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  1. Also, if you have been picking everything up, you can afford to fully equip all of the hands and still have plenty of money left over
  2. Edgwyn

    Queen's Wish - Romance

    Comeliness covered good looks, Charisma covers suave voice, and in most of the games money is no problem. Either Charisma or Comeliness or both could fairly easily become a stat like nature lore where it enables certain things, most of which are non-essential and then we could have multiple posts on how valuable it is or it isn't with completionists (like me) getting the necessary levels to have every option of persuading merchants, officials and members of the desired gender to do what we want while the min/maxers have just enough levels to do what is absolutely necessary and put the rest in hardiness or something else useful.
  3. You may need to reload from an earlier save
  4. Edgwyn

    Any Android games out there?

    The spiderweb software website does not show any games for Android. Many of the recent releases do work on the iPad.
  5. Edgwyn

    Queen's Wish - Romance

    I do not think that it would be necessary or wise to include that feature unless it advances a lot point (which tends to eliminate a lot of the spontaneity, much is already lost by the pick your dialog system). The romance in Avadon 2 met that goal and was kept within reasonable bounds, but was not all that interesting other than "hey, Jeff did something different, lets see how it works out, plus I want to get the medal". I am not sure that pursuing a romance with an NPC to earn a medal is a great thing. Adding a romance option to multiple characters would really turn this option from a side line to a main part of the game which I think is not keeping with the reason that most of us play Jeff's games. While I agree with Minion's statement, the system that he describes seems far removed from the type of RPG that Jeff normally writes.
  6. Edgwyn

    Testing a Discord server for SW peeps

    I believe that only the current mods can embed images
  7. I did use the training crystals, but I also spend a lot of time accumulating and carefully stacking and distributing scrolls, portions and crystals and then I make minimal use of any of them.
  8. Edgwyn

    Gee whiz, don't you wish ...

    The other action point change is that you need to have a certain number of action points left to do something, five to attack or cast a spell, three to use an item. Get encumbered, take a step or get stunned and all of a sudden you can't do anything useful in a round.
  9. Edgwyn

    Gee whiz, don't you wish ...

    That would just depress me. I think that i have a fair amount of it cleared, but I know not all of it is. The pylons help, but there is still a lot of out and back trips from Fort Dunno and the other friendly locations to clear an area.
  10. Edgwyn

    Gee whiz, don't you wish ...

    I am currently trying to do a play through of A4, I tried before and stopped. I am really tired of exploring the Eastern Gallery one square at a time.
  11. Edgwyn

    Deleting Saved Games

    The Save0 - Save 19 refers to the save files position on the save screen. The location of the saved files varies between each game and which OS (Win or Mac) you are using. The spiderweb folder that you are looking at should only have saves from one game. Some of the folders from Save0 - Save19 may be empty
  12. Edgwyn

    RPGs - Best World Tech?

    LOTR is too low magic for my gaming tastes (I love the trilogy and the hobbit, could not get into the rest of the books), I want to have wizards and priests, not just a few demigods. As an immature DM playing AD&D it was a challenge to balance the desire for rewards with the slow build-up. XP point values for monsters were really low and so most advancement came from XP for gold and for magic items and unless you enforced encumbrance and detect magic/identify mechanics (which were not very fun) there was more than enough loot in the published adventures to advance a party pretty quickly even without going to the Monty Hall extremes.
  13. You cannot keep playing if you do the end game, you need to stop just shy of the end and then hang out to wait for the disaster. There is a forum topic on trying to make time go faster.
  14. Edgwyn

    RPGs - Best World Tech?

    I supposed it can get hard to define (very low magic, medium magic, etc). Most of the games that I have played I consider towards the low magic end of the spectrum in that the characters are supposed to be special and that your average citizen does not have a magic water heater or magic toaster sitting in their house. But my cut off for what I consider low magic may be higher than someone else's. I would consider Avernum, Exile and Avadon all low magic, because while magic is a normal part of the world, most human inhabitants do not practice it and have to rely on a special class of people at a relatively high cost to get benefits from it (healing, etc). With that said, I prefer a scarce magic setting as well. I do not particularly want magic to be just a substitute for technology. Although magic getting replaced by technology can make a good basis for a novel (or an underlying theme in a game such as Nethergate). For that matter the post apocalyptic setting of technology has become "magic" can be interesting as well, although I the few times that I have gamed it, I found it kind of frustrating.
  15. Edgwyn

    RPGs - Best World Tech?

    I still prefer the sword and sorcery motif. Swords and/or lances were still useful to calvary troops until horse calvary became obsolete (sometime between 1870 - 1914), A good 250 years after the setting of the three musketeers or 100 years after Zorro. Early fire arms just were so inaccurate and took so long to reload that it took a long time for them to displace lower tech weapons. Early fire arms were not that much harder to use than long bows (more steps for the fire arms, but they tried to teach the archers how to aim, something no one really bothered with teaching for military fire arms until fairly late in the 1800s). I played Top Secret, Gamma World, Star Frontiers and Champions which were essentially a James Bond RPG, a post nuclear war RPG, a SF RPG and a modern superhero RPG respectively and enjoyed all three, but I prefer swords and sorcery.