss in Melachion's domain. Blight is incurable, Vahnatai stick around, Avernum remains. There are other variations (much more minor) that you can read if you PM me for the text.
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