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  1. For some reason, when I enter a Haven fort my inventory has room for 14 items, but when I leave them my inventory only has room for 11 items, and the items are rearranged or become unavailable depending on how many items I have (though they become available once I enter a fort). I moved the Weavers in some of forts after placing them, could this have something to do with it?
  2. Better late than never, I suppose, though it's not really related to Exile. The Wand of Carrunos is used on the hostile NPCs/monsters to help them rampage through the friendly NPCs, not to make the friendly NPCs better meat-shields. The point of this tactic is to kill or soften up NPCs that you will want to kill later, like the Selkies in Selkiehome or the Rose Lady in the Hollow Hills.
  3. The difference between pits and the fog of war that clears up as you explore a location is that pits have straight, sharp edges, while the fog of war has fuzzy edges.
  4. As far as I can tell, Jeff managed to implement the code suggestions that were made by some very helpful members of this forum, because my installation of Queen's Wish no longer causes the processor and fans to go into overdrive.
  5. I tried removing all Speed bonus augments from the party's equipment and stopped using daggers, and the battles feel a lot more normal again with my party not taking multiple turns each for every enemy turn. I recommend this simple measure for anyone else who wants Torment to be more of a torment.
  6. I suggest placing the four shops in the open houses, since they are the only ones you will be visiting frequently, and placing the other upgrades in the closed buildings that you have to enter. I assume that Jeff intentionally made exactly four spaces accessible directly on the town map for this very purpose.
  7. Seeing as how my Tormented party just killed a very big lizard who mostly stood there, stoically accepting arrows and blades with only the occasional spell and poisonous breath, I am of mind to suggest that all Speed bonuses from equipment should be halved for future games (and maybe Daggers should be dropped entirely, considering the massive Speed bonus they provide with no skill requirements whatsoever). Is anyone else of a similar mind?
  8. The new dungeon system is absolutely brilliant. Having to carefully conserve your available resources, including your hit points and ability/spell points, makes every single battle a challenge both in terms of immediate tactics and your overall strategy for clearing the dungeon. I have actually had to pull back from dungeons when I overreached to build up my forts and re-equip, instead of just giving everyone healing magic and quaffing abundant potions to force my way through. I should add that I've been playing on Torment from the start.
  9. To add some fuel to the fire, the seal of Haven is a scroll, but as seen in the opening shot when you start the game, the seal on that scroll is a crown, which happens to be seal of the Empire in Exile/Avernum. I'd say that seals the deal.
  10. I started with Ukat, but as soon as I had cleared the first few quests to open up more mines for Fort Muck, I went to Vohl and then Ahriel and repeated the process in order to have at least one fort in each region, which has been a real boost to my resources, allowing me to upgrade all four forts under my control to stone forts, and giving me access to party members from all regions. However, I have only actually contacted the Ukat, I simply bypassed the cities in the other two regions and went straight to the fort.
  11. I'm playing the game on Torment (I've been playing Spiderweb games since Nethergate, so that helps with keeping the F4s down), and I would recommend equipping all of your characters with ranged weapons like bows or staves. That way you can engage your enemies at a distance, and keep walking 4 steps away every turn as long as you can and down as many of them as possible before they close in on you. Naturally, if the enemy has ranged weapons or spells, you will have to adapt your tactics, but this trick helped me get as far as the Barbs and Fort Muck with only what equipment I started with or found in chests.
  12. Quoting from the top post in the Kickstarter FAQ: The most constructive course of action appears to be to lobby pester GOG to support keys for Kickstarted games.
  13. As someone who has played a lot of Realmz and Civilization II, but whose gaming memories are largely from an isometric perspective, I find that Queen's Wish tugs at all kinds of half-forgotten nostalgic memories. I think Jeff has done a great job of combining the two, after all, the sprites can overlap their squares and each other (and have animations and everything, what will they think of next!).
  14. I can't claim to be very knowledgeable about either geology or mining, but I wouldn't be surprised if it was a lot harder to clear a tunnel if you have thoroughly destroyed and undermined the surrounding rock than it would be to dig a tunnel through relatively stable rock (and likely utilize natural tunnels and caves on the way).
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