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  1. Awesome! Can't get in game right now, can anyone confirm if it's healing now?
  2. (On Veteran) I started the fight by attracting the attention of a drake, then running back to the stairs. Shubael didn't follow. I had to do it another time to lure the rest of the drakes over, and one of my characters got killed as a result (an unfortunate series of turns got him pulled into Shubael and stunned), so I just revived him with a life scroll. Killing the drakes was pretty easy, if a bit annoying. After the drakes were dead, beating her first phase was simple. I got a lucky slow at the beginning with a wand, so I was getting about 2 turns for every one of Shubael's until she finally decided to buff herself. After she buffed, I just kept using dispel, so she'd waste further turns buffing instead of attacking. By the time the first phase was over, I probably only used about 30% of my energy, plus one life scroll. The second phase was harder, but I parked my tanky character in melee range, and kept everyone else at a distance, using summons to block the salamanders. Two of my characters had free mind (one from an item, one from being Ahriel), so it was pretty easy to get rid of fear. Curing also gets rid of blind and only costs 4 AP. I used a few scrolls of might to keep haste and blessing up so that I didn't have to spend precious energy on it. I have no idea how to beat the first phase legitimately (i.e. not pulling the drakes), but the second phase was actually pretty simple for me. I might have gotten lucky with some slows from wands, however.
  3. Holy crap, I had no idea you could check enemy stats! That would have been useful for me in my last game. Edit: Also, Sutter's a whimp, I guess 😛
  4. "They'll probably wander off" just isn't good enough for me. I don't want to spend 20 more hours and find out they still won't move no matter what, so I restarted just in case. I was only a few hours in, so it's not the end of the world.
  5. Terror and Charm are both mental, I believe, so I think Slow, Weakness, and Vulnerability is the full list of Curses.
  6. I wouldn't say wands are terrible, I just think the speed bonus from daggers is way too powerful. Especially when staves exist, which are barely any stronger than wands, but make you miss out on an off-hand's defense bonus and augments. Staves are the real stinker here 😛
  7. My only concern with that is that if I can't even get there, I could spend a lot of time doing other things and then just completely be unable to progress through the game if it doesn't resolve itself. I think I'm just going to have to start over at this point to be safe.
  8. You can't get the dreams after making all 3 regions your vassals. You'll have to do it in another game or in an earlier save file, sorry.
  9. I don't mind casual being easier, but I don't think the other difficulties should be touched. I haven't tried torment yet, but the final battle on veteran felt perfectly-tuned (well, maybe the frontliners had a bit too much hp, but it certainly made the fight exciting).
  10. I'm still on part 1... it's been a while since I played the game, is there an alternate route there later?
  11. Tried looking online for a solution, but I only found an unanswered Steam thread. I'm trying to take the boat to Solberg's tower, but both of the paths leading there have wandering monsters blocking the way. If I try to get off the boat, I get the message that I need a clear space in order to leave the boat. No matter how much I wait, the enemies never move or despawn. If anything, more of them keep spawning - there are currently 3 monster spawns blocking each tunnel. I'm completely at a loss here for how to proceed... any ideas?
  12. Yeah, when I went to get the achievement for getting the last dream, I just teleported from one refuge to another. There doesn't appear to be an interval of time that needs to pass - the only restriction seems to be that you can't sleep in the same place twice.
  13. Okay, I think I get it. Fool's Shot does more damage because it has higher weapon dice (d4 vs d2), but its weapon level is the same for the purposes of Whirlwind Attack (and Steel Darts, I guess).
  14. In-game, the version you're on is displayed in the bottom-left corner of the title screen.
  15. Oh, that's interesting, what is an item's level? Is it the same as its tier?
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