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  1. I seem to be stuck somewhere in the middle of that first dragon quest arc. It sort of seems strange, but I still have the report to the dragon, and do everything he says quest. I have, and i cleared out the wretches (the ones in their fortress), found the scouts, and gotten the papers. I killed some lizards, explored the entire dragon cave basement thingy (talking to both the surprisingly cordial daemon and second dragon). I got the book for that sorceress. Right now, all I have, in addition to the aiding Z-dragon is the blue ore quest, and I cannot find anyone else who wants to give me a quest to continue. Everything is like, "come back later, I am sure to have things for you to do then." I did encounter that spy guy at the entrance of the dragon area (in the previous area). And I think he gave me a quest when I agreed to do spy for him, but I do not see any quest for that now, and I never met him again, as far as I remember.
  2. Hello all, I am just starting my very first Spiderweb game, but one thing was bothering me. Is there any benefit for using non-lethal solutions, in general, and how about on average. Take Halrik's Farm example. Either kill the village, get your reward and loot and experience, or do the right thing and lose out on the extra loot and experience. Is there any advantage to being a somewhat nice, less killy player, or just disadvantages? Have the developers done a good job of balancing the different modes, so that you in general get equal rewards, or are you mostly put at a disadvantage by not killing everything you can?
  3. Great, that makes it way easier.
  4. Hello all, just started my first Spiderweb game, but something has been confusing me. There does not seem to be any reasonable way to swap items between your party members. And can I long term store items in a chest in my room, or do I just carry everything around (I assume I will be able to sell some of it soon)? Avadon Black Fortress, Windows
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