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  1. Playing through Falling Stars, Demon Island, and started Demon Island II, I've found in Falling Stars the Death Arrows, Shockwave, Mindduel, and whatever the 4th spell was. Wont say where, try and minimize the spoilers here. Get hit by Divine Thud and see Avatar getting cast the demons in Demon Island though. Kinda hoping it's available in there, but I"m kinda stuck scratching my head right now in the scenario. Can't figure how to get through the locked red magical door to the north, or the SW dungeon past that statue. No hints please. Currently have a great party going (after the a
  2. Thanks for at least a non-answer answer. Should say I'm stoked people are still into such an old game.
  3. Just noticed something playing around with a twink solo char. At level 39 I was in Dying THings scenario when a bunch of Brigands attacked me. Obviously 5th or whatever level Brigands represented no threat to the char so I was wondering what their thinking was. Was it I'm just one guy and they're 10 or something, or is it a levels vs levels calclation? Like 10 6th levels equals 60 levels vs 39th level so they'll attack?
  4. So what was the answer? Which maps have some, all, or most 7th level spells? Most importantly, Thud, Avatar, and Protection?
  5. Thinking of the Giant Staff in New Market City, a pole-class weapon doing 1-25+1 (non-magical and enchantable,) similar custom weapons should be more common making two-handed weapon options more damaging than duel-wielding two 1h'ers. The math makes duel-wielding options vastly superior when you figure in damage bonuses, Bless, etc. Descriptions says twohanded weps are the most powerful. Yes, from the point of view that the based amage is higher than a 1h'er and ignoring everything else that's true. But in practice it's more like this: Steel Halberd: 1-18+3 base damage. Ignoring Bless, a
  6. What I will say positive for NMC is the prices are reasonable. Not so low it's a gimme in other works. But about what they should be for the gear. But it reminds me of the bazaar in Everquest way back. Once they put that in it unbalanced the game since now newbies could twink chars with gear much better than they should have (when crap gear was meant to teach how to actually use a character's abilities and the value of teamwork, not turn low-level chars into Rambo.) Same again here with very good, very powerful gear available with nothing to overcome to get to it. Be cool if the NMC was part
  7. After reading this thread I took a look at New Market City. It's not "kinda sorta cheating" it's cheating. A big part of the game is finding your way to merchants for better gear. Put better merchants all in one place, with no particular combat to overcome to get to it, and it's absolutely cheating. I've tried to talk myself into letting myself use it, but I just can't. Way back when just starting pc gaming I figured anything games let you do, was perfectly fine and would have had no problem with this. But after a lifetime of gaming I realize stuff like this is cheating pure and simple.
  8. Not a major inconvenience, but during player creation, playing Sliths I've noticed if you give STR 18 so the racial bonus makes it 20 it'll only keep it at 18. Whereas if you give STR 17, it'll add the 2 STR for 19. Not a big deal, but it's there.
  9. Play a lot of old games as well, though I've long since forgotten my first one (remember you specified your gear answering text prompts of "what be the plus" for your sword and there was a 'Seven-League Boots' item if that sparks anyone's memory.) First I haven't forgotten would probably be Wizardry 1 (and have a compilation of the Wizardry series to 8 I still play once in a while, 8 in particular oweing to some awesome mods (Deathstalker's et al.)) Don't remember when I discovered Exile 3 but I I still play it along with Blades. Blades feels smaller world-wise whereas Exile is a more open-end
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