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  1. Slarty Ranks Everything

    Robert Heinlein Rudyard Kipling Upton Sinclair Traveler (RPG) Blazing Saddles (Movie)
  2. I found it very hard also, frequent pressing of "u" helps
  3. Slarty Ranks Everything

    Advanced Dungeons and Dragons (pick a version) Running (as an activity) John Wayne Samuel Clemens
  4. This may be old news to most, but I just noticed in A:RW that Nullity is a mental effect, I did not have it in that category.
  5. Slarty Ranks Everything

    Windows 3.1 U2 (band) Reality Television TLC (band) The Big Bang Theory (TV Show) Curling (Sport)
  6. I suspect it was a perverse reaction to all of the positiveness in every other fantasy about unicorns. Just like Spiders are almost always negative except Jeff had to have the GIFTS.
  7. Dental floss is a key weapon against the Giants
  8. I just looked back at Silver's A1 maps and Mike's A:EFTP maps and it does appear that you are at the correct corpse. If it is not in one of your character's inventories and not in the corpse's inventory, then you are going to need to consider reloading a pervious save or getting advice from one of the people who is more familiar with the scrips and flags than I am.
  9. Orb of Thralni would be in a character's inventory if you had it, it is not a special item. Did you check all 4 inventories and your junk bag? I usually keep it in a quick use slot of my first character. I can't tell from the screen shot, but are you in the North East portion of the Stagnant Caverns? The corpse is in the NE.
  10. Slarty Ranks Everything

    Civilization (Pick one of the six editions) Spam (the meat product) Gold fish The twilight saga
  11. Yes, between not being able to figure out how to get to the North spiral, trying to figure out the control panel settings and having to spend all of the time in combat mode, I found this particularly dungeon far more frustrating than fun.
  12. Slarty Ranks Everything

    I tried salty licorice once, never again. How about 80's fashion, ice cream and My Little Pony
  13. Slarty Ranks Everything

    Anchovy Pizza
  14. I equipped my Mage with it in A:CS as well due to the magical damage bonus.