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  1. So far all of my characters have gone to the Rebel side- some more than others. 2 of them mostly for the Scout, one because she chose to. I really want to try a pro-Avadon run through, let's just hope I don't end up caving and going rebel again!
  2. You would meet Sulla once later on in the game, in a battle that happens with or without him. No matter what you do either time he'll be dead by the end of the game. Hope this helps!
  3. Exactly. Thanks for answering! And sorry for not making that more clear in the first place. My bad! Also... I found Rainer very cute throughout the entire game. Anyone else?
  4. I just completed the game- (already? great game) I played as a female (for obvious reasons, look at my username) and, after a bit of fangirling, managed to be able to kiss Rainer. So, if you join the Rebels, after the first time Rainer talks to you then, does his dialogue have an opportunity to change again? I kissed him every time I saw him- but that's pretty much the extent of the interaction. Don't really talk to him that much, either, even though I'd really love to. Is there any way that anybody has found to change the diologe after that? I'd absolutely LOVE to see more relationship-type stuff in the game, or games in the future.
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