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  1. Thanks for the insights. Kind of kicking myself for not recognizing the reference. My Greco-Roman mythology knowledge is stronger than my Norse, but I still should have seen it.
  2. I'm on my "completionist" playthrough, trying to find all the little things I missed on one of my various times through the various versions of the game... and I came across something I don't recall finding before in Footracer province... a message about "at the end, remember pants on the left rune..." or something like that. very cryptic, and I failed to write it down so I don't recall the exact wording. Can anyone give me a clue as to what this is referring to, or will I stumble on it when the time comes? I also forget if there is ever a final reveal on the "eye tattoo" warriors and/or the "remember ourboros"message from one of the crystal souls in Ghirka.
  3. Having played thru all winning quests multiple times, one of the few remaining mysteries I have is this: In the Arena City (where you rescue Spider), there is a "library" where you see "areana books." Is there a quest involved with this room? or is it just another but of "filler detail?" just looking for confirmation that I haven't missed something