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  1. What about that action = INTRO //You may not want to use this I might have gotten that quoted wrongly, Commander Terrance has this in his dialogue. What does that mean? How is that used?
  2. Abu Dhabi

    new scenario?

    I'd say making scenarios like these is possible, although, I doubt anyone would make a scenario from someone else idea. People see their ideas as superior to ideas of others. Not that I complain.
  3. Abu Dhabi

    Introductory Graphics.

    I figured it out, I kind of forgot the 'G' before the name. Thanks anyway.
  4. The lack of them. I have no idea why this is, but the game returns a '404' error. At first I thought it was because of wrong number of colors, but then I changed them to the colors of the original BoA introductory graphics. No change. I named my graphics 550.bmp, 551.bmp and 552.bmp . I typed the names without the .bmp in the Graphic to display box. I have no idea why this still doesn't work. Help me?
  5. Abu Dhabi

    new scenario?

    Something here is weird to me. The amount of people who claim they can't script. It is as simple as "find copy paste ask-if-wrong". I understand that you can get caught on the details, like myself, but getting the general picture is simplistic to the core. People. Sigh.
  6. Abu Dhabi

    How do you people DO it?!

    If you're using a resolution higher than 800x600 they may seem tiny. My eyes hurt at higher resolutions so I got used to the icons.
  7. Abu Dhabi

    How do you people DO it?!

    I don't understand people who don't seem to get going with the editor. It's easy. I have never worked with the BoE editor and it still is easy. The following should be in BIG F-ING FONT: RTFM END OF BIG FONT Is it too much to ask to read 10, ten!, pages of the manual??? It is clear if you are over the age of five and have at least two functioning brain cells. EDIT: Typo.
  8. Abu Dhabi

    new scenario?

    They're staying quiet because it's completely different making something while thinking "Hey! I'll suprise 'em poor bastards with it!" than thinking "Oh man. Now that I've announced it I have to do it." Plus, noone gets to know you've failed when they don't know you attempted.
  9. Abu Dhabi


    Quote: Originally written by Imban: Micael - That's pretty much how it works, yes. Wait one moment... Let's be hypothetical for a moment... If someone makes a good scenario with, say, two new continents and strong ties with the Avernum series - would it mean that you guys will try to add it to the universum just like that? Seems kind of weird to me, maybe I'm exagerating (did I spell that right?) but to me it's like trying to make sense out of fragments that have little or no sense. Yes, my head hurts.
  10. Abu Dhabi


    Well, thanks for the help. Now I'll have to decide between Vantanas and Pralgrad.
  11. Abu Dhabi


    Hmmm. I did a search on maps of Ermarian and it seems that there is a shortage in the department of maps. So far I've only managed to get the map of Vantanas through google.
  12. Abu Dhabi


    All I'm trying to do is avoid someone saying: "Hey! One moment! There aren't any mountains in that area! You don't know what you're writing!" I know Valorim has a reasonable amount of hills and such, but I'm afraid using Valorim is starting to be very old. Any LARGE mountain-ranges out there?
  13. Abu Dhabi


    This is a question about the Avernum world. I'm not sure if it is supposed to go in here so correct me if I'm wrong. Which continent in the Empire controlled lands has the most mountains? Oh, and whether they're high mountains or very old low mountains. Thanks for attention!
  14. Abu Dhabi

    Outdoor shop.

    Quote: Originally written by Shining Lightbulb: Also, a question. Why are you putting the { bracket on a new line? You don't need to and it looks weird. It may look weird to you, but I have issues about condition statements in programming -- if I don't put them there I end up confused as to where the statement ends and where the next begins. I guess it's a personal thing.
  15. Abu Dhabi

    A plea to your creative sparks

    I agree that C is a good language, but I dissagree about Basic. It's supposed to be _basic_! I can remember I had Basic on my Commodore 64! The language is OLD, but not that extremely bad.