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  1. In Queen's Wish, you have three hangarounds who tag along on your adventures, but the story is all about your prince or princess alone, which very much fits into the theme of the powerful always being alone. However, you will need those three token companions if you really want to complete the game and not just be a doormat and accede to the demands of your opponents (since you will lack the power to subjugate them by force).
  2. The Nisse are much like your party, they have high damage output and high resistances, but relatively little HP. My winning strategy on Torment was: a) have all possible speed bonus augments and speed bonus skills to get the initiative in the first turn; b) trigger the Nisse attack as close to the ledge as possible; c) run up to the end of the ledge and use Poison Rain as many times as you can while the Nisse are still bunched together (Fireball is probably great, but requires skill points I'd rather spend on cultural skills); d) once the Nisse split up, try to slow the warriors down using summons while you keep hitting the wizards with ranged attacks or spells (especially spells if you can hit several enemies at once), though killing the wizards takes priority, e) once the warriors get close, and the wizards need to be dead by then, use Whirlwind Attack and try to hit as many of them as possible. As for party composition, I recommend that all of your characters have wizard robes, magic swords, orbs and Havenite Basinets (except for one character who might as well use the Warp Spear), and aside from augments that grant Speed, I would recommend using the Stun resist augment, since losing a turn is fatal against the Nisse. My skill setup looked like this: Combat: Level 1 - 1 Steelskin, 1 Brutal Blow (bleeding is better than weakness on higher difficulties) Level 2 - 2 Whirlwind Attack Level 3 - 1 Hardiness Magic: Level 1 - 1 Magery, 1 Shock/Terror (doesn't really matter) Level 2 - 2 Icy Wave (for area damage Level 3 - 1 Raw Power, 1 Poison Rain (if you have a spare point, you can take 2 Poison Rain) Level 4 - Golem (for summoning obstacles and +4 Magic Damage) Support: Level 1 - 2 Healing Level 2 - 1 Curing, 1 Teleport Level 3 - 1 Haste, 2 Disrupt on two PCs / 1 Haste, 2 Restoring Rain on two PCs Level 4 - 1 Battle Frenzy This leaves two points per character to spend on Cultural skills. I ran a party with one PC from every region, and I made sure to have two points in Vicious Strikes and Tower of Might, and one point each in Charm and Free Mind.
  3. Pretty much all Spiderweb games have a character editor that can be used to the same effect as the retraining feature in Queen's Wish, though you will have to keep track of your total skill and ability points yourself as the editor doesn't stop you from exceeding them.
  4. It's a pretty common urge to go back and relive a bit of the nostalgia of your early computer games, and why not? I have the original Nethergate running on a PowerMac emulator for just that purpose.
  5. When fighting anything that isn't immune to mental effects or has very high mental resistance, particularly normal humans like the Ukat and Vol, I suggest entering the Ahriel Woods and rebuilding at least one fort to gain access to Ahriel characters with their charm spell (and place two skill points in it). Not being able to reliably turn your opponents against each other is what makes most difficult battles difficult, even on torment, while any battle where you can charm your enemies is not going to be very difficult.
  6. I'd like to add that I can do the same thing. I downloaded the game and it's running on Windows 10. I can't say for sure if I always could retrain in non-fortress towns and dungeons by right-clicking on the character sprites, but then again I didn't realize you could view monster stats by right-clicking on them until someone posted a screenshot on the forum.
  7. I don't believe I ever encountered a hostile creature that did not immediately advance and attack as soon as they noticed my party, nor did they waste time standing around or milling about aimlessly unless something blocked their path. I played on Torment, by the way, and the key to winning battles was making sure that the enemies reached you piecemeal or not at all by a combination of retreating, summoning and charming while making good use of ranged attacks.
  8. Thanks, I thought I had read somewhere that containers etc. are hard coded. The best I can think of would be to replace the relatively useless Putrified Gauntlets so you get something nice and useful for raising your Cave Lore. The Putrified Gauntlets are last in their respective item table, so there should be no risk of messing up subsequent items.
