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  1. would this work on XP? it sounds like any 32 bit OS works, and I don't have a copy of windows 95 lying around(not many people do, I imagine). I do have a copy of XP and setting up a partition running it would be easy enough.
  2. I have a version prior to gog even existing so it's not that. A3 just isn't that difficult, I would put A3 torment as easier than A2 on hard. A2 on torment is incredibly difficult
  3. that's in avernum 3. in 2 you cannot hit the damage cap, at best you are looking at about 50 damage with an extremely beefy fighter
  4. do you think it's worthwhile over elite warrior in a2? elite warrior wasn't that great in 3 because of the damage cap, but in 2 you're not going to hit nearly as hard.
  5. in A3 divinely touched gave you a stat boost on top of the rather useless skills. I couldn't find an exact answer elsewhere, does divinely touched do the same thing in A2?
  6. I'm trying to figure out some stuff that I don't see actually stated: does strength affect ranged weapon damage, or is that dexterity? does divinely touched do anything besides the rather useless skills? I know it did in A3 but it doesn't say anything in 2 the weapon skills and stuff like elite warrior and slith bonus only says hit %, does it gives anything else? In A3 weapons had that +level damage stuff, but it's not there in 2. and as an aside where can I find energetic herbs/mandrake. I haven't found any spots, but I'm playing on tough and things are starting to get to up there in difficulty in chapter 4.
  7. reminds me of that BG2 death quote from Jan "don't forget to raise me.."
  8. I've always liked utilizing the custom portrait option in Baldur's Gate so I wondered if I could do the same thing for Avernum. So far the answer is yes in Avernum 2. I'm not sure if it will work in 1 though, the graphics data seems different. Here's an example: now to doing this is actually quite simple. Here's how: Step 1: BACK UP YOUR FILES. you have to permanently edit the graphics file in Avernum, so naturally you want to back up the originals. Step 2: go into your Avernum 2 file and open the data folder step 3: find the G904 file(or just 904 in A3). this contains all the small portraits. You have to take the image you want and post it on top of the one you want to replace. try to make the size as close as possible since the original is still there, it's just being covered up step 4: find the corresponding full size portrait and then replace it will the full sized portrait you want. step 5: go in game and change your character graphic to the one you just added in. Now this does work in A2, and it should work in A3, but I do not see the larger sized portraits in the A1 data file. Maybe someone else knows where they are? I have no clue if it works in A4-6.
  9. No, just mass healing level 3 is hands down the most useful spell in the game. Have you fought the nagas? I think there was a key in that room.
  10. I think you are looking for a map not a key. It's in the main giant treasure area. Don't leave the giant castle before getting mass healing level 3 though.
  11. bold prediction: the big baddie is in northwest avernum
  12. If you have trouble with the tower of magi you will probably have trouble with the remove cavern as well since it's filled with a bunch of spell casters that are also immune to all spells(you do get a nice polearm, but the obsidian spear is almost as good). If you need to lightning spray can still hit the demons fairly hard. The easiest way is to have your fighters hasted and blessed then pound on the demons. Have your mage wait each turn in case you need to haste off a slow. By day 160 you should be able to hit for 199 damage a turn with assassinate and typical end game weapons.
  13. On torment most stuff hits you for 100% of your health at the start(20+ a hit). By the end of the game things are hitting a char with patcher's plate and everything else you can think of for 100+ and have 400-600 health, but it doesn't really matter because they have 5% to hit and your chars have 450 health. Mass healing healing level 3 heals for like 180 which is a big jump for A1 and 2, and makes it easy to keep your guys topped off in health. Rhaksasha and such that like to spam fire blast only did 5-10 damage a cast. Dark wyrms can hit you for nearly 300 damage in 1 turn, but like I said invulnerability elixirs will take care of the ~4 groups you will find.
  14. For most of A3 my characters never got touched. It's too easy to have enemies at 5% hit rate and max out your resists to everything. By the end of the game all my chars had 80-100% resist in every element. Exiles(and earlier avernums) did not have this which makes them harder. You might have 1 chill charm in all of exile 3.
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