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  1. I know it will never happen but my real wishlist is for Avernum: Ruined World to go mega-platinum (or something) and make Jeff so much money that he hires full-scale production team and makes "Avernum 7: Rise of the Slith". Where, emptying of Avernum caused the Slith to become quite brave, in fact the war bands are emerging from lost bodishava (sh?) to strike the surface world, and you got two choices: -Play as Vahnatai, seize this opportunity to strike back at the humans and drive them out of Avernum completely, or -Play as Avernum, at first Lord Gladwell is mad with power, does
  2. Too much changing the world up and that's a LOT of flags in your savegame... could make filesize almost double lol. Not that it's a huge problem. But a lot to keep track of and the mechanism for too much sandbox would be pretty tedious to code, even if it is just a mile-long list of checksums. My wishlist: more doomguards, more Burma Shave jokes, and no things like instant game over if the castle gets mad at you... would been funny if you could just killed everyone and got a secret ending where you become a hero of the empire... lol.
  3. Today I'm reading about esterification mechanisms. I can't wait until this particular course of study is over. I've been considering writing a book about linguistic adaptation. I've lived all over North America, and I find that I always absorb just a little bit of dialect, inflection, vocabulary, from wherever I wind up living for a period. Some sticks, some doesn't, and it's hard to explain but there almost seems to be some predictability as to what will come and what will go. I'm originally a Pittsburgher but most people would hardly recognize me as such. A number of people in my si
  4. This weekend I'm reading about acid catalysis of oxonium ylides in polar solvent. Who wants to trade...
  5. A lot of textbooks and research books about dietary hormone chemistry. Ayúdame...
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