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  1. Jumping on the Trainspotting Reference in Shayder right at the bar beside Sick Boy is a cranky character called Irvine. Irvine Welsh wrote The Book Trainspotting. No coincidence there
  2. Cool, so like the base attack skills? That clears up the last of my stuff. Thanks
  3. I guess is it important to go to 12? The first trainer in the game can teach weapon skills. It is recommended to level say, melee to 8 and then get two for 10 or level to 10 and push it to 12? EDIT: Just pumped nature lore of to the needed to get all the things and just saw a trainer for it in the Tower. Would've saved me some points... grrr...
  4. Yeah I know that. I wanted to see how the gobo caves were on hard as they're my reference point now. Well, it's fun now. Easy but with the fear of getting mobbed and I was one shotted by the shamen. Hard is my bag now baby
  5. I decided to give the middle finger to my torment run. I've rolled back to Hard and am starting again. Even though I got to levels and completed the Goblin cave and was going through the Wolf pit it wasn't fun. I guess that's the most important thing. I don't want to min/max I want some wiggle room to roleplay & make interesting builds. Like paladins, or pole wielding archers etc. So hard difficulty it is for me so So, last question. 10 is the max skill point allocation yeah? You can go to 12 if you leave skill trainers until you reach that cap yeah? As in skills can be raised from trainers twice?
  6. Well good thing that I didn't realise that friendly fire was off on normal! So I'm well trained in that regard. Hell, The last two games would've been *much* easier knowing that nugget of info
  7. Without trying to go down a hybrid route, so only pure archetypes could I get away with: * Sword & Board Tank Human * Archer Nephil * Priest Human * Make Human Nothing crazy, or is it doomed failure down the road? Any advice? As a side note I've completed A1&A2 with that group on normal and found it easy peasy. I've also finished Exile 3 many years ago. (Jeff posted the copy to me back then, gas stuff!) So I'm not a total noober at the series. What say you all?
  8. Ok thanks for the info everyone. Get write ups. I'll stick to my classic party that I've used in the previous too so.
  9. So even if someone isn't using a bow they get the bonus? So... Thrown are kinda pointless then? I'm gonna run a sword & board, Archer (tool guy etc), priest, mage. The classic. So dump thrown?
  10. For my number 1 party member I'm gonna go down the classic tank route. But does it make sense to slap a thrown weapons spec on him if noone else is using them
  11. Ok thanks guys, I'll give give the Virtual Box a try. I tried the one from Old-Games (that had doxbox bundled into a single .exe) but it was glitchy as hell. Maybe it was always like that and I just didn't remember. Will test this out so, thanks EDIT: I found an old Win 98 CD over at my gfs gaf but I can't get it to install into Virtual BOx. When it's finalising I get a breakpoint exception and the whole things fail. What other O.Ss might work?
  12. Sniff...so quiet in here.... sniff
  13. I would love to mess around with Exile 3 (for that blast from the past) again but I'm having trouble getting it to work. I downloaded the one from old-games that comes bundled with DOS-BOX it just seems really slow. Like the pop-ups ingme game the mouse cursergo bananas. Also the ingame cursor is really glitchy and really unresponsive. What do you guys do to get it to work?
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