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  1. I just checked Murkwood, I've already cleared the area. I did read a letter from Baston, but seeing as I've finished the whole "assassin" line of quests from Astoria I'm assuming I've already used that information? I've already followed the Roaming Servile back to the camp, I've explored the camp, no bandits are coming. I'm confused. Would I have been able to find the camp without the information from Murkwood? (I'm assuming the information is somebody telling me where it is, or something).
  2. (Hopefully I'm posting this in the right place). I've recently decided to play through Geneforge 5 again (starting from an old save file), and I've come across a small problem that I hope someone can help me with - the bandits in Thistlewood are just not appearing. From memory, they come to fight you when you're in their camp, right? I've found their camp, I've gotten the cannister at the end, I've read the letter from Bennhold (in fact I have now gone on to kill Bennhold) but these bandits are just not coming to fight me. I don't know what to do because I can't complete the quest from
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