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  1. One of the towns near me does their New Years Eve fireworks at 7:00 PM local time. I definitely prefer it to midnight.
  2. I loved the Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings trilogy as books (long before the Peter Jackson movies) and enjoyed but got frustrated with movies when they differed from the books. I was unable to get through the Silmarillion.
  3. I am currently reading Harry Turtledove's Videssos cycle. I tend to enjoy fantasy/sf with Mediterranean influences.
  4. Thank you, I had been avoiding one set of monsters as the dialogue seemed to indicate that avoiding them was a good idea. Once I killed the last group, the boss appeared.
  5. I have tried Havenfarm twice, wandering around the whole place and entering everything that is not locked and I can't seem to find the boss. Can anyone provide a complete description of where I should look for it? Thanks
  6. The symbols are somewhat cryptic but they are consistent and there is a banner for each type of shop.
  7. My biggest wish for the A4-6 remakes is for A1-3 style maps.
  8. For sword mage, in general terms, the stronger the armor, the higher the to hit penalty that the armor imposes. For fighter type characters you just deal with it and as they build up their weapons skills it becomes irrelevant. For mage spells if the total of your armor's to hit penalties is greater than 20%, you cannot cast the mage spells at all. SwordMage raises the maximum by 5% per level of SwordMage. So with one level you can have armor with a total of 25% of to hit penalties. With two levels, 30%.
  9. I have had a problem with this as well. While I find it useful that one of my characters frequently gets extra attacks, the system has defiantly led me to multiple mistakes.
  10. It has been 30 years since I have spent any time with the Ad&D rule books, but I thought that the original Bard Class was a multi-class where you had to hit a certain level as a fighter and a thief before you could get your druidish and bard abilities. The Barbarian was not an original first edition class either, it was added later in first edition supplementary material. If you wanted, you could create a Ranger with a small amount of magic and nature lore. I never really played with Druids, illusionists or Bards, I remember the Monk as the over powered class. Certainly AD&D was a huge influence on Wizardry, Ultima and Bard's Tale, and Jeff would have played most or all of them. Wizardry even had the six character slots and analogues for the Paladin and Ranger classes. There were also other paper based systems that were in many ways closer to how Jeff does skills and abilities than AD&D or Wizardry.
  11. On Mac OS 10.12.6 I was in Muget's mine with the dialog box open about scraping sounds. I switched users on my Mac because my wife needed to look at something and when I came back to my account the game crashed.
  12. I came out almost exactly in the middle, Right 0.13 and Libertarian -0.26
  13. I am currently re-reading John Ringo's Looking Glass series. I need to get around to the local used book stores in the next few weeks so I can stop re-reading books and start reading books again.
  14. I've only been a member for six years, but I do agree with Slartibus that the biggest drop off that I have seen has been in the younger crowd as they have stayed with more modern social media methods, but some of that group, which was very vital to these forums when I first joined, also moved away to non-company owned/non-PG forums. I can also think of a couple of people who were very active and probably not in the youngest category, who have dropped out probably due to real life getting in the way, and they of course have not been replaced. While the purpose of the moderators is not necessarily to generate post counts, just looking at the list of moderators reminds me of several people who I have not seen post with any frequency in a year or more. While there seems to be enough activity to maintain the usefulness of the site as a customer service tool, the social aspects (polls, games, surveys, etc) seem to be below a critical mass right now.
  15. I miss the six person parties, so lack of a solo option does not bother me either.
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