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  1. Thanks -- that's exactly what I was afraid of (well, not that exactly, or I wouldn't have asked...I mean "something like that").
  2. I think that was the point -- that when you're in a shared space such as these boards, you actually can't choose what words you use. Well, you can, but only within the parameters of the rules set out in the CoC. That you didn't reduce the explitive to asterisks doesn't exactly make your post more praiseworthy...
  3. Originally by Randomizer: anyone have a list of all sylak items and what are they used for? (not locations of them) No. The only ones that really help are Sylak's pen for making scrolls from paper (really useful), Sylak's chaotic dice for gaining XP in dice games in the Hollow Hills, northwest of Galag-Trav, and as Romans on the luck test. Sylak's dancing cloth produces clothing items for sale, but most are now unsellable. Sylak's nourishing bowl produces food that is helpful when you do Annwn, but not needed. --- Well, Sylak's thumping shovel comes in handy too, particularly as Romans -- casting one cloud of night per day is a nice feature, even if I often forgot to use it.
  4. Being a Mr. Smartypants, I cleared out the Vale of the Sould before getting the Orim quest from Aidan. Does anybody know (or know how to figure out) the sdf # to earn myself my rightful bounty for completing the Free Orim quest? Many thanks...
  5. Why do you prefer the original? This is basically the same game, with an improved engine, two fun new dungeons, and it works on computers made in the post-floppy-disk-drive era.
  6. Quote: Originally written by Argyll: The only game I haven't enjoyed is Netherworld. The graphics are too tiny for these old eyes. The new Nethergate:Resurrection iteration allows for full-screen graphics, which should make things easier on tired eyes...
  7. In the Hall of Lamps, is there any way to get to the gated space connecting the "ends" of the celt and roman sides, behind (but unconnected to) the djini's lamp? It's my third playthrough, and I still haven't cracked that nut.
  8. Nope. (Waiting anxiously, hoping not to be proven wrong...)
  9. Originally written by Rinoa Heartily: Quote: 3rd question, the price of your wares are the same regardless of what the merchant might indicate? I am referring to my own wares, not the merchants. On the value you get for selling your loot, it is only influenced by the collective amount of Barter that your party has. For both Romans and Celts, it's available for purchase in your 'home base' for a nominal fee, one that pays for itself many times over. Quote: 4th question, am i supposed to buy spells/skills from merchant as I increase my druid skills? Don't they come automatically as when i create new characters? I remember i got a couple of spells when i created my characters? As for spells, the only addition I'd put forward is a reminder that many high-level spells are given as rewards for completing quests, finishing dungeons, wandering through caves, and other andventurer-ly actions.
  10. While I don't remember for certain, I have a strong suspicion that the reward is the same regardless of how much gold you have on hand when opening said chest. What's more interesting is that 1) you managed to get down to exactly 0 gold prior to opening the box, and 2) you paid attention to how much gold you got when opening it.
  11. An additional question about the blessing pools is whether the effect of multiple dunks is additive? It's hard to discern any impact from one dip, truth be known, which makes it hard to be certain whether the weapons that have "double-dipped" get cumulative benefit or not.
  12. It's my understanding that if you already wiped out the goblins close to the Fort that you aren't able to complete the seek-and-destroy mission on the Fomorian. No Sylak's Crazy Sharpie for you! [but for the record, he's a little ways west of there, within a square bordered by tall stone blocks IIRC]
  13. *facepalming self* Yeesh. Noob indeed. Thanks Klax ... and thanks for not making me feel like [more of] a moron! Next time, either more sleep or coffee before posting, scout's honor.
  14. Hi all -- I haven't felt this, well, nooby in quite some time. I finally got a chance to start a game playing as Romans, and have completed raiding the Abandoned Mines. I found the messenger, and have listed under Special Items a "Roman Message" (described as the message the courier had before becoming a goblin toy, addressed to Vibius). I also have a "Runic Scroll" (description hinting that oh, maybe someone in the Fort might be able to help). Under Quests, I have both the Lost Satchel and Lost Lore quests. And yet when I talk to Vibius, he doesn't acknowledge the fact that I completed my mine mission, and when I talk to Gaius, he won't take my silly scroll. I'm far more inclined to assume that I've missed the boat than that my game got buggy somehow, but I'm at a loss here. Any advice or suggestions would of course be greatly appreciated.
  15. Bad oafish evil Celts! Bad! *slapping wrists* Many thanks. It seems in retrospect that the problem wasn't my lack of foresight, but rather a lack of dexterity. Who knew?
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