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  1. Hi Zoro!


    I would like to try your fairy mod for Queen’s Wish

  2. More info on another playthrough. Same situation as above. There is another set of pots of oil upstairs near the guards, after the steps at point A on the map and before you step through the gates of the restricted area of point B. These pots aren't mention in the instructions but if you look into them you will get the cloth in the chest marked at point C on the first try.
  3. The first time I encountered this stuation at Thabhlen Pass I thought I had done something wrong but on another run I followed the hintbook step by step exactly and had the same problem. Following the sequence of events in the book, the map shows a chest located at "C" where you can pick up some long strips of cloth. On the face of it, this turned out to be not true for a long time through waves and waves of attackers. I eventually gave up on the trunk and went eastward to the next room in the sequence. There I discovered pots of oil that I looked into that had potential as a fuel. These pots
  4. I agree. In addition to the above, the characters will highlight in the character palette as being next even when they have a penalty and lose a turn, so while issuing orders someone else is then highlighted and the orders go to the subsequent person. Maybe we need to adjust to the new mechanics and maybe there is something Jeff can do to mitigate the circumstance. I like the extra combat calculations and moves and especially the effects to watch. Very interesting! I hope they remain.
  5. After 3 playthroughs (on normal) it seams like the number of creatures that aggressively attack you are few and far between and may only be random based on the floor layout of the battle. Not counting the named unique creatures, which creature have you noticed that really got to you right away and started doing real damage?
  6. Quests aside, there are lots of little caches of materials all around in seemingly obscure places. To get them you can walk around in wider paths when travelling.
  7. In general you can add new weapons and items, give more missions, add text conversations, more rewards and other things depending on the game. This mod does those things. In previous games I could do a lot more than this one but still it is good enough.
  8. This is the Fairy mod, a fan-created mod for Queen’s Wish The Conquerer, a game by Spiderweb Software. Mod created by ZorroDragonslayer. The purpose is for extra entertainment as an add-on for the game. This is a beta test package. Send me a PM through the Spiderweb Software forum for the download link if you want to beta test, and let me also know which platform you are playing on and which game version. Also if you have questions, bug reports or suggestions. These will be adjusted for or used in the final notes and description when completed. Thanks in advance for your input.
  9. You need to talk to Watcher Eibhlin but you have to continue the calamity conversation, including coersion or threats, until the other High Council watchers get nervous and give her dirty looks before she then refers you to Sage Beitris in the basement.
  10. Looking at the changes in v102 files that are frequently used for moddding, I have not seen anything that would require any mod changes from v1. The mod I have been working on will work with the new version without changes. What I have seen is a few stat tweeks to some shields and weapons in the dagger types, and a few typo corrections.
  11. Update on modding for Queen's Wish. After completing the game, and I'm sure I could replay it many more times and not see or do everything, I've been working on a mod. So far not as hugely ambitious as a Bovine mod like in the past, but a reasonable sized one nonetheless. I did some limited modding of the game on my playthrough, too. Now, mind you, I do not do any reverse engineering and have no intention to expose any proprietary information and never have and never will. It is just simple editing, basically, and for fun and to make Queen's Wish more desirable. At this point I hav
  12. I agree with the zero being the first number. Also other script alteration warnings, you can also affect other things with changes or additions. For example, the next item after the changed one may inherit the changed stats depending on how it was written. Actually several down the list may get the new stats depending on various factors on how they are written.
  13. Bug or bugaboo? All the conversations about resources coming and going seem to be moot. My resources are capped at 50 and each report near the end of the game showed numbers of income typically 30-40 something which means most are just ignored and wasted. Trying to build and improve with a 50 account limit is frustrating. You buy buildings and have nothing left to place them. If the 50 is an unintended oversight in programming then I might call it a bug. If intended to throw away all the extra earned resources then its a bugaboo to me. Either way I hope it gets fixed soon. I l
  14. After I finished the game, my response to this is that there is no need to reproof all the text. It has been well writtem and all mechanics of the English language were perfect based on my experience of the game.
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