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  1. Interesting that you went to the Vol first. The poll in the other thread showed the vast majority of people go Ukat first. Will be interesting to see what differences come out here.
  2. Same as everyone else, I went to the Ukat first. Not for any real reason. The names at that point in te game had zero meaning for me. But I ended up finishing the haven bandit quest line and that left me in that end of the map. I'm sort of a completionist in the sense that I like to commit to a region. I've had to force myself to move out to the Vol now before taking over the Gannelspan. It feels like the right way to play the game and having more than 2 forts is probably useful.
  3. Ahh, I should have known ol' Chessrook would pull through for us. Need to sit down amd watch this series. Good job.
  4. I will freely admit that I was disgusted when I saw the preproduction stuff for queens wish. The graphical changes were enough to make woozy. BUT I will also admit that I have turned around. The gameplay feels engaging on a level that I have never felt with Avernum and in a far less repetitive (and different) way than Geneforge. There are still things I dislike (instant fort builds and workshop builds for example) but the game fixes some of the glaring issues I have had with other rpg type games - such as the 'kill everyone in the first fort' mindset in Divinity 2. Storywise, actually being in command feels good. No longer some ragabond traveller, I have the ability to effect real change on the world and my equipment is the best that the colony is able to produce. Jeff, you've done a masterful job. Aside from the graphics that still make me want to vomit (but to be fair they are growing on me too).
  5. I hate to be a downer, and it certainly seems like everyone is onboard with the graphics so I feel like the odd one out here...but from my perspective it looks truly appalling. As in, I'm blown away and thought to myself when looking at the various updates that "eww, those placeholder graphics are ugly". Turns out those are the actual graphics and graphical style and not placeholders. Maybe it is my aversion to the Avernum style of things and due to my introduction to Spiderweb through Geneforge. I still think that the Geneforge series has vastly better graphical style. In fact, everything bar original Avernum 1/2/3 is better. Anyway, I don't want to be 'that guy' but I just felt the need to throw in my two cents. I have no doubt I could be eviscerated in the replies and I probably deserve that. Couldn't pass it by though. Ewww.
  6. Interesting: that the more conservative leaning people rated geneforge higher and also that those who did so appear to like to keep the serviles in their place. The whole story is almost about how the poor oppressed peoples of the world won their independence. But then again maybe it's some kind of self justification that order is the right way of things? Interesting for me either way. Oh and a big thanks for doing this Slarty. The stats nerd hiding within me is quivering in glee right now after reading all of these posts.
  7. Good survey concept. Like some of the others above, I felt some of the answers weren't quite the perfect fit for me. Still, did the best I can and every answer is technically 'correct' even if it probably doesn't represent me exactly. Also, your 'coffee privilege' offends my keen tea drinker sensibilities. No option for me to express myself and my classy caffeine habit
  8. Good stuff. I enjoy using some of these mods for subsequent playthroughs to create various custom characters to suit my purposes. Finding the old files can be pretty difficult sometimes though.
  9. I may well one day. I've struggled getting back into Geneforge though. I feel like I've ticked it off the list so to speak. I have smashed out the first act of G4 though. Enjoying it more than I did the previous time.
  10. Great idea, artifact weapons are nice and batons do need a bit of love. I wonder what else can be done with mods?
  11. And there are demos for all the games if I recall correctly. Play the demo and see if you like the game. Nothing we can suggest on this forum is likely to be a substitute for actual game experience.
  12. Yep, between Robert Jordan dying and the old fat guy who writes the sing of ice and fire novels, I've almost given up reading any in-progress series. On the other hand I am part way through the book that got Salman Rushdie his fatwa - The Satanic Verses. Not quite all it was cracked up to be. (Me getting disappointed over famous books seems to be a recurring theme). On the otherhand, I'm in the process of re-reading Catch-22. A fabulous story and one I would recommend to anyone looking for a 'classic' that is actually living up to its reputation.
  13. I don't mean it that way. Don't misunderstand what I'm saying. I just found it odd that you wrote what appears to be the same information after such a (relatively) long gap from the last post. I'm not saying what people should and shouldn't be discussing in the forum.
  14. Bearfax, I have no idea why you've basically repeated virtually the exact content in the exact order of the post above yours and done it 2 weeks after the fact.
  15. I was considerably disappointed in the original book of I am Legend. I expected so very much more going in and was left with a lingering disappointment at the big reveal being so (in my view) poorly executed.
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