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    [GF4] Stuck on an unwinnable position (Moseh fight)

    As suggested, the door to the North opened when I got nearby and that allowed me to use the system to disable his powers and defeat him. Thanks for the help!
  2. I'm doing a pro-rebel playthrough and so far, I got to the following position: https://imgur.com/a/Dso2r (Char / Map / Quests). All my creatures are level 23-25. I received a mission from the servile in charge of the Safehouse, where he asked me to kill Moseh. He also warned me that East Barrier Zone is my safest bet because the other Barrier Zones are heavily guarded (and they indeed are, or at least the Thornton ruins). As per his suggestion, I cleared the area, disarmed the lightning traps and the mines, and got into Moseh's bunker. Going downstairs, I found myself on the northeast portion of the map, where I killed a Battle Alpha. When I got near Moseh's chamber, the game gave me a warning that I was about to face the Shaper. Moseh imprisoned me, and started draining my forces, but Khur sacrificed himself for the rebel cause, and in the end I only lost 1 point of strength before the fight really started. Here is where I can't get through: No matter what combination of spells that I cast, I can't seem to kill him. I tried to open the nearby doors, but they are stuck. After dying multiple times, I managed to get into a comfortable position with speed spores, war blessing, and other buffs/attacks. I also leveled Battle and Blessing Magic to get access to Lightning Aura/Spike Shields. That is when I managed to drop his health enough where his double heals couldn't bypass my damage. To my surprise, when I got to about 33% of his hit points, he triple healed, and that is when I knew there is no way I can beat him using this strategy. I searched the subject around, and everything points to me "repairing him" and "helping the Shapers", but sincerely, that is not what I want or had in mind. I have seen a video where someone access the bunker through the southwest portion of the map, but I have no idea how to get there. How do I defeat him? Is it possible to disarm whatever is empowering him? EDIT: I'm playing on Normal difficulty
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    Managing your creations

    I'm new to the Geneforge Saga and I'm currently playing the first one, but so far I love the setting. While I'm a newbie to the series, I can tell you that absorbing the creations isn't always the best choice in Geneforge 1. I started a character with 5 points in Fire Shaping and got 1 point in Create Fyora from the cannister at the beginning of the game, and another point later in the game. I just reached Pentil and my Fyora is at level 11. If I try to create a new one, it will start at level 7. Here is an image of the progression of my Fyora: http://s12.postimg.o...w8r/cria_es.png As you can see, it would be better to create a new Fyora if mine was at level 7, but a level 8 Fyora that started at level 6 is better than a new level 7 Fyora. Why? Because it has higher Health, Energy, and every 2 levels your creations will increase their stats. I understand that if I could upgrade my Fire Shaping skills from 5 to 8 right now, I could create a better level 10 Fyora, but I think I'll take some time to upgrade my Fire/Magic shaping skills again (they are both at 5) and therefore I have to make a choice between accepting the loss of my level 11 Fyora and starting a new level 7 Fyora or reloading everytime my creation dies. I initially thought I wouldn't think too much before absorbing my creations (or losing them), but after they killed so many enemies and grew powerful, I got emotionally attached to them. That is why I created this thread: to read how other players manage their creations. I was interested in reading what you did when you were in my shoes (lost a more powerful creation than you could create).
  4. geneforgeisawesome

    Managing your creations

    Geneforge 1: If you lose a creation that is much powerful than the ones that you can create, do you reload the game or accept your mistakes/misfortune and deal with the loss?