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  1. GiantFriendlyTalkingSpiderman

    Does Critical hit chance have a cap?

    I know, my issue was that javelins can critical hit can be boosted by 50% giving a total of 225% damage. I'm going to make it work like spears where there are 2 separate crit checks; but there can never be a "double crit".
  2. GiantFriendlyTalkingSpiderman

    Does Critical hit chance have a cap?

    I just remembered reading something about crit-chance on-attack, (like spears have), is calculated separately from standard crit-chance! So I don't really need this question answered...
  3. I thought I read about this some where but couldn't find posts with a definite answer. Just wanted to know if the answer was already out there. I'm putting the finishing touches on my mod and decided that I don't want the 50% bonus on Javelins to stack with critical hits due to other indirect buffs I've given ranged weapons. but I don't want to replace the 50% bonus with 50% crit chance if crit chance has a hard cap at 80% or less.
  4. GiantFriendlyTalkingSpiderman


    Ah the fabled Arch-Mage Solberg. Welcome back! I've read a ton of your posts but we've never been active on the forums at the same time. You remind me that my old neighbor was a trucker. My Dad let him park his semi in our drive way. My room was closest to the driveway and when he started the thing on a Saturday morning boy did it ever wake me up! He would bring my family souvenirs from a lot of places.
  5. GiantFriendlyTalkingSpiderman

    Mechanical differences between A1, A2, and A3?

    Challenger is definitely proximity based. It never seems to effect range enemies in my experience and the description explicitly states, "nearby foes". If I had to guess why the Ice wyrm is immune, it's probably because it's too high level a creature. Try fighting one again with challenger at level 3. I do have to wonder if late game enemies are totally above Challenger. Since I got to the final areas in A2:CS Challenger has completely stopped making any notable difference. As always however, it's hard to be certain how much a difference it ever made.
  6. GiantFriendlyTalkingSpiderman

    Mechanical differences between A1, A2, and A3?

    I just finished an A2:CS playthrough and I have noticed no difference between how challenger works. That said, challenger DOES WORK in both A1 and A2. There are different AI's for different enemies and I think that plays a large factor in if it works or not. It would seem many late-game human enemies seem to be resistant to challenger. Challenger is very hard to test since it only has a chance of proc'ing and no one is quite sure what the success rate is.
  7. GiantFriendlyTalkingSpiderman

    A small feedback on Avernum 1 remastered

    1. Why would the junk bag be organized? It's full of junk items 2. Never bothered me. you can change or remove it by messing with the appropriate .ogg file ine the sounds folder 3. Now that we have clear HD visuals I haven't had any issues with, "WTF is that sprite supposed to be?". But I guess it's still an absent feature... 4. Still way better than the originals. how many junk items are you hanging on to? 5. Why? 6. The game was made for Mac first then ported to PC. So don't expect a lot of RMB and scroll wheel functionality.
  8. GiantFriendlyTalkingSpiderman

    Game/scenario/whatever designing alternatives for those who miss Blades?

    They aren't? Oh I guess not. My memory has made a fool of me.
  9. GiantFriendlyTalkingSpiderman

    Kickstarter For Our New Game/Series - Queen's Wish: The Conqueror

    I really want in the beta but I can't afford to spend $266 of my currency to do it. I wish there was a $100-150 tier that just gets you into the beta without naming anything, that would get me to spend more, (wink wink). I might up my backing at the last minute if we don't make the hundred thousand goal by then. But I don't need any absolution since I've never pirated any of Jeff's games. I suppose if I hung the document on my wall it would make a nice conversation starter. (As my friends already know I can drone on endlessly about Jeff's games). That said I might actually miss the free sounds in Jeff's games, I dunno, it adds a certain charm I can't explain. I would more enjoy some more music. That or more human sprites. The last engine had some fairly dull human sprites that were reused one too many times, (the monsters looked pretty good though, even if many dragons were the wrong colour).
  10. GiantFriendlyTalkingSpiderman

    Game/scenario/whatever designing alternatives for those who miss Blades?

    Though I don't know the limitations. But if you can work without a UI, most if not all of the scenario data(maps, dialogue) for Jeffs recent games is stored externally in text files. By modifying these text files you can radically change the game.
  11. GiantFriendlyTalkingSpiderman

