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  1. edit- delete response. guess i'm not welcome here
  2. I know it will never happen but my real wishlist is for Avernum: Ruined World to go mega-platinum (or something) and make Jeff so much money that he hires full-scale production team and makes "Avernum 7: Rise of the Slith". Where, emptying of Avernum caused the Slith to become quite brave, in fact the war bands are emerging from lost bodishava (sh?) to strike the surface world, and you got two choices: -Play as Vahnatai, seize this opportunity to strike back at the humans and drive them out of Avernum completely, or -Play as Avernum, at first Lord Gladwell is mad with power, doesn't care about surface world, just wants to use excuse to broaden his power... but he slowly has change of heart, and you must journey deep into Bodishava and destroy the heart of Slith power (not without its own moral qualms) and meanwhile you discover the solution to fungus blight. Final battle you can either support Gladwell and he will turn out to be decent man.. or you can challenge him to answer for his tyrrany and restore old order. It's a hard choice because he made true character change, kind of like King Duncan of MacBeth. For several games you wanted to kill the guy but now it's maybe not best choice... what do you do? In my wish, this Avernum 7 makes so much millions of $$ for Jeff, that next we see World of Avernum, massive mmorpg... Alliance is humans, nephil, others -- horde is Vahnatai, Slith, etc... ...kidding.
  3. Too much changing the world up and that's a LOT of flags in your savegame... could make filesize almost double lol. Not that it's a huge problem. But a lot to keep track of and the mechanism for too much sandbox would be pretty tedious to code, even if it is just a mile-long list of checksums. My wishlist: more doomguards, more Burma Shave jokes, and no things like instant game over if the castle gets mad at you... would been funny if you could just killed everyone and got a secret ending where you become a hero of the empire... lol.
  4. So I've been thinking. If Jeff *actually* wants $15 for Avernum: Escape from the Pit But he acquiesces that for Steam, $9.99 is a more approachable price But then he allows the game to periodically go 75 to 80% off... And I wind up paying $2 or $2.49, not once but two or three times so I can have it on Steam and Gog etc... basically accessible wherever I want it --and I also pay $2.00 about six more times gifting the game to friends who probably would have never bout this, or any other spiderweb games in the first place ---and then, just one out of six of those friends, decides to buy another spiderweb game or two on their own... ...in the end Jeff wins, right?
  5. Avadon: The Black Fortress - $2.49 this week on Steam.
  6. I met him at the black fortress He turned around and smiled at me You get the picture? (Yes, we see) That's when I fell for the keeper of the pact My companions were always putting him down (Down, down) They said, he was making the Wyldrylm frown They told me he was bad, but I knew he was sad That's why I fell for the keeper of the pact One day Heart Protus said, "Install someone new" I had to tell Redbeard that he was through He stood there and asked me why All I could do was cry I'm sorry I hurt you, the keeper of the pact He sort of smiled and bid me good-bye The tears were beginnin' to show As he took a knee on that rainy night I dealt the final blow But whether he cared, I'll never know Look out, look out Look out, look out I felt so helpless, what could I do? Rememberin' all the things we'd been through In Avadon they all stop and stare I can't hide the tears but I don't care I'll never forget him, the keeper of the pact The keeper of the pact, now he's gone The keeper of the pact, now he's gone The keeper of the pact, now he's gone The keeper of the pact.
  7. (If I'm not allowed to say this here please edit my post indiscriminately... ooc- for anyone who isn't yet into CKII and such, today only until midnight (u.s. pacific time), - so for roughly 26 1/2 hours after the timestamp of this post - go to Amazon and look for "Paradox Grand Strategy Pack". CKII is usually a $30 game in its own right. But right now you can get for USD $14.98 a bundle containing Europa Universalis 3, Europa Universalis 4, Hearts of Iron 3, Victoria II, Sengoku, and Crusader Kings II all together - and not only that but they give you a $5 amazon credit for android purchases as a reward. Europa Universalis is kind of like... Civ for adults? Very depth of diplomacy and troop allocations and such. I spent much of my freetime the past few years playing EUIII... excited to finally have EUIV so I probably won't get in on this RP. Sengoku is similar but based on feudal Japan. Victoria is more of a... Colonial England Sim? And Hearts of Iron is a WW2 game of the same ilk. But as is relevant to this thread, if you've been itching to get into Crusader Kings II, here's a great chance to do it. )
  8. I am, in part, pursuing an interest in contributing to thorium as a future energy solution, and it's staggering all the layers of chemistry and tiers of math I have to put together, before I even get to the "good stuff." I sometimes feel like I'll be studying for another decade before I can start putting together queries that are truly meaningful. And there's no way around it really.
  9. Wow, what a derail. At least it seems like the original question was answered pretty well, before page one got off track. I guess it's not necessary with Brocktree banned, but maybe a separate thread about the state of education, so here we could talk about what Red Night Saint is doing with biochemistry. There are a lot of companies that employ chemists to test things - Alcoa, BASF... but probably more on the other side. Biochem you may be more employable in the nutrition industry perhaps? Especially if you're willing to take a bribe, er grant, to conclude that some additive or another is GRAS. Kidding, but only sort of.
  10. to "We're gonna need another Timmy!"
  11. That is because the Pure Land serves only the righteous. Or something.
  12. Any class that's a core class, something relevant like a bio or chem or science. If you have worse than a B in any of those, consider retaking that class during the summer to try to do better, if that's a possibility. A lot of times especially if you're applying to grad school or professional programs, they will disregard your overall GPA if your core area GPA is very strong. Just be judicious about it. A retake on your transcript looks better than a C, but a retake without improvement, does not look so good, so be sure you have the time to pull it off.
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