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    Party size mod?

    After half an hour of fiddling it looks like it ought to work. It works to the point where there are all six of us standing around next to a pylon, anyway. Hopefully nothing else will break horribly and I can make it work with all of the areas. I'm also a bit nervous that I'll spoil the plot for myself while looking through all of the scripts, but hopefully I can manage to not see anything that I shouldn't.
  2. mitch

    Party size mod?

    The thread with the Avadon 1 file is here: http://spiderwebforums.ipbhost.com/index.php?/topic/17431-cheat-to-play-with-5-characters/ It basically adds a bit of code to each pylon for bringin in more characters. I might be able to get it working for Avadon 2, but I've never tried modifying the scripts myself and I'm not familiar with how they work.
  3. WARNING: This thread contains information about modifying your game files. If you modify your game, it may change in ways you don't expect or want. These modifications are not designed or supported by Spiderweb Software. Use at your own risk. I enjoyed Avadon 1 a lot more after installing the mod that allows you to bring all of the other Hands with you instead of only picking two. It does make the game a lot easier, but I don't like missing out on conversations with the companions I've left sulking at home in their rooms. Is anyone working on a mod like this for Avadon 2?
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