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  1. 19 hours ago, FacesOfMu said:

    Ya, did compatibility mode (Windows XP, service pack 3) but no luck. I looked up what solutions others had done but I wasn't willing to go so far as virtual PCs and such.

    Might be worth giving it a try. If you consider the relative computing power of a PC back when Exile was released compared to your average PC today, simulation should seem less daunting.

  2. 18 minutes ago, FacesOfMu said:


    I tried installing the old Exile games but they naturally don't work on modern OS' (Windows 10, 64 bit here). I'm wondering if Jeff will ever make the old games open source so us die-hards can update and recompile it?

    Have you tried the compatibility mode feature or suitable OS emulators? I have classic Nethergate for Mac running on Sheepshaver in Windows 10 (I bought if for Mac on CD way back when).

  3. It is mentioned that shaping prior to the discovery of the gene and the creation of the Geneforge is an imprecise art where the Shapers bombard living organisms with magical energy under controlled circumstances in order to induce mutations, which may or may not be beneficial. This means that without advanced tools like the Geneforge and a detailed understanding of genetics, Shapers are likely unable to effect specific changes in themselves without the risk of, say, growing extra limbs or developing malignant tumours.

    Radiation-induced mutation is an actual method of genetic manipulation, and one example is exposing a large number of plant seeds (like wheat or rice) to radiation in order to induce mutations in the plant that may be desirable for a particular set of conditions, like rice capable of growing in water with high salt levels. Naturally, the chances of any one seed developing a beneficial mutation is infinitesimal, but if you radiate millions of them, you might just get one with the right traits. This is likely why Shapers use healing spores and pods, since it would be easier and less risky to irradiate fungi and other microorganisms to create useful medicines to combat a variety of diseases or illnesses, including, say, cataracts or degenerative brain conditions, than irradiating countless persons in the hope of finding the right wavelength and exposure to induce mutations that counteract any given disease.

  4. On 10/1/2018 at 1:45 AM, dave s said:

    Which is a shame, because I find the game unplayable in current form and I'd really like to experience it.


    If you have some issue with the remake, have you tried the original? You can at least find the demo floating around on the web, and maybe if enough people enjoin him loudly enough, the arch-developer himself in his subterranean lair may pay heed, and verily, may release the hallowed original for us to emulate on or modern computational engines. My original CD was probably lost when I moved out of my parent's house, but I plan on revisiting classic Nethergate one way or another for the 20th anniversary (which means I am running out of time).

  5. Cultivating political alliances by marrying could be kind of neat, but I assume that as a member of the royal household, you would require the queen's approval. Unless there is the option to rebel, in which case forging a strong alliance with a local dynasty through marriage would be a good way to consolidate your overseas power base.

  6. 18 hours ago, Kelandon said:

    ... huh?


    Judging by their username, I would assume that Wendy is a woman, and I assume that the gender bias would be that women (supposedly?) have a higher ratio of casual gamers who only play on smartphones and tablets, as opposed to men and their man-cave gaming rigs. Note that this is just a guess at what Wendy means and not an observation or an attempt to analyze gaming habits by gender.

  7. Depending on your climate, you can put out honey or sugar dissolved in water for the bees to eat before they go into hibernation once and for all, and in early spring when they start waking up but before the first flowers bloom. However, bees are curious, and if you place honey or sugar-water on your windowsill, it might be a good idea to close the window or you might find a small legion of bees exploring your house. Also, a saucer is preferable to a bowl since the bees will crowd it and eventually some of them will fall in and get honey all over themselves, which means they get stuck and will be unable to fly until they and their fellow bees lick them clean.

  8. Now I find myself curious over what the demographic split in the Spiderweb fanbase might be. My impression from Jeff's GDC speech was that his sales have been remarkably stable over time with approximately the same number of people buying each game, with the exception of the iPad-fuelled runaway hit Avadon and the odd underperformer like G3 and BoA. I would assume that this indicates an even inflow of new players and dropout of old players (or passing of fickle casual players and return of old players, as in the case of myself), making the age spread similarily evenly distributed.



    Personally, I suppose I could have gone for one of the creative input rewards, but I don't like the thought of being personally involved in something I'm going to consume. However, I am grateful for those who do not share my qualms and have helped the project coming close to breaking the second reward tier as I write (just a little further).

  9. 12 hours ago, Assault on Giant Fountain said:


    Not at all.  My point was that being able to afford such a purchase is probably a lot rarer than wanting to support Jeff's games is.


    The question would be, how many of them could actually afford it and how many are even now trying to come up with a way to fill the $1000 dollar hole in their finances? That would also be a form of dedication.

  10. 4 hours ago, Losrandir said:

    what happened to the king etc?


    Actually, if the queen is the prime monarch, her husband would be her consort (frequently known as a prince-consort) and not her co-ruler. A famous example of this would be Queen Victoria. Or she might just have a harem stuffed away somewhere in a wing of her palace.



    PS: As a word of warning, long-lasting and highly lethal contact poisons do exist, so I recommend handling any scrolls of absolution with care.

  11. 13 hours ago, The Almighty Doer of Stuff said:

    You could equip them as usual, or you could press the Use button like it was a wand.


    Could you equip them and press the use button? If I recall correctly, equipped items in the Exile games were simply italicized but still remained in your inventory (no dress-up doll).