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  1. I played them in release order so of course that makes sense to me. You can see the changes in gaming as you redo the story-lines. My favorite engine is used in the first Avernum series (Nethergate). The new content and features were were big advancements. Don't be surprised if you end up playing all 3 versions though!
  2. Go ahead and try Avadon 2 then, you can pick male or female. You don't have to play the first to understand the story.
  3. I'm just correcting you and pointing this out. I don't use a fighter in my final party.
  4. 10 skill points can get your Resistance skill level to 7. 2 skill points can get your Resistance skill level to 4.
  5. You seemed to imply that you can buy 8 levels, which is incorrect. Edit: Default selling rate is 25%. Each point in Barter increases this by 3%, so at 4 levels it is 37%, and at 8 levels it is 49%. For a 4 character party, the tradeoff for 12% extra Barter is 20 skill points for Celts and 12 points for Romans. 12% on everything sold adds up to far more than 20 skill points in training in my playthroughs. However a singleton will want to choose Gordon for Celt and Publius for Roman.
  6. Go ahead and try to buy 2 levels in barter, then get back to me.
  7. I have been playing N:R again, and I was looking for this information and couldn't find it. So I took these screenshots of the starting characters' stats of both sides, and of the recruitable npcs to in order to maximize the strength of my party. Celts: Romans: The best choice for starting characters is four of Edana if you are Celt, and four of Aulus if you are Roman. The extra barter is a great boost. In case you don't know, when you create a new character, the slot it is created in determines the stats and traits of the character. So for example, if you are a Celt, you can rep
  8. North is "Up" for me, I don't know what you're talking about. I never finished a game in the remix because I thought the changes were too perverse and created more imbalance than the original game. When I tried remix, I thought that ranged characters were boosted, you didn't want one? I found none of my mages or other characters had extra skill points (except archer if I had one) since raising Hardiness is a priority for everyone. I didn't have problems with hit at your part of the game with a stat point distribution of 3 in main to-hit stat, 1 in endurance. Basically for Torm
  9. The saved games should be located in your My Documents folder, in a Spiderweb Software folder. For example: C:\Users\Accountname\Documents\Spiderweb Software\ EDIT: Sorry, this seems to not be the case with A4.
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