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  1. Blxz

    Grand Poll 2017: Results Part 3

    Interesting: that the more conservative leaning people rated geneforge higher and also that those who did so appear to like to keep the serviles in their place. The whole story is almost about how the poor oppressed peoples of the world won their independence. But then again maybe it's some kind of self justification that order is the right way of things? Interesting for me either way. Oh and a big thanks for doing this Slarty. The stats nerd hiding within me is quivering in glee right now after reading all of these posts.
  2. Good survey concept. Like some of the others above, I felt some of the answers weren't quite the perfect fit for me. Still, did the best I can and every answer is technically 'correct' even if it probably doesn't represent me exactly. Also, your 'coffee privilege' offends my keen tea drinker sensibilities. No option for me to express myself and my classy caffeine habit
  3. Blxz

    New Geneforge 5 Character Editor

    Good stuff. I enjoy using some of these mods for subsequent playthroughs to create various custom characters to suit my purposes. Finding the old files can be pretty difficult sometimes though.
  4. Blxz

    GF5 Artifact Baton Mod!

    I may well one day. I've struggled getting back into Geneforge though. I feel like I've ticked it off the list so to speak. I have smashed out the first act of G4 though. Enjoying it more than I did the previous time.
  5. Blxz

    GF5 Artifact Baton Mod!

    Great idea, artifact weapons are nice and batons do need a bit of love. I wonder what else can be done with mods?
  6. And there are demos for all the games if I recall correctly. Play the demo and see if you like the game. Nothing we can suggest on this forum is likely to be a substitute for actual game experience.
  7. Blxz

    What have you been reading recently?

    Yep, between Robert Jordan dying and the old fat guy who writes the sing of ice and fire novels, I've almost given up reading any in-progress series. On the other hand I am part way through the book that got Salman Rushdie his fatwa - The Satanic Verses. Not quite all it was cracked up to be. (Me getting disappointed over famous books seems to be a recurring theme). On the otherhand, I'm in the process of re-reading Catch-22. A fabulous story and one I would recommend to anyone looking for a 'classic' that is actually living up to its reputation.
  8. Blxz

    Canon Endings

    I don't mean it that way. Don't misunderstand what I'm saying. I just found it odd that you wrote what appears to be the same information after such a (relatively) long gap from the last post. I'm not saying what people should and shouldn't be discussing in the forum.
  9. Blxz

    Canon Endings

    Bearfax, I have no idea why you've basically repeated virtually the exact content in the exact order of the post above yours and done it 2 weeks after the fact.
  10. Blxz

    What have you been reading recently?

    I was considerably disappointed in the original book of I am Legend. I expected so very much more going in and was left with a lingering disappointment at the big reveal being so (in my view) poorly executed.
  11. Is this the damaged shaper chick that can be freed, killed or handed to the shapers by any chance? An interesting party member to be sure.
  12. Indeed. I was mistaken. Ghaldring is the one I was referring to behind the [REDACTED]. It does get difficult to keep track of all these names sometimes and I don't think I am getting any younger.
  13. Blxz

    What have you been reading recently?

    Oh, yeah there was that I suppose. In a book where everyone has a name and a backstory and a unique way of smoothing their skirts I suppose the fact that some random has a sexual preference wasn't really at the forefront of my mind.
  14. You've not finished Geneforge 2 but something in the ending alludes to Easss. You never meet him explicitly in G2 (that I am aware of) but his existence is hinted at in preparation for the future games. You'll need to play further before I risk any more potential spoilers of any substance.
  15. Blxz

    What have you been reading recently?

    Well I finished the final WoT book during all the flights I took this holiday season. Pretty decent ending. I still don't know what you meant by the "first two gay characters". Perhaps I missed something or perhaps I am just far to innocent to take subtle hints? As for the rest of it, I thought it was a bloody good closure. They were killing off characters pretty quickly in the last few chapters, I'm also pretty impressed with some of the characters finally being useful even if some of my predictions didn't come explicitly true (I was sure there would be an olver-birgitte romance there somewhere). Pretty solid series and the ending was satisfying, if somewhat rushed (700 pages of repeating battle followed by 60 or so pages of rapid resolution just doesn't feel natural). Any special tidbits to share owenmoz now that we can chat without minding spoilers?