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  1. Hey! I told Celtic Minstrel that I would be helping with this project over the summer, but some crazy weather the past few weeks and other unforeseen circumstances have led to me putting that off. Just today realized it's a almost the end of July already, time sure flies when nothing is going according to plan. Just wanted to apologize and say that I probably wont be helping out after all. I'll still be popping up in the forums from time to time, and if I get some unexpected free time I can help with bug testing, but that's about it. I'll let you know if things change. I'm going to be studying C++ language in a bit so that might tie into me being of use next summer, but I shouldn't make any promises after how things turned out this summer.
  2. Finishing exam week today, I'll be sure to try out the new build over the weekend and give you some feedback. I'm fresh off of a near 100% run of VoDT on the original engine, so I can play VoDT again with a better eye for issues/missing objects.
  3. I wanted to get a refresher on BoE before making suggestions I played a couple hours of BoE this weekend, but haven't had time to touch the scenario maker yet due to midterms. Just want to know what kind of abilities, (if any), can be given to custom weapons? Going back from Avernum:EftP to BoE the only thing that bothered me is how linear warriors are. battle disciplins are gone (though most of them were ineffective any way) and there aren't any weapons with cleave or special scaling (like that sword that has damage based on your INT instead of STR). Obviously this update to Blades wont be adding weapon disciplines; but things like cleave being usable in custom weapons sounds like a good Idea if possible. I will probably make a thread on adding feasible new mechanics when I get some more free time to play around with BoE and the scenario editor.
  4. I'm into pixel art so can give it a shot, but no promises as I'm short on time lately. a co-worker is injured and I'm getting extra hours.
  5. I am an old exile fan, but I never made any scenarios, I only played through BoE and never finished any of the full games. I planned to play Avernum but didn't like a lot of things about those games and fell out of the franchise. It wasn't until the Avernum remakes that I came back and finally finished the first game. I still like Exile3/BoE the most mechanics wise and would love to go back to some scenarios I never tried due to not having internet when the community was active. I can program C++ (though I wouldn't say I'm the most experienced), I have a good understanding of the games inner mechanics and balance. I do have some suggestions such as fixing certain broken skills, though I'm not sure if you are willing to make such changes. I don't have any real scenarios in mind ATM but would be glad to help someone with their scenario, fan games are always more fun to make in groups and working on your own is quite daunting; I know from experience. (I'll be interested in helping if you give me a story sample and I enjoy your writing style; or if you have some fun, inventive gameplay ideas) Currently I am attending post-secondary studies and working full time, but come summer I would be overjoyed to contribute to this project. I expect a lot more supporters will apear when some details on Avernum:aRW pop up and the forums become more active, don't count the poll results before then.
  6. Title says it all; but I might as well add that buying the individual games actually costs more.
  7. I should have replaced the word "frankly" with "personally"... That was probably the sloppiest post I've ever written, even after the edits. (that's what I get for posting here during class) I was just trying to say that a mod that changes less would affect the games feel less; The "normal game mod" just helps fix the disappointing pole arms issue and reduces early game hit-chance debuffs which are common complaints; and not much else to alter the experience. Of course there is no right or worng answer here, I just hope I didn't confuse him with that jumbled mess of a post.
  8. EDIT: The Akhari Blaze's ReRemix mod shouldn't change the experience, just make gameplay a bit smoother, Slartibus's Remix mod has things like item name changes that are more suited for people on their second play through, so I wouldn't recommend it EDIT-EDIT: I forgot Akhari Blaze also tweaked spells a bit, only major change is the base healing spell which has a chance to fail now, that would change the experience. The first version of his mod labeled "normal game mod" does not have those changes, and a few other details I forgot. I'd say no to Slartibus's remix mod simply due to the item name changes. also I don't like how "better" shields actually give slightly less stats than the weaker ones. Frankly I think Akhari Blaze's ReRemix mod is a good in between and an overall better experience. It simply un-does a lot of the changes in Slartibus's Remix mod and also fixes weight limits so that they actually matter. More details below: get it here: http://spiderwebforu...x-graphics-mod/ ReRemix normal game mod full change list: If you play the game without mods just realize that hit chance will be terrible early game (for allies and enemies) making for some silly looking battles, pole arms weapons will be rare and very disappointing in the end, and the equipment weight limit will almost never be noticed allowing you to wear absurd amounts of armor. final edit: Fixed the errors, sorry this post was so sloppy.
