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  1. Can you perform the equivalent of a right-click on the iPad? My experience of Mac computers is limited to growing up in a Mac household in the 90s, and I haven't touched one since, so my knowledge is severely limited and out of date.
  2. You are being very rude and obnoxious, and I do not believe that is good for you. It is obvious that Jeff Vogel is passionate about both his games and that the people who play them have fun. Anyway, the only menu I can think of where you would need to scroll very far is the junk bag, and if you just make sure to keep stackable loot in your inventory (I recommend using your lead character for this) instead of placing, say, individual iron bars in the junk bank, it will be less cluttered. Also, the games are for both MacOS, Windows and iOS, two out three which do not support right-clicking.
  3. Minion

    Highlighting objects in Avadon 3?

    You can hold Tab to bring up the names of any nearby NPCs, but I do not believe that there has ever been a Spiderweb game where items on the ground are somehow interactive or can be highlighted. Perhaps you are thinking of some other RPG like Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition where you can click on items on the ground and highlight all interactive objects on the screen by pressing a button (usually Tab, I believe).
  4. If someone who has played the original happens to read this, maybe they can enlighten us on the existence of the Vahnatai references.
  5. Was that the original Exile: Escape from the Pit or the version with the updated graphics?
  6. Minion

    Uranium Bar

    I suppose lugging radioactive metals back to town and selling them was more of a challenge back when you (a) had to bring them to a sage and identify them before you actually knew what it was and (b) had to carry them in your actual inventory and couldn't avoid the radiation sickness.
  7. Imagine the fits of rage it would induce if you actually had to actually join the crazy cult everone loves to hate to get an otherwise unobtainable item or 3rd level spell. Since you can join the Anama for free, those basic knowledge books are simply a neat bonus if you actually want to play an Anama run.
  8. I was surprised at how easy you got it in A3. Those five points equal something like 6000 gold, and all you had to do was kill a few ogres.
  9. Latin pronounciation is usually a bit of an issue for native English-speakers, so don't worry, no one around is likely to have noticed unless they were Latin teachers, in which case they would likely have pointed out the error of your ways. For me, the great shock was realizing how much time has passed since I first started playing Spiderweb games back with Nethergate. This is how I see Jeff Vogel in my mind. By the way, does anyone know the fate of Spider? Is there a successor? PS: Speaking of pronounciation, "Vogel" is actually pronounced "Fogel". Just thought I'd add this bit of trivia for anyone who isn't familiar with the Germanic languages.
  10. It's too late for me to go back and check on my game, but since I bought the fake Anama rings quite late, I definitely had both a couple of points of Dark Thoughts and Erika's Amulet, and I had no trouble getting upstairs in the temple in Shayder. This was in 1.0.
  11. In my experience, the best reason to join the Anama is the discounted training you can receive from Voorn in Bavner. Just make sure you have a lot of gold, buy the fake rings, have Voorn train you, grab as much loot as you can from the restricted areas in the main temple, and then have Ahonar destroy the rings. Even without the loot you will make back the money you paid to the guild and then some.
  12. Minion


    If nothing else, I suggest leaving the tower so all the switches reset, then pressing "u" constantly as you move through the corridors and unlock everything again. That's how I found the one switch I had failed to press the first time around and opened up that final room behind the pillars.
  13. It took me a while to track down the old coot once I too realized he was the reason I couldn't find the tower. In addition to appearing in either Delan and Krisznan, he also spends time travelling between the two towns and is frequently found in neither even if you run back and forth during the same day. I think it takes about a day for him to make the journey.
  14. Minion

    GIFTS issue

    The Chief Spider is called Spider just like the rest of them. You have to find the right one and ask what he does (there is probably some clue in his description, like being particularly thoughtful or leadershipful).
  15. Minion

    GIFTS issue

    I believe rescuing the spider from the Aranea is a quest from the Chief Spider, and normally completing a quest objective before receiving it doesn't prevent you from getting and completing the quest itself. I recommend finding the Chief Spider and checking his dialogue options.