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  1. The damage displayed for each weapon is the total number of damage levels or damage dice. You get one level/die per point of Strength and each respective weapon skill, and most weapons grant additional bonus levels/dice depending on how powerful they are. I use the word "die/dice" since each damage level adds a random number of damage (1-3 and 1-4 depending on weapon type, if I recall correctly) similar to how you roll dice for damage in tabletop RPGs. This does not take damage bonuses from items, skills or traits into account. Sharpshooter, for example, grants a 4% damage bonus per skill level, so the archer with Sharpshooter 10 would have a 40% bonus to damage.
  2. Worry not, I had the exact same problem. They have that smoke-like effect when blue, so its an easy mistake to make.
  3. I simply used to record any quest conversations in the journal to keep track of them.
  4. That was probably A1. I too love the sense of freedom and exploration that is so prevalent in the first game. Naturally, you spend a lot of time boating around in A2 as well, but then you have Empire invasion on your mind. Come to think of it, the "boats" we see on the surface are actually large fishing or trading vessels and would likely be a tad too difficult to handle for a small group of people with no experience of sailing, let alone the open sea.
  5. How do people feel about Jeff using Icons in his RPGs?

    Video game graphics terminology isn't exactly my forte, but is "top-down" completely flat graphics like the original Exile games or does the term include the mid-era Spiderweb games like Nethergate and the original Avernum?
  6. Everything the scurrilous Skull says should not be taken at face value, I suspect. The Skribbane tip in particular sounds like the kind of unsubstantiated rumour that was common before Google and smartphones gave us the power to instantly determine the veracity of any and all statements. Kind of like someone saying how great Coke goes with Menthos.
  7. I'm only running Hard, but my polearm-fighter frequently tops 100 on normal blows against most enemies. Also, there will be some really great swords a bit later on (in fact, one is very close but probably still out of your reach for a little while longer).
  8. Congratulations and good luck with the sequel! I just got the original Nethergate, my first Spiderweb game, running on a Mac emulator on my PC today. It's amazing how good nostalgia can feel. I'm also playing Avernum 3: Ruined World and it's just as good as I remember the original remake to be (Exile was just before my time).
  9. How do people feel about Jeff using Icons in his RPGs?

    Doesn't "icon-based" simply refer to using series of still images (sprites?) made from 3D models to create creatures that look and behave as though they were 3D models while they are actually 2D animated images? That is, what all Spiderweb game since Geneforge have done (before that I guess they weren't 3D models, but drawn frame-by-frame). I believe that's how games like Fallout and Baldur's Gate were designed back before your average personal computer could be counted on to support a complex true 3D game.
  10. I suppose it should be noted that at the time of Crystal Souls (and presumably Ruined World), only a small fraction of the Vahnatai nation (or nations?) has awakened from their crystal stasis, which means that they have limited manpower and resources at their disposal. Once sufficient numbers had awakened and they had restored their infrastructure sufficiently, I would presume that the Vahnatai would have been an even greater force to be reckoned with. Note that I too have not played the second trilogy.
  11. I recommend playing Nethergate: Resurrection for further insight on this matter. It really puts the difficulties of managing military logistics in a vast empire into perspective.
  12. Total control usually requires a massive military presence to prevent uprisings, which would occupy the attention of most of the Empire's standing army. Also, I don't find it particularly surprising that Prazac would commit to the enormous undertaking gathering troops from elsewhere to retake Valorim when new monster invasions could happen anywhere at any time.
  13. Why do I keep finding shackles in people's bedroom closets and drawers? Are bounty hunters really that prevalent? There are even pairs of them in the private rooms in the Anima barracks.
  14. It's more like a narrow corridor with a chest in one end than a room, and it lies wall-to-wall with the room where you are attacked by a group of brigands if you enter.
  15. Actually, you can just walk past the chamber with the Alien Slime and reach the other spawners without having to run their respective gauntlets (and you can do the gauntlets in reverse order and get the drop on your foes). The Alien Slime only reacts if you approach it directly, specifically if you move past the first set of columns or piles of skulls (can't remember which came first).