  9. Does this imitate all the EftP ReRemix mod or is it something different? The third "Re" is throwing me off.
  10. I forced my way through Geneforge 1 despite hating most of it, I liked G2 a lot more at the start, but when the full map was revealed the game died for me. have yet to finish 2 or try 3,4,5 I love the concept so much but... PERSONAL OPINION! gameplay wise; the battle mechanics are sooo slow. I might have liked it more siding with the takers or doing a diplomatic/pacifist run but that's just not my style. Tell me if I'm missing something, but creations are just party members with no equipment, spells, abilities, or personality; making them dull to use in this system. It felt like playing exile with 5 dedicated warriors except less item carry capacity. Story wise; I got tired of serviles and ruins very fast. I just wanted to see what living shaper society looked like, the start of G2 was a bit of that until the big map reveal, although it still more lively than G1 even after that point. I could respect that G1 gave a strong sense of isolation, maybe I'm just not a fan of that.
  11. Merry Christmas to all followers of the holly chance! Praise the birth of RNGesus!
  12. I always click the space the enemy is on rather than the enemy itself, only issue I've had is when a giant rat overlaps onto another space preventing me from clicking the guy next to it. Those bosses you had trouble with in Nephil fort were optional, optional bosses being insane is OK in my book (as long as there is a warning sign outside their door. Remember, if you are getting wiped you can always run away like a huge coward, only 1 PC needs to make it out alive since reviving is free and PC's don't drop items on death. (I regret to admit doing this a couple times) Spiral pit has a crazy difficulty spike just before the boss, oh and a warning if you aren't using a mod then that molten halberd you find there is the best pole weapon in the game (depending on your decisions). The Jade halberd is oddly missing in this game so get used to that molten halberd, its your best option for a long while... that's my biggest gripe with Avernum(2012) tied with how dex and strength are basically the same thing now. If it weren't for those 2 things I'd say Avernum(2012) is definitely better than the originals. Also you can kill the king of Avernum, leave the castle and immediately walk back in, and the castle will be friendly again. WTF? I want to say it has something to do with reputation works, since I did this after completing every quest in the game my rep was still high so they forgave me.
  13. What happens is I reach into your house and hide your toothbrush, blasphemer!
  14. This is exactly why I never played the first Avernum games, I actually just started Blades of Avernum for a quick taste of what they were like, I wasn't expecting damage to be so high. I find I'm using the key board to do everything instead of clicking because I missclick all over the place on this unclear isometric grid. But I'm liking how the skill table works compared to exile, and the extremely descriptive tooltips on items are great so I don't need to look up the scaling on everything. The damage is taking some getting used too, even lower level enemies are bringing my PC's life to 0 in a single hit, evasion feels strong. I have yet to try the second trilogy which I know has some changes, but I like exile and Avernum(2012) a lot more than the Avernum games. in Avernum(2012) the UI is much better, items and interactables stick out more, and the game highlights the tile you are mousing over so you wont missclick! The skill tree looks offensive at first but it actually adds a lot while only taking away a few builds. Traits as we knew them are gone, but I feel like they never reached their potential anyway(there always seemed to be 1 trait that made the others look like trash), at least the new "trait" system has more viable options... and also just as many terrible options. Reviving characters is free, but the ability to hang on with 0 HP is gone. Coming from Exile I was against this change but the original Avernum games have soured me on the old ways a bit
  15. I wasn't expecting well thought out answers, just what you would like to see mixed with what. For my example (Lego x Geneforge) the Idea of having to find Lego bricks to build your creatures sounded both fun and silly. "Only Shapers know the art of bringing the bricks to life. There are rumors of a machine called the Geneforge that could change the size,shape and colour of any brick; it was declared heresy by the Shaper council." No need for any likely hood of the game actually happening.