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  1. To be clear, in the remakes, Becca will not join you. Your party is limited to four and no one will join you no matter what you say or do.
  2. Edgwyn

    Slarty Ranks Everything

    Element Lad Dawn Star
  3. Edgwyn

    How can I use my steam key?

    With steam open, go to the games menu. Under the games menu there should be an option to "activate a product on steam"
  4. Edgwyn


    The site just worked for me, I would try again
  5. Edgwyn

    Slarty Ranks Everything

    I was starting to get worried as I hadn't seen you on the forums
  6. Edgwyn

    Endgame Question

    You definitely can do it past Day 160. I got caught up in the story and completed the game around day 90-100 and then reloaded from a save from shortly before the final battle. I then wandered around completing all of the minor quests, getting training using crystals, wasting time, etc until Day 160 so that I could do the Day 160 event. Now I just need to go back to the final battle and the game will be over.
  7. Rosemary in Almaria is the only one that I know for sure crafts it. I believe there are five locations that you can find it already made. The locations that I think that you can find it are: Halls of Chaos, Fort Dolthar, Empire Lands, Empire Archives, and Fort Remote. The one in Empire Lands is from Despain who is a merchant.
  8. E-Mail orders@spiderwebsoftware.com, these forums are not regularly monitored by Spiderweb employees and I do not think that anyone on here can give you an answer.
  9. Edgwyn

    Board Games

    Stratego, Risk and Connect Four would also make my list
  10. Edgwyn

    Slarty Ranks Everything

    Lord of the Rings Series Xanth Series Wheel of Time Series Shannara Series
  11. It is in the South East corner on the entrance level.
  12. Edgwyn

    Slarty Ranks Everything

    A lot of the Golden Age Sci-Fi novels were first serialized in magazines and then published as novels. I am not sure if the author's intent (Clarke, Asimov, Heinlein, etc) was to write a novel and then sell a version to Astounding/Galaxy/etc or not
  13. Edgwyn

    Slarty Ranks Everything

    Robert Heinlein Rudyard Kipling Upton Sinclair Traveler (RPG) Blazing Saddles (Movie)
  14. Edgwyn


    I found it very hard also, frequent pressing of "u" helps
  15. I am pretty sure that you only get one shot at the rapids