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  1. It looks like that particular editor was taken down. I can't seem to find it elsewhere.
  2. ^Yeah I'm unable to use the links also. If anyone has a copy of the editor on hand, it would be nice if they could upload them. Thanks
  3. Hi Macaros. I realize this is pretty late, but if you're still interested I could try to help you figure out how to put those up. I've been unable to find the editors anywhere online. If they're just text documents I'd either a.) upload them somewhere trustworthy and link here, or b.) put the content of each file in a separate spoiler and put the name of each txt file so people can copy paste.
  4. I was recently having a conversation with a friend, and he said there wouldn't be any horses in the Avernum 3 remake because the texture doesn't exist (in Avernum 2: Crystal Souls)? I'm inclined to believe him after seeing that the chitrachs are just scuttle bugs. Does anyone know if this is true, and if it is, can and will additional textures be created for the next and final game of the Avernum remakes? Horses were one of my favorite aspects of the earlier Avernum 3.
  5. This is very helpful. Thank you.
  6. If I ever massacre an entire city, I think I will use this excuse.
  7. One servile in particular rings a bell. There is one I know you can find in the third and fourth games who claims to have been on Sucia island, although she certainly is very old.
  8. You could do that. Heck, you can do just about anything in the script, but there are a number of things that tend to mess up the game. Creating shapers wasn't my most successful feat.
  9. No, but you can make ornks that use the drakon fire breath.
  10. Considering I've played through all the games now without using canisters, I have no reason to leave my sanity at the door.
  11. How much time separates each of the Geneforge games? For example, in the Avernum games we know that there are a few years between each game in the trilogies, and several between the first and second trilogies. I ask because I'm trying to confirm that the character in G5 is the same as the one from G3. Vener said he saw you three years ago in the Mera-Tev as a prisoner, which means you were picked up from the Drypeak mountains at least three years previous. If G4 (or G3 for that matter, though I doubt it) was within that three year time slot, then it eliminates that possibility entirely. Sorry to reboot what could potentially be a very old topic. I'm too curious
  12. For those interested, follow this simple four-step process: 1). Find gf5itemschars.txt in G5 files folder (and make backups before you do anything). 2). Open it and find a STABLE creation not often used to replace, such as Pyroroamers. 3.) Replace the following lines: cr_name = "Pyroroamer"; cr_default_attitude = 1; cr_max_health = 0; cr_effect_when_slain = 52; with these lines: cr_name = "Unbound One"; cr_graphic_template = 85; cr_default_attitude = 4; cr_base_level = 40; cr_graphic_coloradj = 64; cr_default_courage = 100; cr_max_health = 900; cr_bonus_aps = 4; cr_sound_when_slain = 142; cr_statistic 0 = 7; cr_abil_num 1 = 197; cr_abil_level 1 = 8; cr_abil_num 2 = 198; cr_abil_level 2 = 8; cr_abil_step_of_launch 2 = 3; cr_abil_anim_in_reverse 2 = 1; cr_abil_casting_sound 2 = 157; Note that the name can be anything you want. Also note that the graphic template for anything except for the lowest level of a creation cannot be found, as it is the same. ie. Drakon template=Unbound template (cr_graphic_template = 85;). 4). I couldn't get the PC to 100% change to anything else, but creations and such do work. I highly recommend leaving lines such as these alone: begindefinecreature 220; // Drakon,base for all imports import = 9; Hope this helped, and remember, ALWAYS MAKE BACKUPS.
  13. What is the outcome of East Terrestia? I haven't thoroughly played through the fourth game, but everything achieved in the fourth game seems useless as the fifth game is in West Terrestia. Despite the major landmarks and cities (such as Poryphra) and huge shaper advantage at the time, the majority of the Shaper force is on West Terrestia, including all the councilors and the provinces they control? I can't make sense of any of this. I understand that Geneforge 4 meant the release of the unbound and such, but it seems that since the fourth game supports the rebellion ending for the most part, the Rebellion should have a far greater force than that portrayed in the fifth game (Gazaki-Uss and surrounding area).
  14. Unfortunately, being stuck on a Mac, I don't have the luxury of being able to access files for G4 and change a thing as simple as a single graphic. I don't expect I'll be able to from what I've read, but if anyone knows a workaround for this issue that'd be much appreciated. On Mac OS X 10.7 (lion).
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