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  1. Don't worry about that, some of the encounters are just much more difficult. Since you say you've had a lot of fun, you haven't been doing anything wrong.
  2. I'm just correcting you and pointing this out. I don't use a fighter in my final party.
  3. 10 skill points can get your Resistance skill level to 7. 2 skill points can get your Resistance skill level to 4.
  4. So there's a max number of 36 AP you can have before it resets? Edit: Ah whoops, so maybe it is 31-32.
  5. Since it could be a long time, you might try Avernum 3. If you want to wait that out, Blades of Avernum has some excellent scenarios to enjoy after Jeff's. Did you play Nethergate: R? It's regarded as one of the best in the catalogue. The Geneforge series is probably his most unique work. It's fun and a very different experience to these others. You can give any a try and see if they stick with you.
  6. Priest Spells are a common investment in this series for every character, especially a fighter looking to increase party utility or reach 10 hard points in Resistance. You may wish to read the Strategy Central posts to learn more about party building: Avernum: Escape from the Pit - Strategy Central Avernum 2: Crystal Souls Strategy Central
  7. Bonam, have you tried giving your Mages more levels in Priest Spells? 9 points will give you Unshackle Mind, Mass Healing, and Divine Fire.
  8. The attribute cap is now 50 (up from 40). Humans get 8 bonus traits.
  9. Why don't heals and buffs have 10% miss chance (more if you are debuffed)? What about battle disciplines? Wouldn't it be more interesting to plan for contingencies if your heal doesn't work or you don't get more actions? Does enemy evasion, level difference, parry, buffs etc lower hit chance further than you own hit chance? Does this explain lower than 90% hit chance when you've been putting only Strength on your melee character? If so, can your 20% hit chance go lower than 20%?
  10. Regarding training and the skill tree, you can for example have 12 points in Resistance with only 6 skill points in Mage Spells: A. Put 6 skill points in Mage Spells, train it twice to 8, then B. Put 8 skill points in Spellcraft, train it twice to 10, then C. Put 10 skill points in Resistance, and train it twice to 12.
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