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  1. As far as I can tell, the pedestal is the only thing I am able to interact with in the library. There are two bookcases but they are not clickable.
  2. Yes I have been back to the council. One of them says to speak to the guy in Mancuso (which I have done and finished the quest he asked me to to do). He has acknowledged it. I have also been to Fort Haledon but don't have the authority to get in.
  3. Thanks very much for that Lilith. I appreciate you taking the time. Now I know must be a glitch. I have read both the tomes many times. One says about looking in the library and the one in the library just says about the supplies and spells being shared between Vahnatai and the Empire. This is unfortunate for me as the Vahnatai Council will not give me the papers to get into Fort Haledon.
  4. Does anyone know exactly where the evidence is? I've been stuck for days. I am in Gaddiki's library in the SE corner of the Vahnatai Castle and have looked at the spell tome but no evidence forthcoming.
  5. I am in the library at the sw end of the river, have read what is on the white podium and it talks about the alliance between vahanatai and empire. It says nothing about the whereabouts of the crystal soul. Between the library and where I parked the boat (at the sw of the river) there is a possible room to the east but I can't see a way in.
  6. Thanks Slartibus, I have been all around the place on a boat to no avail
  7. I am searching in Gaddiki's library for evidence of where a crystal sould has been taken. There is a scroll on the podium that tells of an alliance between the Vahnatai and the empire for supplies and spells. I cannot find anything else in there that mentions where a soul has been taken. I already read the scroll in Gaddiki's hall thet says there may be evidence in the library but I can't find it. I have Vahnatai lore 2 which was bought from an old man near some ruins. Do I need more lore to read the scrolls and if so where do I get it?
  8. Thanks Lilith, I'm sure that screenshot will help a lot of people. Yes I edited the post after I found it. The fact that the place has two names; Pyrns Tower and Barrier Tower got me as well.
  9. Thanks guys, been there a few times. I found the switch for the east room now. What a sneaky place to put it!
  10. Thanks for this list! I'm still having trouble finding dispel barrier level 3 Where exactly is barrier tower?
  11. Haha, well I shall beg the lady's pardon when I next see her!
  12. I can't remember but might have already killed the Nephil Chief before speaking to Vidican. I can see that might have caused a problem. (Yes Randomizer, I did make sure I went right into his room, had a good nosey around and read his diary). Oh well, that quest can just hang there at the top of the list. It probably won't affect the game in the long run.
  13. It says "Captain Vidican is waiting for you in her office. She is sure to want a report about the conditions in the upper caves" There's nothing else to do up there as far as i can see. when I go and speak to her 'she waits impatiently to see what else i have to say'. I have 3 questions I can ask: 1 What is it you do here? 2. Has there been much empire activity up here? 3. How is the war with the empire going? Already asked them a few times. (I've already finished the nephil cave and castle)
  14. I already killed all the baddies (can't remember if they were nephils) on the upper and lower levels , been to and fro from Fort Ganrick many times, each time having another look round the upper levels and going back to see Vidican. As it is not a main quest, I don't think I'll reinstall the game but thanks guys.
  15. I've been up the north slope to the upper caves at Fort Ganrick, managed to open the door after putting a poor leather helmet on. Most of the passages are blocked with rockfalls. Haven't found any secret passages or anything of note. Also been up the two ladders in the south to the rooms. Captain Vidican does not acknowledge this so I still have the quest "Report to Vidican". Any help would be great!