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  1. ZorroDragonslayer

    A3:RW - Dragons (Mild spoiler)

  2. ZorroDragonslayer

    Koriba’s statue

    The fact that it is dark there and the wall blocks most of the box from view, it is hard to see. Using the u key helps.
  3. ZorroDragonslayer

    Vahnatai blame not propagating.

    I have a similar problem only a layer deeper. I have selected the vahnatai and spoken with everyone else, they all agree but the princess doesn't acknowledge it, have the weapon and no movement forward, and Erika agrees. Seemingly we have all missed a major point somewhere that allows movement forward. Those in The Tower don't say anything either.
  4. ZorroDragonslayer

    RW:Stuck in Gale

    OK. Thx!!
  5. ZorroDragonslayer

    RW:Stuck in Gale

    I have the key and there is no further discussion. He says he hopes I learn something with it, but the door says a key won't work.
  6. Any suggestions on the Energy elixir quest? I got into the library part way now I can't do any more. At least the door isn't cooperating and I can't find any other info. Thanks in advance!
  7. ZorroDragonslayer

    A3:RW Dispell Barrier lvl 4?

    Good to know. Thanks. Have to revisit a bunch of places to see what I missed.
  8. ZorroDragonslayer

    A3:RW Dispell Barrier lvl 4?

    I understand the contingent barriers. The game usually hints you can't break them. I finished the giant barriers. I'm not at a "place", I'm talking about a bunch of places that I have encountered. Above ground map mostly in the top third of it. Upper Avernum a few locations. So by your response there is no lvl 4?
  9. I seem to be blocked from places that demand a stronger power of Dispell Barrier higher than 3. I have 3 and the barriers complain that I need a higher level. Is there really a level 4 to be had somewhere (like where?) or is it secret code meaning I don't have some important component? My main mission seems to be stuck so I'm thinking these barriers may hold more information. Thanks in advance. Also thanks for a great game!! v1.0.1
  10. ZorroDragonslayer

    Avadon 3 - general discussion

    Or play the Bovine mod where there is no Rudow. I wrote him out of the story for the same reason.
  11. ZorroDragonslayer

    mod Secret Bovine Society Ava3

    Done. Thanks for the tip.
  12. ZorroDragonslayer

    mod Secret Bovine Society Ava3

    Link moved to the top.
  13. ZorroDragonslayer

    Collecting Fruit in Vanatok's Stead?

    They are in many places besides VS. At the start of the game when you first walk into the common area of Camp Nightshade near the bovines you will see the "fruit" looking like pears. I have picked up 23 so far without getting one from VS. The secret is to start a game and always pick them up. You don't realize they are needed until you start the quest in VS so you tend to ignore them when looking over the graphic landscape prior to that point in time. They are most prevalent in green grass orchard-tended areas. Frequently with cows (bovines) nearby. They seem to be a settlement thing.
  14. ZorroDragonslayer

    mod Secret Bovine Society Ava3

    A few teasers. The Companions of Khalida, Rudow and Silena are no longer in the Party. They have been replaced by three new members: Rhonda, Tove and Larissa. (With their own story lines.) There are new weapons, new items, a new companion type, new additional quests and some ancillary companions. :D