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  1. WLDD

    Any news on Avernum 3 remake?

    I am seriously losing it! I rarely play games and the only ones I play are old classics and spiderweb avernum/avadon series. My life is empty af and the only things that are making it bearable are spiderweb games and other similar things.
  2. WLDD

    Blades of avernum style editors

    I've had a direct mail from Jeff stating that there will be no editors for upcoming games. All you have are old ones. Unless of course, someone is willing to make custom ones by themselves.
  3. Pay 1k gold to cute female there
  4. WLDD

    Hello Everybody.

    Dragons are collecting threasures in their lairs and so am I. And when the Avernum doomsday come and everybody is dying, I'll be chilling with my Nephil girl and drinking all the health elixirs I saved up.
  5. WLDD

    Potion of Disguise

    I know it awards a medal in Avadon 3 but do I have any use of it trough the entire game? It would be cool if it adds some additional options during conversations.
  6. WLDD

    Hello Everybody.

    But it just doesn't give a feeling like it is yours, it should say with BIG WORDS "Property of Microft and Cordelia" it would be cool if have our own pylon in our house/castle.
  7. WLDD

    Avadon 3 Editing

    Hey, thanks a lot, I will give it a shot later this week, after that you could maybe give me some guidence in making my own editors?
  8. WLDD

    Hello Everybody.

    And boxes I need a lot of boxes:1 for wands 1 for scrolls 1 for potions 1 for herbs 1 for shields 1 for weapons 1 for other gear 1 for materials 1 for some epic things 1 for bags of meal
  9. WLDD

    Hello Everybody.

    Enough? I know that Avernum 3 is going to be awesome plus if the info on spiderweb is right, Avernum 3 had some kind of housing system, I wouldn't know because I didn't play the original Avernum 3, I am saving myself for remaster. And yes, Enough??? I need my own freaking castle with my servants and maids (like Rem and Ram) where they will praise me like a god!!!
  10. WLDD

    Hello Everybody.

    Whatever it will be I hope we will have our own housing where we can dump all our [censored] we obtained during gameplay.
  11. WLDD

    Avadon 3 Editing

    For me it was new.
  12. WLDD

    Avadon 3 Editing

    Yeah but I am low on options with scripts so I had to improvise a lot. PS. Never make an item that gives more than 1 AP. Game FPS goes below 1.
  13. WLDD

    Avadon 3 Editing

    If anything I can at least make them droppable by first boss so I got that going for me which is nice
  14. I've recently completed the game and I went trough that area with lv 2 move mountains and as far as I can remember I got all 3 statues without problems, although I've read somewhere that you can bug up one statue if you destroy altar before picking it when the chat box opens.
  15. WLDD

    Avadon 3 Updated To v1.0.2

    That's a nice ID you got there Jeff