    A3:RW - Torment Advice

    So I re-read the above and realized I completely misread what Clintone said about blessing focus. That said, I have noticed buff spells giving different characters different buff duration without any points in blessing focus. My level 8 PC with 4 Int and 2 Priest skill just cast level 2 protection and it gave 2 PC's 5 turns, 1 PC 4 turns and the last PC 6 turns. I suspect that this is from the 20% bonus at level 2 of the spell. I however fail to see your point on the percent per level value. I checked my previous testing set-up and it was contaminated with 5 points of spellcraft, (which at the time I thought had no effect on blessings/curses), I thought I didn't have the points in spellcraft when I made my last post here, so I will need to do testing again some time. That said, I used the editor to give my PC 52 Int and 50 Priest skill, they cast Lv1 protection and it gave a 5 turn buff to the party in 2/20 attempts(a small sample I know), so some factor gave protection an extra turn and it wasn't blessing focus or spellcraft. It was also a quite small chance of giving the bonus. So Int and priest/mage skill are not increasing the level like I thought. I can confirm however that the "percent per level" value is effected by the level of the spell itself, (so upgrading slow to level 2 should give it a 5% boost). I altered protection to scale by 40% per level instead of the normal 5% (I also removed the 20% boost protect gets at level 2). A PC casting level 2 protection always got an extra turn to it's duration, compared to a PC with identical stats casting level 1 protection always got the standard duration. After multiple tests the PC casting it at level 2 got 2 bonus turns instead of 1 so I suspect this was the same factor that caused protection to give an extra turn in the previous paragraph's test. Perhaps it's PC level? I dunno, I'm done testing for now.
  12. GiantFriendlyTalkingSpiderman

    A3:RW - Torment Advice

    Just want to add on how scaling on blessing works. From looking at the game files there is a percent per level modifier that usually has a value of 5. I believe this work like damage scaling in that it adds a new 5 sided die for each level. I tested this to the extreme by making a buff last 1 turn and having it improve by 50% per level. A PC with 13 int and 7 mage spells could buff from anywhere between 2 turns and 11 turns. so each point of mage spells and int was rolling a 50 sided die to determine the percentage boost the buff would get. If I had to guess blessing focus just adds another die, hence why it causes the variety. As for Spellcraft I have no idea. If you follow the description it says it add's a flat %2 bonus, which I honestly believe to be the case. the % bonus from leveling the spell seems to be constant as well. Also while I have your attention. does anyone know off-hand if spellcraft boosts healing?
  13. GiantFriendlyTalkingSpiderman

    Avernum 2: Crystal Souls - GIANT MOD! (beta version 0.3 released)

    VERSION 0.3 RELEASE! To install version 0.2 just do everything you did to install the previous version, Your save existing files should still work, though there could be minor inventory issues. (like a hammer equipped as a ring :P) >>>)) Fixes ((<<< >>>)) Changes ((<<< >>>)) New Stuff ((<<< >>>)) Coming soon (suggestions wanted) ((<<<
  14. GiantFriendlyTalkingSpiderman

    What Exile/Avernum you begin with ?

    I never had much access to a computer as a kid, I would only get to use my grandma's computer every other weekend. I had a shareware disc that had all of the exiles and Jazz Jack rabbit 2 (as well as many less memorable titles). I played a crapload of Blades of Exile's vale of dying things campaign, I would often get lost and restart my play-through if I was away from the game for more than two weeks, so vale of dying things was the only one had a chance to complete. I did dabble in the others after beating the vale but I never got far. Around 2005 I got my own computer and went to Jeff's site and was a bit annoyed that all of his games were still full price. I could buy the full version of Avernum 3, or I could buy warcraft 3 for the same price... I bought warcraft 3. At some point I gave Avernum 1 a shot and didn't like how isometric it was, I did however show it to a friend who ended up buying Geneforge 3. It wasn't until Avernum: Escape from the Pit came out on steam that I delved back into Spiderweb games. I just kinda bought them all on a steam sale and have been doing like one or two of his games each year. after finishing A:EftP I went back and finished Blades of Exile for old times sake. Now I'm in a place where I can't decide which generation of Jeff's games I like most, they all have ups and downs, (I mean they definitely have improved, but I have more nitpicks with newer titles).
  15. GiantFriendlyTalkingSpiderman

    Kickstarter For Our New Game/Series - Queen's Wish: The Conqueror

    Jeeze, I need to pay more attention to the forums outside of the games I'm currently playing. But hey, at least I got the honor of pushing the funding over $100,000... Image here Wait that's in my currency! I didn't know Kick Starter was converting the current funding into CAD! >_< As for my thoughts on the game, I'll have to catch up on Vogel's vlog for more details, but I've always preferred the top down perspective since I hate misclicking 😛 Although I had troubles getting into Avadon since I like to make more than one character; and as far as I got in, (not very), the black fortress wasn't as interactive as I'd hoped. However I REALLY enjoyed the interactivity in Kyass from A:EftP. I really enjoyed getting dropping my quest items there and seeing the stores upgrade as a result. By the end I wished I could join Kyass's deluded little empire. I was really bummed out to see his fate in A2:CS Lately some friends of mine have been talking about an RPG Atelier: Sophie where you also play as a princess candidate forced into managing a failing colony. Maybe I'll give that a shot in anticipation for this game, (though that's not quite fair for comparison since that game likely had a lot more budget, staff and dev time than this game will). Maybe I'll Give Avadon another shot before I move onto A:RW... well not likely but I'll keep it in mind.