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  1. Once again - thank you! I had no idea about this (I'd even uninstalled/reinstalled the game), I'll now go and find a city and purchase myself a map and take note for future areas :)
  2. I've just arrived on the Isle of Bigail and am in the process of exploring but the map is not filling in like the first area did - the map is just staying blank. The outline of the island is visible but is not filling in when exploring. What am I doing wrong as I guess it's not supposed to be like this? I'm running the GOG 1.0.2 version if that makes any difference. Thanks.
  3. Hello Ess-Eschas, Thank you so much, this works perfectly and is just what I was looking for
  4. Hi, In other Spiderweb games there was a small change you could make to one of the scripts so that secret switches are highlighted a bit more.Can this be done in A3 Ruined World? I know about using the 'u' key but I'd like to use the gfx change if possible. Thanks.
  5. Another bump as the link is still dead - does anyone know how to get hold of this file? Thanks
  6. Hi, I have lost the Svorgald Saber - I know I had it and can only think that I must have sold it but I've revisited all the merchants and can't locate it anywhere. I'm very close to the end of the game and would like to finish off the 'Closing up shop' quest so is there anyway I can get this item back into my inventory? In desperation I've just gone back and spoken to Hand Ritter and received an update to the quest. So now it seems I'm back on track. I have no idea where I got the idea that I needed the Svorgald Sabre... blame it on a senior moment Thanks.
  7. Hi, I've picked up the quest to get a second blue pass from the Hidden Outpost/Secret Empire Fort and so have gone back there to find it. However, I don't know if it's because I cleared the fort out previously but the second blue pass is not there. I've been over the place with a fine tooth comb and in the end even looked up in the forums here where it should be but it's just not there. I have loaded and reloaded the game, entered and exited the fort a dozen times but nothing - no blue pass I even wondered if I was looking in the wrong fort but I have the brown exclamation mark on the map with the quest marked so I know I'm in the right place. Does any one have any ideas? Thanks in advance.
  8. I must admit I do find I explore somewhat 'out of sequence'. I've found that in both Avernum games, I've wandered around and done all sorts of quests before I've actually received them iyswim. For me, it's a case of I'll just see what's in this dark cave before I head back into civilisation...
  9. I think '22' rings a bell when I first opened the desk ages ago. But the good news is, I went up to the Unfinished Fort and have found the Blue Pass, I'm not sure why the brown exclamation marker was in the wrong place but thank you both for all of your help
  10. I've just rechecked and when I click on the desk it says something like 'you don't find anything of any importance', I've stood next to all the desks too. I'll head on up to the Unfinished Fort and see if I have any luck there - I will let you know how I get on Btw, thanks Slartibus and Randomizer for all of your help so far.
  11. Yes, I've also pressed 'u' and 'g' to check I've not missed anything too.
  12. Pajama

    Miranda fight in Corruption (spoilers)

    Snippity, snip, snip from my post bemoaning the fact that I couldn't beat Miranda. Sod's law, I had one more go and I managed to defeat her... Don't you just hate it when that happens
  13. Pajama

    Changing female Tinkermage sound

    Thanks, this worked perfectly
  14. I'm playing as a female Tinkermage and have discovered that when she dies (which of course is hardly ever ) her death throes sound very masculine! Does anyone know what I need to change in what script to have her die in a ladylike way? Thanks.
  15. Pajama

    Turrets Randomly Do Nothing in Combat

    I've noticed this too. Quite often the turrets do nothing even though there is an enemy standing right next to it!Trouble is there doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to it but it happens enough to be noticeable.My Tinkermage now usually chooses another form of main attack and only uses turrets when absolutely necessary. Still having a blast with the game though
  16. Pajama

    mod Secret Bovine Society

    Thanks for this - looking forward to trying it out
  17. Pajama

    Gog.com update

    Just to verify that yes, the save games are compatible. Just reinstall the new game (update), start it up and then load your game as normal and off you go
  18. I don't know if this has been mentioned but it would be nice if the map was a little clearer. At the moment, when looking at the map via the 'Tab' key, the writing overlaps on people/areas close to each other which makes it hard to make out the writing. This is very noticeable when at Avadon. I think this could be sorted if the map were a little larger, or even having a zoom function, as either would make it so much easier to see where things were and it would make the map look so much better. If I've missed something which fixes this already, please let me know as this is a particular bugbear of mine - thanks
  19. Pajama

    Gog.com update

    Just a quickie to let any GOG users on the forum know that the update is now available at GOG. Yay
  20. Pajama

    Purple face/hair

    Hi, I've just picked up Khalida and her face and hair turned purple/pink within seconds of finding her. I'm sure this isn't supposed to happen as someone on GOG has reported this too. Is there any workaround or will a fix be forthcoming as I keep thinking she's got some awful disease or something! Thanks.
  21. Pajama

    Purple face/hair

    Thank you, thank you, thank you It worked perfectly and now I can really start to enjoy the game. BTW, did I say thank you?
  22. Pajama

    Purple face/hair

    I think that GoG have only supplied the OGL version as I don't have Avadon 2 DirectX.exe in the folder. I've put a ticket in at GoG so hopefully it will be sorted soon.
  23. Pajama

    Purple face/hair

    How do I know which version I'm using and how do I change it? I've tried changing all of the settings in options to no avail. Thanks. Edit: I actually bought the game via GOG, does this make a difference?
  24. Pajama

    Purple face/hair

    I've just picked up Yannick and he is pink too. I'm sure it's not supposed to be intentional as they are such a bright pink, almost fluorescent, even their weapons! It is very, very off-putting, I really can't believe that this effect is supposed to be intentional. Anyway, I'm relieved that it isn't just me this is happening to, I was beginning to wonder if my eyes were going!