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  1. I'm playing right now with a strictly mage and priest spell casting singleton called Cassandra. It's actually much easier than a melee singleton but unless you cary lots of energy elixers it becomes quite tediouse having to make the constant treks back outside to restore energy.
  2. For a singleton the anatomy points needed seem like a waste of SP, though lethal blow is a tempting skill. My question is whether it is worth it for a singleton?
  3. Being an evil, oppressive hand of the Empire could allow for some intersting oppertunites. Having people executed, arrested (as with the barkeep in Canopy), Commanding Empire troops through NPCs, and just generally being crual and sadistic.
  4. If given a choice I'll usually go down the more evil path. It's just more fun to be a baddy.
  5. If you wan't a storyline but really can't think up one, just play the trilogy (Exile or Avernum). Jeff left many unanswered questions that I like to think where put there for future scenario makers. some examples are Lost Bahssikava (already being done), the Avernum territory in Vallorim, the second Slith Wars, Other Vahnatie tribes, the new and improved Tower of Magi, Who was Micah's successor, what came of Pythras's revenge, what happened to Athron's children, and many others.
  6. In A3 Howar is in the opening scene with Garzahd, however besides a Howar in Blackcrag Fortress who despite the same name seems to be a completely different person, he never appears in the games. In E3 Howar is called Takos and simillarily never appears. In E3 is the Alchemist in Blackcrag Fortress named Howar or Takos. This is purely for my own interest.
  7. So who should the E-mail go to, the artist or the company using the art?
  8. Fine, then I won't ask I'll just use them like TM said and hope they don't notice or care.
  9. I didn't think E-mailing them was much point but if you say it is I will give it a try, thanks.
  10. That's what I meant. I know how to do it, that isn't the problem it's the bit about it being illegal that's annoying. Those graphics are perfect for the dialogue pictures.
  11. I can't take graphics from other games like might and magic can I?
  12. sounds like a good idea for a scenario (even if a little predictable).
  13. which is exactly the reason I did want it for, however the context it was used in means I won't be using it.
  14. Thank you for answering me, but I don't see why it matters whether you see a point to the post or not. I wanted to know for my reasons and do not need to inform the whole communtiy of them just to ask a question.
  15. It's been a while since I played the games and I remember the word Ourobourus being mentioned. I know what it means and symbolises but I was just wondering if anyone knows what bit it is mentioned in, by whom and in what context. Thanks.
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