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  1. Level 1 Hermit


  2. Level 1 Hermit


    i'm excited either way!! Still, Geneforge is the best
  3. Level 1 Hermit

    Huzzah! I'm NOW Dr. Triumph! - edited

    Congratulations.... doctor!
  4. Level 1 Hermit

    Five-Dimensional Political Compass

    A lot of left leaners I got... Socialist Anti-Government Humanist Progressive Collectivism score: 67%Authoritarianism score: -33%Internationalism score: 0%Tribalism score: -67%Liberalism score: 67%
  5. Level 1 Hermit

    What do you think of Litalia?

    She's a zealot. Fanatical and crazed. Truly idealised in her aim for the course of the Shaper world, she's the epitome of "my way or the highway" R.I.P
  6. Level 1 Hermit

    Spiderweb Games: Now Officially Studied by Academia

  7. Level 1 Hermit

    Here are some words for you to read

    Gratz on your marriage man, and I'm glad you found this community. <3
  8. Level 1 Hermit

    [spoilers] So... Uh... Who else has cried?

    I can confirm I've teared a bit at some moments of the Geneforge games. Don't remember specifically when though... probably a dehumanizing part too
  9. Level 1 Hermit

    What area do you live in? (POLL)

    I am genuinely surprised that California is not the most/ one of the most popular areas. That's right, there are other places in the world.
  10. Level 1 Hermit

    Five Factor Personality Model

  11. Level 1 Hermit

    Why didn't any of you tell me

    Butterflies and porcupines are my spirit animals tbh
  12. Level 1 Hermit

    A Map of Terrestia!

    Where is the key/legend? I simply must have it!
  13. I don't know about best moment, but there is a scene that always stuck to my mind. During G1, there was a 'rogue' Thahd hiding in the woods. It's gained sentience after a life of slavery. It spoke in baby-ish terms, and terrible grammar. Still, I could understand its feelings, its plight, its desire for freedom. Throughout most of the game I held on strongly to Shaper beliefs of stability and strict control over Shaping. My Shaper dogma wavered at that point in the game. I killed the Thahd, but not without it planting a seed of Rebel philosophy into me. I would gradually change after this moment, and am now slightly sentimental to the Rebel cause.
  14. Level 1 Hermit

    Geneforge 5 Ending Chart

    Why can't there be an ending where the Geneforge(s) aren't destroyed :CCC
  15. Level 1 Hermit

    Giving Thanks

    Thankful for family, food, and my luck.