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  1. I've searched for hours trying to find a call that can change character skill levels. e.g Mage skill from 5 to 6. I would assume it would look something like change_char_skill_level(which_char, num_of_skill, amt_to_change). I cannot recall any other scenarios that have done this, only with the change_spell_level call, but never with actual skills. Does anyone knows how to do this? (if it's possible)
  2. I missed that post. Congrats on your new scenario! I'll check it out. (And try and finish my own *sigh*)
  3. I've been meaning to find time to dust off some of my scenarios and get them released. If people actually still played BoA I would be more inclined to.
  4. Alright! I've stuck mostly on GF1 - 3 and I've been testing out how valuable 'luck' is. I haven't found any other topics that fully cover this but I'm interested to know what people have figured out. In Blades if Avernum for example, luck gives almost 5% extra resistance to just about everything per level. In GF1 I found that it just wasted skill points. GF2 I felt like it reduced a lot of damage (but may have just been the implemented parry skill) in GF3 I gave up on it and decided it has almost nothing to do with combat. Has anyone truly figured it out? I'd really like to know!
  5. I'm using Mac. Sometimes when I use Alint it crashes! I'm guessing in the thousands of lines of code, somewhere there is a call that it doesn't like. I'm yet to figure it out. So lately I've just been copying and pasting the lines of code I need checked and not the entire script. (I think it's something in the INIT state or START state of scripts that clashes with certain calls. I'm thinking it may be my cutscenes. My scenario works fine, just not Alint)
  6. Vox

    order of games

    BoA actually comes with a manual (mine came with the digital copy in PDF format) that gives you a good debrief of the history and different races. It helps to clue in with some of the culture and events... I would recommend BoA to start with. But I would definitely not recommend missing A1 - 3. Too good to miss out on in my opinion
  7. Agreed! Finding the right calls can be a nuisance if you're trying to do something for the first time... I would just like to mention, Avernum 1 would make a nice blades. I'm a pretty big fan of the original Avernum history. But it would also be easier and more appealing for designers that have already been hardened by BoA to make scenarios. Blades of Geneforge may prove difficult, and take some time before anyone starts producing quality scenarios. Either way, I'm doubtful anymore blades will come out. But it's fun to dream a little. (And who here isn't a nostalgia junky like me?)
  8. I like to pride myself in graphics The only scenario i've officially released doesn't reflect that. But go ahead and have a look at my site. You can see some of the graphics i've uploaded from scenarios that i'm currently working on, nearing completion by the way. my site is: http://voxgraphics.webs.com If you want help with making graphics, i'd be more than willing to help.
  9. Alright, i'll have to have another look a that. Each time I put a SDF call in the START_STATE it would come up with an error. And if i cut and pasted the exact same thing into the INIT_STATE it would suddenly work. EDIT: Ok I realise now that in the START_STATE it only recognises get_sdf rather than get_flag. Thanks for that guys.
  10. Technically yes, but I would need to have it in every town, and it wouldn't work for outdoor encounters.
  11. For all the great scripting minds out there, or anyone who has any clue about creature scripts. I'm struggling lately with creating a creature script that corresponds with a potion or even a wand for that matter, that can change the attitude of the creature. Currently I've tried creating a scen state that sets a flag, once the flag is set, I created a call in the creature script to change the attitude. Everything works, up until the creature script. This is what it looks like: beginstate INIT_STATE; if (get_flag(50,1) == 1) set_attitude(ME,3); break; For some reason, START_STATE doesn't recognise the get_flag call. So it wont work in there. This seems to work in the INIT_STATE, but only before entering a town with that creature. But if I enter a town, and then use the supposed item which changes the flag, it won't have an effect on the creature's attitude until i leave and come back. Does anyone have a work around? or solution to this matter? perhaps an alternative method? or even a cookie?
  12. Well if you are about to begin the Za-khazi run scenario, at the beginning you can find someone who teaches mage spells, and someone who teaches priest spells, just before you start the quest. Also, you will find that increasing your intelligence will make spells stronger, and gives you more mana to cast them. I usually make 1 warrior, 2 archers, and 1 mage/priest. When the mage/priest has high enough mage and priest skill level to cast the spells I want, I just increase intelligence and it makes both mage and priest spells stronger. quite handy to have.
  13. Hmm I just had a thought. Could it be possible to have a creature script that would have something like: if (get_flag(0,1) == 1) set_attitude(); and when you drink the a potion: set_flag(0,1,1); Would that technically work? The only problem remaining is that I would need to set a timer that would reset the flag to 0 after a certain number of ticks.
  14. I understand, but Scripting is not my strong point. Have a look at my site and you might get a slight idea with what i'm trying to do for my new scenario. Let me give you an actual example that I plan on using: for example, I have a blue fungus monster, and a red fungus monster. Supposedly when you drink a red potion, made from red fungus spores, you will emit an odour that acts like a pheromone and the red fungus decide to be friendly. So I use set_attitude(), but how can I somehow make it known that only the red potion will affect the red fungus, and not the blue also? since they might occur in the same town in the same battle. Is it possible that when a potion is drunk and a state is called, it will know to only affect a creature with a specific script? and not the other creatures who will also get affected by an alternative method?
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