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    Windows 10 and Exile 3

    Ok thanks guys, I'll give give the Virtual Box a try. I tried the one from Old-Games (that had doxbox bundled into a single .exe) but it was glitchy as hell. Maybe it was always like that and I just didn't remember. Will test this out so, thanks EDIT: I found an old Win 98 CD over at my gfs gaf but I can't get it to install into Virtual BOx. When it's finalising I get a breakpoint exception and the whole things fail. What other O.Ss might work?
  2. uncleseano

    Windows 10 and Exile 3

    Sniff...so quiet in here.... sniff
  3. uncleseano

    Windows 10 and Exile 3

    I would love to mess around with Exile 3 (for that blast from the past) again but I'm having trouble getting it to work. I downloaded the one from old-games that comes bundled with DOS-BOX it just seems really slow. Like the pop-ups ingme game the mouse cursergo bananas. Also the ingame cursor is really glitchy and really unresponsive. What do you guys do to get it to work?
  4. uncleseano

    Avernum 2: CS Questions

    Yeah I had that nailed down already, thanks though. Food in chapter 2 eh? I just went ahead and sold everything, yay...
  5. uncleseano

    Avernum 2: CS Questions

    Yeah I guess I was pumping my primary stats too much, even my armoured lad is around 90% acc. Time to pump others so
  6. I get that there are items to keep and what TU/AL and CL to aim for but what about regular character stats? I have my primary stats on my lads around 11-12. At what point is it reccomended to stop and start to raise of secondary stats? EDIT: Should ya just sell food? I have an abundance of it
  7. uncleseano

    Melee Skill & Spear Skill

    Ok grand, just making sure I didnt bork my lads with useless beginner skills. Looking forward to the Avernun 2 and 3 remakes. Especially 3, I got disks (Exile 3)sent out to my house a teen, paid cash in the post for them. Maddness I tells ya. Anywhos... Another quick one, can't find anything on the forums about it but...why does it keep on saying 'Some Trash falls out of your Pack'...any idears? I'm in the selfie lair
  8. Just to clarify, are this seperate? As in melee is for swords/daggers etc and spears is for spears? Just asking because a lot of the default chars have both melee and spear skill points? If you wanted a full spear char should you drop all melee skill points?