  9. I am trying to take the changes Jeff made to weapons, armour and other equipment in Crystal Souls and put them back into Escape from the Pit. However, I noticed that there is a shield called "Thrice-Blessed Shield" in the item scripts for EftP that does not appear to have been placed anywhere in the game, at least not as far as I can recall or according to the item index. Based on its stats, it appears to be the precursor to the Shield of the Deep, and I thought it would be neat if I could add it somewhere, preferably without having to replace another unique item and potentially messing up a whole bunch of items.
  10. That was a great way of describing the way things seem to have gone for me too, and I thought that was part of the character's journey in Queen's Wish, how they go from being recently come into adulthood from childhood and mainly concerned with the pursuit of personal pleasure to being responsible for not only their own lives, but the lives of people around them who they never even knew growing up.
  11. Having just finished Queen's Wish properly and achieving the ultimate end with all enemies defeated and all goals fulfilled, seeing my little pixel avatar travel through the portal home and be reunited with his family, and reading the excellent ending, I can't help but think back on the long years since I first started playing Spiderweb games with Nethergate at the end of the 90s, and the realization that there is so very much about Queen's Wish that I would never have grasped as a child back then, but which I easily identify with now that I am an adult, with a job and a family and the responsibilities that come with them. Heck, back then even Jeff was a happy-go-lucky shareware developer without a care in the world and no kids. Just look at how young he looked. Is there anyone else out there with a similar feeling of a great spiritual journey reaching full circle, or just feeling their age as you play a game about growing up, family, children and parents, and you look back on your own experiences and think “Yeah, that's what it was like”?
  12. A bit late to the party, but I thought I should share my experience of Shubael on Torment. I lined up everyone just outside the point where Shubael initiates conversation, then I started the fight by summoning a couple of golems next to Shubael and started hitting her with ranged weapon attacks. I continued summoning golems to keep Shubael and her brood distracted while I kept pummelling her from afar (my party had the Support ability that makes enemies target you less often, and I think it works). Despite my best efforts to keep up the summons, the dragonlings kept spilling over and eventually started hitting my party with Weakness and Blind, though I made sure everyone had anti-curse augments, but I was eventually able to reduce Shubael's health enough to force her down to the second floor without expending more than about half my energy and at most a few scrolls and health potions. Then I simply retreated from the top floor and left the brood to make their own way into the world. Defeating the weakened Shubael and a few salamanders was easy enough with all the energy and consumables I had left.
  13. Are there any non-customizable abilities in Queen's Wish? PS: Aside from special bonuses like from the Nisse dreams.
  14. I would not recommend playing on anything above normal unless you want the tactical challenge that comes with the higher difficulties. I started the game on Veteran, but switched to Torment after Sutter's spiders and the first few raiders felt too weak. To conserve health and energy, a challenge I find wonderfully refreshing, you will need to consider all combats carefully and use tactics like hitting the foe with missile weapons while retreating to maximize damage and minimizing hostile contact and the subsequent drain on your limited resources (this particular tactic is extremely effective, possibly too effective, against enemies without ranged attacks). You can also maximize your speed with augments (even the 4% ones make a huge difference) and daggers, though I have limited myself to only using skills and items with speed bonuses, because the augments and daggers were making Torment too much of a walkover. Then there's summoning and charming, which can completely distract your enemies, allowing you to deal with them piecemeal. As for the narrative, it is very different from previous Spiderweb games because you are no longer a lone adventurer or a single agent on a mission, but an actual political leader and powerplayer, albeit a junior one at the moment, with goals and ambitions to match. You frequently have to make political decisions rather than merely moral ones, and your moral decisions have an outsized impact. It simply requires a different roleplaying mentality than previous Spiderweb games, and most computer roleplaying games for that matter, and once again, I find that I like it and that the narrative and the different story branches are very well written. And as for the graphics, you could try playing Realmz for a while (it should be available on the web somewhere) and see if that helps you feel better about Queen's Wish. If nothing else, Realmz can be pretty fun too (or at least it was, if you grew up in the 90s with only a PowerMac that couldn't even run Diablo I properly, let alone Baldur's Gate).
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