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  1. If you could post a screen shot, I might be able to provide some more input as I do not remember which rooms are labeled. Depending on which part you are in, there are multiple secret doors, tricks, stairs, etc.
  2. On the top level of the fortress, in the South East there is a complex that is Zemera's bedroom. In that set of rooms, there is a secret room that has a level 3 spell book and stairs that lead all the way down to the bottom level behind the blocked off area. There is a wheel that will open the gate for you
  3. If that screen shot is from the lowest floor (having the automap open will help me verify where you are) then that blocked off area can be entered from above
  4. Avernum/Exile Fan Art - Alien Blade Redux

    They both look really good. I like the gem in the blade of the 2nd for basically what TriRodent said, but I prefer the blade design of the first one as the first one seems more like a realistic sword (I know this is a fantasy, but . . .), so I would say the first one with the gem added.
  5. Start late or leave early?

    I have the opportunity at work to shift to a 5/4-9 schedule (five nine-hour days one week, three nine-hour and one eight-hour days the second week) with a three day weekend every other week. I have not done so yet because of reasons, but next Fall I will relook at it. I will enjoy the three day weekend every other week, but to shift to the nine-hour work day, I will leave my start time where it is and make my end time an hour later.
  6. Start late or leave early?

    But you can work on better handoff procedures and develop shift procedures. Commercial planes on domestic routes often have more than one crew operating them in a single day because of duty day limitations. Longer international routes travel with a larger crew so that adequate rest can be maintained. Air Traffic Control has a very strict duty day limitation as well and has a much harder handoff problem than piloting or driving do. I wonder how accurate the patient outcomes statistics really are. Our knowledge of how an airplane is put together is really how as the most complicated airplane is something that we have engineered and built and is far simpler than a human. The default finding in an accident investigation in aviation tends to be pilot error unless some other cause can be clearly identified. Even then, pilot error is often listed as a factor. That has created a major incentive to reduce the amount of human error possible (and will lead fairly soon to self-flying planes and self-driving vehicles). I wonder what portion of medical errors are obscured by the greater complexity and greater difficulty getting data on a human being. Aviation accidents tend to be fairly noticeable, medical errors can be far more subtle and I would think that they would be more likely to be under reported (they are harder to determine).
  7. Start late or leave early?

    I find it interesting that the research shows that medical outcomes do not change based on work schedule much. Commercial Pilots and Truck drivers have limitations on their work rest cycle/crew duty day that were supposedly established as safety measurers based on research.
  8. In conclusion, AAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!

    Congratulations, that is a huge accomplishment
  9. Start late or leave early?

    I have only done 24 hour shifts a few times (and 36 hour shifts twice), and I have never understood why the medical profession thinks that they are a good idea. With that said, any night shift schedule is unpleasant to me as I always found it hard to sleep during the day on my days off when my family is up and wanting to do things.
  10. Start late or leave early?

    I would find it hard to sleep in for the extra hour and so would rather have the extra hour at the end of the day. It would be a harder question for me if you made the choice between work starting an hour earlier and ending an hour earlier or work starting and hour later and ending an hour later.
  11. A new member has joined your party

    Yes, play the games long enough and they will be running through your head with their squeaky little voices
  12. 10,000

    Meaningless approbation delivered for meaningless accomplishment. Universe remains balanced.
  13. Avadon 3 low resolution/hard to read/view

    This was addressed a bit more in this forum. http://spiderwebforums.ipbhost.com/topic/22492-mac-problems-with-fullscreen/?tab=comments#comment-293177
  14. Huzzah! I'm *almost* Dr. Triumph!

    Contgratulations. The Army of the Tennessee certainly saw far more of the country than most of its soldiers could ever have imagined.
  15. Leveling Intelligence

    If you click on the portrait of one of your characters it becomes the active character. When you are in a character's inventory, you can click on an item, move the mouse to over another character's portrait and then click and the item will transfer inventories. For ease of play, weight only counts for items that are equipped.