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  1. I'm sure the developers have worked quite hard to create the content for the game. Being a developer myself I'm sure that they feel there is a way to play the game for maximum enjoyment. But the ultimate goal should be to make money and allow people to enjoy the game by playing how they choose to play and to buy the next game. I enjoy the game by engaging in the battles. The quests, puzzles, and story line are only mildly entertaining to me. They are aspects important to me only to reach my goal- krush, kill, destroy. Spending more than a few minutes figuring them out is frustrating to me and I jump to these pages for the answers. Revisiting areas I've already cleared and talking to a bunch of people that have no new dialog is extremely uninteresting. Doing quests that don't remind you who gave you the quest means I have to take notes and I get paid to do that at work. That said I've enjoyed the game and new mechanics and will buy the next game. But I won't even try to finish this one until the detailed response to my question appears here, either as asked by me or perhaps another who manages to craft the question better or by someone who accidentally supplies a spoiler. Thanks, Krock
  2. Beitis says please leave me.
  3. I'm in the same boat. I quit a week ago hoping the answer would appear here. I'm past begging for a hint- how about a 'do this ya lazy Krock'.
  4. I made a google spreadsheet to track my resources. In case you are interested: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/11TB6aUIKgL2mLYb-8r2O5dF0MkHIhrtLylRRwp2B2hI/edit?usp=sharing
  5. I'm sure I had an option to build a guard tower but now that option does not appear.
  6. 40 some years playing RPG- started with D&D. I've purchased all the spiderweb games and I CHEAT. I'm quitting this game until we get some cheat codes.
  7. Thanks Lilith. When did that teleport option appear? I probably missed seeing it a hundred times. Welp that's done. When's the next installment? I love these games and buy them from Spiderweb when they come out. I do my part to line Jeff's pockets with gold and crystals and whole hams with wine and ale for his dinner. Seems like he likes those things.
  8. I'll go talk to them all again, but I'm pretty sure I already did and they are providing no new information. But that is news to me that Ornotha Ziggurat is not his fortress. I need to figure out where that is and I'll do what I like best- crush, kill, destroy.
  9. I ran away a long time ago when he threw quick fire at me. Now I can't get back to the roof where he threw the quick fire at me. Am I hosed in a broken thread? I think killing him is the last thing I need to do to finish the game.
  10. I can't figure out how to navigate the room with the pillars. Brown tiles, light and dark grey tiles, pentagrams oh my. Switches outside, secret corridors, rocks removed with move mountains. I just keep getting sent back to the entrance, or worse- to the east room with nasties spawned in the main room. Thanks, Krock
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    Where did he go?
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