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  1. Me too! When the concept was first introduced in the game, I had hoped it would have a bigger part to play in the game. I'd love it if you could buy servants and farmers (just a money sink like the furniture), and have the option to invite people over (maybe invite a rebel to hide out there, or your love interest could move in), and set up traps so that if anybody tries to break in you'd return to their body, gold and armor lying on the floor. And people could post you letters.
  2. I'd like it if you could sort your quests somehow. Like by the area they're in (Contested Lands etc) so that you don't need to flick through the whole list looking for any to do while in the area. And a very small, trivial thing: I'm female, playing a female character. I'd like it if she didn't grunt like a man when she dies (the female character gets the same dying noise as male characters instead of the noise female NPCs make) .
  3. Okay, I am at what I think is a bit of a turning point in the game as to whether I want to stay loyal to Avadon or join the rebellion, and it just occurred to me I don't know the reason for the rebellion other than a vague idea of Avadon being unjust. Maybe I did a bit too much skim reading, or it wasn't mentioned enough to get it to sink in to my thick head, but I don't know why all these people hate the Pact and Avadon? Is it possible for somebody to give me a brief explanation (preferably without spoilers please)?
  4. Thank you very much for the offer, Visigoth! That's really very kind of you, but I've already bought it. I was just coming back to report that it was very easy, and the save files were just picked up automatically by the new installation. Didn't have to do anything! Thanks again, Visigoth. You've brightened my day (and it was already bright, because Avadon 2 just came out!).
  5. Looks like there should be no problems doing it. Thank you very much for your help!!
  6. Hi! I've just finished the demo, and love this game and want to buy it. Alas, I am poor. I was just wondering, if I buy this game from GOG (Good Old Games), is there any way to keep my saved game? I'm not really sure how it works, but the size of the download file makes me think that on GOG you get a full, unlocked copy instead of a registration key. Would it be likely I could transfer the save file or something? Thanks!
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